Dr. Jessica Kriegel
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Dr. Jessica Kriegel

How to Build Intentional Cultures That Power Your Strategy and Accelerate Performance.

Founder and CEO of the Intentional Culture Institute (ICI); Culture Transformation and Generational Dynamics Expert; Author

Expertise In:

  • Communication
  • Corporate Culture
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Business
  • Leadership
  • Women in Leadership

Audience & Industry

  • Board Meetings and Executive Briefings
  • Corporations
  • Sales Professionals
  • Senior Management Groups
  • The Professional Services Industry

How to Build Intentional Cultures That Power Your Strategy and Accelerate Performance.

How can you accelerate performance on your business strategy? The answer might surprise you. Your strategy may be brilliant, but without an intentional culture to back it up, it’s simply a piece of paper on the shelf. For 15+ years, Dr. Kriegel has been guiding global, national, Fortune 100 and other organizations across finance, technology, real estate and healthcare industries on how to create intentional cultures that power your strategy and accelerate performance. 

Kriegel’s message revolves around taking the ‘woo’ out of culture change with her scientific model of culture transformation called The Culture Equation™. The Culture Equation is a culture-agnostic approach to transforming your organization to be one that best supports your strategy. As a consultant and speaker she shares uncommon ideas towards success by shifting the paradigm from performance vs. people to performance through people. “Culture is not about feelings.” Culture can be shifted by looking at 8 Culture Dynamic Drivers that transform your environment and create new behaviors in employees. Her talks are dynamic, data-driven, and infused with humor offering refreshing strategies that are a realistic roadmap to reaching your business goals.  

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Dr. Jessica Kriegel's Speech Topics

How Unconscious Bias Gets in the Way of Creating the Culture You Want

The key to building intentional culture that drives performance is understanding how our unconscious bias is enemy # 1.   

Leaders struggle to create the culture they want because they do not realize how their own and their teams’ bias is working against them. Kriegel educates her audience on the signs and symptoms of unconscious bias, and provides practical tools for leaders to overcome their own unconscious bias.

This program is perfect for organizational leaders who are:

  • Striving to create culture that supports your business goals, but struggling to get the results you expect
  • Wanting to take their leadership to the next level by identifying and removing blind spots
  • Champions of diversity and inclusion, looking for tools to take their advocacy to the next level

Speech Takeaways:

  • A sure-fire tool to identify and overcome unconscious bias within yourself
  • A framework for overcoming unconscious bias within your organization
  • Steps for creating the culture you want despite the obstacle of unconscious bias in your way

Why a Culture of Employee Fulfillment Out-Performs Employee Engagement

Why a Culture of Employee Fulfillment Out-Performs Employee Engagement  

Overcoming low engagement, the loneliness epidemic, and other morale killers to drive performance through your people.

Employee fulfillment is key to executing your strategy. Kriegel helps her audience analyze barriers to fulfillment such as power dynamics, and misplaced competition, and presents an innovative model where your culture sees each employee as a whole person.

This program is perfect for leaders who are: 

  • Overwhelmed by the push and pull of the urgent day to day deliverables vs. the long term health of the organization
  • Dealing with low morale, low employee engagement, or leadership challenges that seem to have no clear root cause
  • Motivated to create a work environment that not only gets results, but also creates a sense of purpose for everyone on the team

Speech Takeaways:

  • A new understanding of employee engagement and how to drive true motivation at every level of the organization
  • A framework to balance the day-to-day struggle of doing what is urgent vs. what is important
  • A step-by-step process to drive real business results through increased employee motivation and a culture of purpose

The Culture Equation

How to build intentional cultures that power your strategy and accelerate performance.  

The Culture Equation strategy in this keynote demystifies the ‘woo’ of culture and demonstrates how to create an intentional culture to realize sustainable profitability and excellence. 

This program is perfect for organizational leaders who:

  • Are looking to get more out of their team, but unsure on how to create a renewed culture
  • Have been operating in an ‘accidental’ culture rather than an intentionally crafted one that powers your strategy and performance
  • Want a step-by-step process to build intentional cultures to achieve business goals

Speech Takeaways:

  • An inspired perspective that managing and championing culture transformation is entirely possible and even simple
  • Steps to cultivate an intentional culture that powers your business strategy and accelerates performance
  • The roadmap, education and motivation to take the first step to be becoming a champion of The Culture Equation

A Culture That Works For All Generations

Disrupting the way we think about generations to attract, engage, and retain all employees.  

Dismantling Gen Z or X or whatever the next trendy label is. Citing extensive academic research from her book, Unfairly Labeled, Kriegel provides a refreshingly enlightening and data-driven perspective on how multi-generational organizations can strip away stereotypes and biases to realize a common purpose and performance. 

This program is perfect for organizational leaders: 

  • Struggling with inter-generational differences in communication styles, preferences, and expectations
  • Looking for solutions to bridge the gap between all generations in the workplace
  • Tired of hearing the same old stereotypes about Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers

Speech Takeaways:

  • A new understanding of what generational differences really are, and what they are not
  • A toolkit for facilitating inter-generational understanding at all levels of the organization
  • Seven steps to bust generational stereotypes and become an agent for change within your organization

Make Your Strategy Work on the Frontline

When we lose our why, we lose our way. Ensuring your strategy works for everyone. Global studies show that only 5% of employees understand their company strategy. 

This is because strategy creation has traditionally been an absent or insular habit - and as a result, strategy execution fails. In this keynote, Kriegel shares a framework for a strategy that gives everyone in the organization a ‘why’ as well as metrics to measure success.

This program is perfect for organizational leaders who:

  • Either don’t have a strategy, or have a strategy that isn’t accelerating performance and driving culture
  • Think they could leverage their strategy for added value if only they knew how
  • Understand the importance of a strategy that includes everything from the why to the metrics to measure success

Speech Takeaways:

  • A template for a strategic plan model that can be implemented for any organization
  • A communication plan for how to distribute the strategy so that it touches every employee
  • A development plan to be distributed to each employee so they can tie their personal objectives to the strategic plan

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