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WSB’s motivational and inspirational speakers impart stories of grit, determination, and overcoming adversity. With elevated advice and soul-stirring stories, they spur action and encourage us to break the mold, from business to healthcare and beyond. Gripping and inspired, they equip audiences with the skills to conquer any challenge and face their fears head-on. These motivational speakers possess an extraordinary ability to captivate their audiences with compelling narratives of unyielding determination and triumphant victories over adversity. Their tales of resilience and overcoming obstacles inspire us to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and transformation. They reinforce the notion that it is through the most challenging circumstances that we discover our true potential, urging us to embrace discomfort and uncertainty.

Whether delivering inspiring speeches in person or through virtual platforms, each WSB motivational speaker has the remarkable ability to connect with audiences on a deeply personal level. They have honed their craft to deliver not just words, but experiences that resonate deeply, leaving an indelible impact long after an event or meeting has concluded. At WSB, we understand the power of motivational and inspirational speakers to bring about positive change. We are dedicated to curating a diverse roster of speakers who possess the expertise and passion to embolden individuals, transform organizations, and inspire collective action. With their unique blend of authenticity, wisdom, and charisma, our motivational speakers stand ready to empower and embolden audiences, instilling a renewed sense of purpose and determination in every listener.

To start planning your event, peruse WSB’s motivational speakers below or contact us to connect with a speaker agent for a customized proposal.

WSB Exclusive Speaker

Dan Rooney

Motivational Speaker, Fighter Pilot, Patriotic Philanthropist, PGA Professional, Golf Course Developer, and Author, A Patriot's Calling: Living Life Between Fear and Faith and Fly Into the Wind, How to Harness Faith and Fearlessness On Your Ascent to Greatness

$25K - $40K


  • How do I book a motivational speaker?

    Booking a motivational speaker has never been easier with WSB. Our streamlined process ensures a seamless experience from start to finish. Simply reach out to our experienced team, provide details about your event, audience, and objectives. Our dedicated lecture agents will guide you in selecting the perfect motivational speaker who aligns with your vision. We handle all the logistics, from contracts to travel arrangements, so you can focus on creating an unforgettable event. With WSB's expertise and extensive network of exceptional speakers, booking a motivational speaker is just a few steps away. Get ready to inspire, motivate, and empower your audience with a remarkable speaker who will leave a lasting impact.

  • How much do motivational speakers cost?

    Depending on your need, event location, and speaker preference, the cost of a motivational speaker can range from $15,000 to more than $100,000. WSB’s experienced lecture agents can help you find the perfect motivational speaker to accomplish your organization’s goals within your budget.

  • Who are the top motivational speakers of 2023?

    Washington Speakers Bureau represents many well-known motivational speakers who can bring valuable insights and knowledge to your organization. To learn more about who the top motivational speakers for 2023 are and how to book them for your event, contact us. WSB’s speaker agents can provide you with a customized motivational speaker proposal and assist in finalizing your booking.

Didn’t find the motivational speaker you were looking for? WSB works with many of the industry’s top speakers each year. Our team of experienced speaker agents is committed to helping you find the perfect speaker for your event. Please contact us for a custom proposal.