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Work-life balance is a critical aspect of organizational success. In fact, Gallup found that balanced employees are more productive, healthier and less likely to leave their jobs. Finding the right balance between work and personal life can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to keep up with the demands of a fast-paced organization. But how do you know if work-life balance is off? The truth is, it’s not always clear. Fortunately, WSB’s work life balance speakers specialize in helping organizations create a culture where people feel supported in their personal and professional lives to promote a sense of purpose and fulfillment. These speakers are experts in their fields and passionate about helping people achieve success. WSB’s work life balance speakers have years of experience in improving workplace culture and productivity through the use of effective communication strategies and will bring real-world experience to your event as they share practical advice based on data-driven results—including strategies that have been successfully implemented by other businesses.

Keynote Speaker

Shankar Vedantam

Founder of Hidden Brain Media; Host and Executive Editor of the Hidden Brain podcast and radio show; Former NPR social science correspondent; Former Washington Post correspondent; 2009-2010 Nieman Fellow at Harvard University; Author of The Hidden Brain: How our unconscious Minds Elect Presidents, Control Markets, Wage Wars, and Save our Lives

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