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Nicole Lapin
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Nicole Lapin

"Balance and happiness bring you more success and not the other way around."

No. 1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Money Expert, and Veteran Business News Anchor

Expertise In:

  • Financial Markets
  • Happiness and Mindfulness
  • Women in Leadership
  • Investing and Personal Finance
  • Personal Growth and Achievement

Audience & Industry

  • Board Meetings and Executive Briefings
  • Corporations
  • Senior Management Groups
  • The Finance Industry
  • Women's Events

Trailblazing journalist, bestselling author, and finance expert Nicole Lapin made a name for herself as the youngest-ever anchor on both CNN and CNBC. Today, she’s teaching audiences how to banish burnout and achieve true balance – for good.

Utilizing her unique and conversational communication style, Nicole Lapin overhauls conventional words of wisdom to empower others to get it together and get it all.

New York Times bestselling author, she shares boundless advice from her career and personal journey to teach audiences how to tackle taboo subjects — like controlling your finances and mastering your relationships with people and work. 

Lapin started the national conversation about women taking control of their money with her first book Rich Bitch in 2015 – an instant bestseller. Two years later, she followed with Boss Bitch, a sassy and actionable guide that empowers women to be the boss of their own lives and careers. Her most recent book Becoming Super Woman redefines what it means to be a woman who “has it all” – offering up a 12-step plan to go from burnout to balance.

Being stressed doesn't mean you’re important, says Lapin. “Balance and happiness bring you more success and not the other way around,” she adds.

Before she was a number one bestselling author, Lapin blazed trails as the youngest-ever anchor on CNN, before holding the same title at CNBC, anchoring the network’s early morning show, Worldwide Exchange, while covering business topics for MSNBC and Today. She since has served as an anchor for Bloomberg TV and a special money correspondent for Entertainment Tonight.

Currently, Lapin is the host of CW’s business reality competition show, Hatched. She contributes regular financial reports to The Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, and The Steve Harvey Show. Recently, she became Redbook’s first-ever money columnist. She also won the “Money Expert of the Year” competition for the second year in a row and is the first-ever female winner.

Holding an Accredited Investment Fiduciary certification from the Certified Financial Planners’ program, Lapin uses her expertise to not only teach the language of money in plain English, but also to illustrate the reality of burnout and its negative impact on a company’s bottom line.

Sharing her own personal journey through breakdowns and battling finances, Lapin draws on raw and often hilariously real stories from her career— the good, the bad, and the ugly — to show what it means to take back control once and for all.  

“Self-care is the biggest asset or liability in our career,” says Lapin. “When it’s on point it can help us soar, and when it’s neglected it can bring us down faster than anything else.”

Entertaining, honest, and life-changing, Lapin distills lessons from her three wildly successful how-to books into actionable tips on increasing emotional wellness, banishing burnout, and creating success on your own terms.


Trying to do it all is a recipe for burnout, says Lapin. "Trying to be everything to everyone meant I was nothing to myself," she says, of her own experience. We can't do it all and have it all – not at the same time. To achieve success, you have to set yourself up for it. “If you don’t define what winning means, you are destined to feel like you’re losing even though you’re not,” Lapin says.

Relevant to:
  • Senior Management Groups
  • Women's Events

Lapin encourages unfiltered financial selfies and being honest with yourself about your finances – if you want to take control of them. "Whoever told you money can’t buy happiness was probably not good at managing it,” she quips, in her signature witty style. The bestselling author of 'Rich Bitch' focuses her advice on investing in yourself, so that you don't have to stress over the little things.

Relevant to:
  • The Finance Industry
  • Women's Events

The real secret to success doesn’t hinge on the hustle or the degrees you have, believes Lapin. Instead, she says, you “must put your oxygen mask on first before helping others.” You don’t have to be Superwoman, but you can be the hero of your own story by taking back control. Self-care is an asset – not a liability – in your career, says Lapin. And it can bring you more success than you ever imagined.

Relevant to:
  • Senior Management Groups
  • Women's Events

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Nicole Lapin's Speech Topics

Virtual Offering: The Balance School

The biggest secret to getting ahead in your career has nothing to do with who you know or how you negotiate, but how you treat yourself first. Balance has never been more in the zeitgeist. NYT bestselling author Nicole Lapin shares her story of how she regained balance after burnout. In this exclusive version of her balance masterclass, Nicole offers tangible ways to achieve sustainable, lasting balance and stave off burnout.

Virtual Offering: The Boss School

Being a boss means being empowered to live the life you want. This can apply to entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike. It's never been more important to build a personal brand and navigate the world of business skillfully. Business expert and NYT bestselling author Nicole Lapin breaks down the best way to excel in your career, especially during challenging macroeconomic times. In this exclusive version of her entrepreneurial masterclass, Nicole shares her own story of starting her business during a recession and offers actionable steps for taking charge of your career at any stage.

Virtual Offering: The Money School

Navigating finances can be overwhelming and intimidating for anyone. None of us learn it in school. But, that's no excuse for burying your head in the sand. It's never too late to get it together and get it all. Money expert and NYT bestselling author Nicole Lapin breaks down the nuts and bolts of your personal finances in a fun, accessible way. In this exclusive version of her money masterclass, Nicole offers clear and actionable steps, tools and tricks for taking control of your money once and for all.

Get It Together, and Get It All

Having reached many of her goals early in life, money expert and financial journalist Nicole Lapin decided to become more entrepreneurial, forging her own path and learning the ropes of finance and investing for herself. 

Now, she’s helping others do the same. 

Lapin breaks down these complicated and daunting subjects into simple terms, teaching audiences how to get their financial life together – once and for all.

Money is typically an “off limits” conversation, but nothing is off limits here. In this moderated conversation, Lapin lays out a 12-step plan in which she shares her experiences – mistakes and all – of getting her own finances in order.

Distilling the lessons of her wildly successful how-to money book, Rich Bitch, Lapin rethinks every piece of financial "wisdom" you've ever heard — and puts her own fresh, modern, sassy spin on it. With a focus on budgeting and planning, she provides tangible actions that audiences can use to achieve their goals and achieve financial success.

While there are some hard-and-fast rules about finance, says Lapin, at the end of the day, when it comes to how to spend your money – the only person who can tell you how to spend it is you.

Lapin teaches audiences how to speak the language of money, so that you can truly be the CEO of your own adventure. In plain English, she spotlights bad habits and provides a plan that you can sustain and thrive on. This talk is sure to inspire and instill confidence around the conversation of money and financial success – even if you're not an expert.

If I Can Do It, Anyone Can

It's time to take charge of your life and your career – and Nicole Lapin can show you how.

Through her storytelling, Lapin teaches audiences how to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones just like she did – rising to be the youngest anchor on both CNN and CNBC. She discusses overcoming an abusive childhood to become the success she is today with her poignant, raw, and often funny narrative of overcoming adversity, reversing burnout, and getting control of her finances.

Based on her bestselling book Boss Bitch, Lapin shares with audiences 12 steps for how to be the boss of your career – and your life. In her refreshingly accessible and relatable style, she shows how to embrace the “boss of you” mentality by seizing the power that comes from believing in yourself and expanding your skillset. Her candid, no-nonsense advice gives you the tools you need to kill it at as the “boss at work” – whether or not you have a high-up role.

Being a badass in your career is something that should be worn as a badge of honor, says Lapin. Here, she inspires audiences to rise to the occasion and celebrate successes – whether you’re in upper management, a worker bee, or budding entrepreneur.

Becoming Super Woman

In a world that teaches women to "lean in" to everything and be like the character Superwoman, Nicole Lapin proves that the secret to success is “putting your oxygen mask on first before helping others.”

After hitting her rock bottom, she decided to change her working style and came up with a plan to create boundaries and live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. When she needed a hero most, she had to become her own.

In this talk, based on her most recent book Becoming Super Woman, Lapin offers actionable tips on how to take better care of yourself, increase your emotional wellness, and work smarter not harder.

"It took me years — decades, really — to realize that trying to do everything meant I didn’t do anything well,” she says. “And, trying to be everything to everyone meant I was nothing to myself.”

Backed by her first-hand experience in dealing with it in her own life, Lapin details the rising epidemic of burnout, and teaches audiences how to recognize it, reverse it, and banish it — for good.

"No one is such a big deal that they can't unplug long enough to recharge," she says.

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