About WSB

Our co-founder Harry Rhoads and CEO Christine Farrell believe in the transformative power of real-world human connections. We know that when people connect, big things happen. That's why our mission is always to create experiences that spark engagement, enable change, and enrich lives – to move people, teams, and organizations forward in the right direction.

At WSB, we place great value in our relationships. A handshake means everything. It’s how we communicate powerfully and establish trust. It’s the bedrock of the unshakeable relationships we aim to create.

As we look to the future together, you’ll see we're making some changes. But it's time. Join us as we launch the WSB story forward.

We are champions of the shared idea.

WSB was founded with a pioneering spirit and a single core belief: that the shared stories of passionate individuals have the power to transform the lives of others.

Our journey started with a vision to create the kind of company we wanted to work for – one built on integrity – that puts people first and always stands behind its word.

From the beginning, our idea was strikingly simple: relationships that are built on trust must begin with trust. We signed our first speaker with nothing more than a handshake, not realizing that this approach would become one of our distinguishing organizational values.

It was that conviction that helped transport us from our very first office in a rented stationery closet to a trusted global agency, with nearly 40 years’ experience connecting audiences with the greatest minds in the world.

We still honor our founding virtues. But we know it is time to revise our narrative to propel ourselves forward.

Our mission is to spark transformative growth.

So, our mission is evolving. Today, we aim to spark more transformative change and inspired action – where new and diverse ideas can be heard, energized, enriched, and emboldened.

We want to help shape experiences that move organizations past the status quo and open audiences to more empowering ways of working together.

As catalysts for positive change, we know that shared ideas are the growth engine of tomorrow – a force that breaks barriers and helps move us all forward.

Knowledge and insight are our competitive advantage.

After 200,000 events worldwide, we’ve mastered the art of co-creation with our clients. That’s because we’re committed to delivering unforgettable experiences, where real-world human connections are restored.

But our commitment goes beyond the notion of inspiring common ground and shared ideas. It’s about understanding the importance of mutual trust, dedication to excellence, and the irreplaceable value of personal relationships.

We care about the experience you get with us. It is the fabric of our culture and the framework for all decisions we make. It is what drives us to work better and harder every day.

Let us connect you with the greatest minds, newest trailblazers, and biggest idea generators of our time.

From prime ministers and former presidents to the everyday men and women whose ideas just happen to be changing the world, our unrivaled roster of thought leaders seeks to create massive impact.

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