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Marissa Shandell

WSB Exclusive Speaker

Future of Work and Organizational Behavior Expert

Through her extensive research and practical experience, Marissa Shandell unveils the hidden psychological and social forces that enable employees to feel and perform at their best. With her expert guidance, unravel the secrets that will enable organizations and leaders to unlock the full potential that resides within every individual. 

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Marissa Shandell Profile Photo

Marissa Shandell’s thought-provoking speeches inspire action, foster innovation, and elevate organizational performance. Shandell seamlessly blends strategic insights, creative vision, and impactful research on organizational performance and innovation. Shandell’s tenure as an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company provided her with practical wisdom and an understanding of the pulse of business firsthand.

As a creative visionary and thought leader, Marissa Shandell infuses her talks with fresh perspectives, whether it’s via visual storytelling or innovative thinking.  Shandell’s ground-breaking research on employee well-being, burnout prevention, and social motivation has reverberated across organizations worldwide, shaping practices and fostering healthier work environments. When you choose Marissa Shandell, you’re not just booking a speaker; you’re inviting a pioneering force to your stage—one who inspires action, fosters innovation, and elevates organizational performance.

She has published multiple research papers with the renowned Adam Grant. Her insights have been featured in Grant’s bestselling book, Think Again and his newest release, Hidden Potential.

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Marissa Shandell Profile Photo
Marissa Shandell

Marissa Shandell: Proactive Refueling

Marissa Shandell Profile Photo
Marissa Shandell

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Marissa Shandell

Marissa Shandell: Maximizers vs Satisficers

Marissa Shandell’s Speech Topics

  • Think Again: Unleashing Motivation and Innovation in Leadership

    Marissa Shandell draws from her extensive research on motivation and rethinking at the highest levels of leadership in an organization to showcase the crucial role thinking differently has in fostering peak performance, innovation, and resilience in the workplace. She offers audiences tools for creating psychological safety, promoting continuous learning, and effectively encouraging candor. Attendees will gain actionable insights on how to motivate themselves and others to not only do but also feel their best at work by embracing the art of rethinking. This presentation draws on Marissa’s contributions to Adam Grant’s best-selling book, Think Again.

  • Unlocking Potential: Empowering Individuals, Teams, and Organizations to Thrive

    As continuous change and competition define the evolving workplace, we must harness our full potential, not just to survive but to truly flourish. In this speech, future of work and employee engagement expert Marissa Shandell invites you to learn the powerful strategies that will help you and your teams embrace adaptability, conquer challenges, and cultivate an environment where potential can soar to unprecedented heights.

    Key takeaways include:

    • The importance of skill development in embracing and adapting to change.
    • How to maximize potential by embracing growth mindsets, avoiding the trap of perfectionism and welcoming discomfort as a catalyst for learning and personal growth.
    • Strategies to overcome obstacles and navigate challenges effectively, such as cultivating resilience, perseverance, and a growth mindset in the face of setbacks.
    • Tools to help your employees stretch their capabilities and leverage role models and mentorship to provide guidance and support for individual growth.
  • Building Resilience & Promoting Well-being in the Workplace: Strategies for Employee Retention, Engagement, and Performance

    Employee well-being has a profound impact on the success of organizations. Although many leaders recognize the toll that burnout takes on employee engagement, performance, and retention, few are clear on how to build resilience and promote well-being.

    In this session, future of work and employee motivation expert Marissa Shandell sheds light on practical strategies you can implement to unlock well-being and performance, including:

    • How to empower employees to set professional and personal boundaries—both for work-life balance and productivity.
    • How leaders can activate “motivation contagion” to cultivate and sustain engagement.
    • How to craft your work and collaborations to help employees find flow and perform at their best
  • Leading for Agility: Unleashing Innovation, Collaboration, and Performance in Dynamic Environments

    In the face of relentless disruption, rapid technological advancements, and unpredictable market dynamics, creativity and collaboration are more important than ever.

    In this keynote, Marissa Shandell, an expert in workplace engagement and the future of work, explores critical strategies that enable leaders to cultivate learning cultures and foster psychological safety, ultimately paving the way for increased innovation, optimal decision-making, and enhanced creativity in their teams and organizations.

    Key Takeaways include: 

    • How to foster a culture of continuous learning and professional development, including how to reframe failure as a stepping stone to success.
    • How to build psychological safety and why it’s critical for innovation, collaboration, and inclusion.
    • How to encourage respectful disagreement as a catalyst for better decision-making and increased creativity.
  • Preparing for the New Future of Work: Foster Connection, Creativity, and Collaboration in a Changing Landscape

    The work landscape is transforming. Marked by flexible working models and increased uncertainty, organizations must proactively adapt to foster connection, creativity, and collaboration. Now is the time to leverage technology, empathy, and adaptability to unleash the full potential of our teams. With future of work and employee engagement expert Marissa Shandell, explore critical strategies to provide flexibility and autonomy, strengthen cohesion and culture in remote or hybrid environments, and implement innovative collaboration models. By embracing these strategies, organizations can navigate the challenges of the new work future and unlock their workforce’s full potential.

    Key takeaways include:

    • Techniques for strengthening connection, trust, and culture in a remote or hybrid work environment.
    • New collaboration models and ways of working that boost employee energy and unleash creativity.
    • Strategies to empower employees with more flexibility and autonomy, driving productivity and boosting well-being.


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