Taryn Marie Stejskal, Ph.D.
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Taryn Marie Stejskal, Ph.D.

Dr. Taryn Marie is the #1 international expert on resilience, in leadership and life, after a decade and a half of empirical research.

Founder & Chief Resilience Officer (CRO), Resilience Leadership Institute (RLI), Board Member, Advisor, Investor

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  • Resiliency
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges

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  • Board Meetings and Executive Briefings
  • Corporations
  • The Finance Industry
  • The Professional Services Industry

Dr. Taryn Marie is the #1 international expert on resilience, in leadership and life, after a decade and a half of empirical research.

Dr. Taryn Marie is the #1 international expert on resilience, in both leadership and life, whose mission is to positively impact the lives of 1 Billion people, through the concepts of resilience, by 2030. She is recognized as a leading global authority on resilience, wellbeing, and mental health. Dr. Taryn Marie is the Founder and Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) of Resilience Leadership Institute (RLI) and believes that resilience is the key to individual and organizational actualization and acceleration across the globe.

By leveraging over a decade and a half of original research on resilience, she developed the empirically based framework, The Five Practices of Particularly Resilient People, to make resilience accessible to all, for executive coaching, top-team effectiveness, high potential leadership programs and workshops, and inspirational keynote addresses. Prior to founding RLI, she served as the former Head of Executive Leadership Development & Talent Strategy at Nike, as well as Global Leadership Development at Cigna. Dr. Taryn Marie is a sought-after trusted advisor for executives, athletes, leaders, musicians, and actors, and individuals from all industries who are looking for an edge by way of understanding and harnessing their inherent resilience.

Dr. Taryn Marie is the author of “Flourish or Fold: The Five Practices of Particularly Resilient People” and is featured in the forthcoming documentary “Breaking Free”, both expected to release in 2021. She will be featured in Season 2 of the acclaimed series, “The Social Movement: Four Days to Save The World”, as a co-host and executive coach/advisor, which is set to premiere on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2022. She is also completing a trilogy of children’s books on resilience along with a screenplay focused on a fanciful and fictional story of the power of resilience is healing past trauma and creating lasting connection.

She is a Co-Founder of Resilience Element 75 (RE75), focused on making resilience accessible internationally through film and wearable technology, and is also a global Marshall Goldsmith Top 100 Coach (MG100). Dr. Taryn Marie is a resilient style brand ambassador for multiple brands worldwide, whose products and services both make you feel good and are doing good in the world. Her groundbreaking research on resilience has been showcased in publications such as Forbes, Ariana Huffington’s Thrive Global, Ladders, LA Progressive, and Welum Magazine’s Women Who Inspire Worldwide, television broadcasts, as well as applications including Happify, eMindful, and Powerful Universe.

Dr. Taryn Marie received her undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Michigan, along with a master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT), and a doctorate degree from the University of Maryland, College Park. She completed pre- and post-doctoral fellowships in neuropsychology at Virginia Commonwealth Medical University. She serves as an ambassador for The African Community and Conservation Foundation (ACCF), as well as multiple non- and for-profit boards. She has two precious sons and is engaged to the love of her life. When not focused on resilience, she enjoys hiking, meditation, swimming, reading, cooking, and when it’s possible again, international travel.

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Taryn Marie Stejskal, Ph.D.'s Speech Topics

Women, Wellness, and Worthiness

Now that millions of women have left the workforce since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, many organizations, let alone the U.S., may be facing a she-cession, economic circumstances in which job loss and departure from the workforce disproportionately impact women, as the confluence of roles women navigate, motherhood, career woman, and caregiving, collide, leading to overwhelm, anxiety, and the feeling of constantly never being enough. So often, we approach self-care from a place of activity instead of a place of worthiness. We all know where the Epson Salts and the bathtub is and where our workout videos are stashed. It’s not about knowing that self-care is good for us, it’s about doing and feeling worthy enough to put our self-care ahead of others’ needs. This keynote presentation can also be conducted as an intimate workshop, inviting women (and men) to engage in valuing themselves, and engaging in The Five Practices of Particularly Resilient People to create greater sustainability as people and professionals.

The (Not-So-Surprising) Link Between Resilience, Innovation, and Creativity

How do we foster cultures that support innovation and creativity? While organizations have sought to understand the secret sauce that allows their people to effectively address challenge and pursue innovation, they have often overlooked a key ingredient that fosters innovation: resilience. It’s no longer IQ or EQ that will set you, your people, or your organization apart. It’s AQ – the adversity quotient, your ability to, through resilience, build the muscle necessary to face fear and failure and be truly innovative. Dr. Taryn Marie shared the foundational elements of resilience that accelerate innovation: The Five Practices of Particularly Resilient People along with tackling The Myths of Resilience that often derail innovation and creativity, in order to channel greater resilience in service of developing more innovative practices, people, teams, and organizations.

Resilience and Mental Health

Can we flourish in the workplace and effectively address mental health? How can individuals and teams, as well as organizational cultures, promote mental health for all employees? Dr. Taryn Marie reveals the answers to these questions by exploring the advances in behavioral health, social psychology, and the dynamics associated with the most effective teams. Based on her decade-long research on resilience, she discusses how The Five Practices of Particularly Resilient People both enhance mental health along with highlighting recent research that demonstrates that the most effective teams have the same qualities that are present in environments that promote positive mental health. Through story-telling and sound research, Dr. Taryn Marie appeals to audiences hearts and minds to support attendees in pursuing the best versions of themselves, as well as sustaining supportive environments that forge impactful relationships and build more meaningful lives.

The New Rules of Resilience: Thriving in an Uncertain and Virtual World

Transformational and resilient leaders are critical for every organization, now more than ever, in our ever-changing global landscape. Yet, what does it mean to be a truly transformational and resilient leader? Dr. Taryn Marie reveals how to harness and enhance resilience, through the research-based model, The Five Practices of Particularly Resilient People, that promotes leadership resilience for individuals, teams, and organizations when facing challenge, change, and complexity. She leverages story-telling, life lessons, and well-times humor, along with her own characteristic candor and vulnerability to connect with audiences deeply, and inspire them to pursue their own resilience in service of achieving greater success and sustainability, and leading more meaningful lives, in order to not simply survive, but thrive in our global landscape.

Flourish or Fold: The Five Practices of Particularly Resilient People

What are the attributes that determine whether a leader, team, or organization will flourish or fold? After conducting over a decade of research to understand how people harness resilience in leadership and life, resilience is emerging as the key differentiator that sustains people in moments of difficulty, ambiguity, and adversity. Put simply, our ability to be resilient is the active ingredient that determines whether we flourish or fold. At a time when business is facing challenge, change, and complexity, enhancing resilience has never been more important. World renowned resilience expert and former head of executive development at Nike, Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal, shares with audiences The Five Practices of Particularly Resilient People; the five behaviors we can all access to increase our resilience. Resilience, is fundamentally at the core of what it means to be human and to be a leader, and has been the element of leadership development that has been both overlooked and largely misunderstood. Dr. Taryn Marie inspires and engages audiences with a practical, tangible, and relevant approaches to enhancing resilience.

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