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Amy Vetter

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Expert on Leadership and Putting the Soul Back into Business; Creator of the B3 Method, Inc and Entrepreneur Contributor, Most Influential Woman CPA

Amy Vetter offers a unique perspective as a CPA and Yogi, who specializes in Technology Innovation, to guide people on how to transform their careers, businesses, and lives.

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Amy Vetter Profile Photo

Amy Vetter, CPA, CITP, CGMA, MBA, and Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), is a transformative keynote speaker and the CEO of The B3 Method Institute and B3 Yoga. With a distinctive voice in the fields of accounting, finance, mindfulness, and leadership, Amy has inspired thousands at hundreds of events through her interactive keynotes. Creator of the B3 Method® for Business, Balance & Bliss, Amy provides ongoing learning to enable professionals to achieve their potential in work and life. Her speaking topics cover mindful technology use, change management, connected leadership, and work-life harmony®. Her prowess as a speaker has been recognized by titles such as “Most Powerful Women in Accounting” by the AICPA & CPA Practice Advisor.

A renowned author, Amy’s works include the Amazon Bestseller Disconnect to Connect, exploring human connection in the age of technology. Her award-winning TEDx Talk, “Disconnect to Connect: The Path to Work-Life Harmony,” has further solidified her standing as a thought leader.

With roles on the AICPA Council and as a board member for the Ohio Society of CPAs, Amy actively shapes the industry. Her unique blend of professional expertise, combined with a passion for personal growth and connection, makes her a sought-after speaker and consultant.

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Amy Vetter

Amy Vetter on Being Authentically You

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Amy Vetter

Amy Vetter TEDx Talk – Disconnect to Connect

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Amy Vetter

Amy Vetter Speaking Reel

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Amy Vetter

Amy Vetter – Virtual Experience Speaking Reel

Amy Vetter’s Speech Topics

  • Business, Balance & Bliss®: How the B3 Method® Can Transform Your Career and Life

    Do you find that your work and daily life can become mechanical or routine? In this session you will uncover how to either rekindle or discover the spark you desire in your career and life. Based on Amy Vetter’s book, Business, Balance & Bliss: How the B3 Method Can Transform Your Career and Life, you will learn valuable insights and tips, backed by scientific research, on how to align your authentic self with the work you do. Expect to come away with the tools and inspiration to: create your own sense of work-life harmony®, uncover your inner talents and passions, learn to be more present and productive at work and home, and gain an understanding of how to develop the technology practices (and boundaries) to put in place to lead a more mindful, connected and fulfilled life.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn how to eliminate the stress of trying to achieve work-life balance, by instead creating work-life harmony;
    • Discover your inner talents and passions and align them with the work you do;
    • Integrate mindfulness into how you work with yourself and with your teams;
    • Develop healthy technology practices for better human connection;
    • Become a more empathetic, authentic leader and colleague; and,
    • Build long-lasting prosperous business relationships.
  • Disconnect to Connect: Practicing Mindfulness in the Workplace

    Do you find yourself distracted at work and at home? Do you fear that you are not working to your full potential with your team or as a leader because of workplace misunderstandings? Are you empathetic as a leader and seek to understand others’ perspectives? In this session, we will take a deep dive into understanding where we are off balance in our lives — both at work and home — and how this affects the experience we create with others.

    Many of us can feel that we are technically up to speed in what we do; however, we are not living up to our full potential as a leader or co-worker because we lack the skills to mindfully connect with one another. Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present in the current moment and learning how to calmly observe our thoughts and feelings without judgment or action. By learning to disconnect, we can connect in a more intentional, positive way and find common ground with those we work with and care about. Through the daily practice of mindfulness, we can gain a better understanding of where we are off-balance internally so that we can show up better for those around us, be a more successful leader, and feel more engaged as an employee.

  • Disconnect to Connect: The Connected Leader

    In this age of technology disruption, everything is changing around us. We sometimes can feel like we don’t know where our anchor is – what will stay the same, what will change, and what we can depend on.

    We can find that when implementing change in our organization, individual patterns of behavior can show up in ways that prevent the business from making progress and embracing the opportunities ahead. While we are focusing on change management in our organizations and what the future of our work will look like, we should also be spending an equal amount of time creating stronger human connections.  

    With time and dedication, you can learn to become a connected leader who contributes to cultivating an engaging and fulfilling work-life culture for yourself, your team, and colleagues. 

    During this talk, Amy will take you on an emotional journey of self-reflection. You will discover more compassion for yourself and others, be more mindful as a leader, and improve how you communicate to achieve the desired outcomes together as a team.


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