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Kristel Bauer

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Corporate Wellness Expert; TEDx Speaker; Host of Top 1% Podcast "Live Greatly”; Forbes 2021 Top 10 Influencer; Contributing Writer for Entrepreneur

Kristel Bauer is a corporate wellness expert and TEDx speaker with a mission of supporting companies and individuals on their journeys for more happiness, success, and well-being. With Kristel's unique background in integrative psychiatry, business, and media, she provides invaluable strategies to empower, inspire and motivate audiences using a blend of authenticity, psychology, and science. Kristel provides insights to excel in sales and thrive as a team leader.

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Kristel Bauer Profile Photo

Kristel Bauer is a corporate wellness expert, popular keynote and TEDx speaker, and the host of top-rated podcast, “Live Greatly,” a show frequently ranked in the top 1% for self-improvement. Kristel is an Integrative Medicine Fellow & Physician Assistant with clinical experience in Integrative Psychiatry, giving her a unique perspective into optimizing mental well-being and attaining a mindset for more happiness and success in the workplace and beyond. Kristel decided to leave clinical practice in 2019 when she founded her wellness platform “Live Greatly” to share her message around well-being and success on a larger scale.  With a mission to support companies and individuals on their journeys for more happiness, success, and well-being, Kristel taps into her unique background in healthcare, business, and media, to provide invaluable insights into high-power habits, leadership development, mental well-being, peak performance, resilience, sales, success, wellness at work, and a modern approach to work/life balance.

Kristel is a contributing writer for Entrepreneur and she is an influencer in the business and wellness space having been recognized as a Top 10 Social Media Influencer of 2021 in Forbes. A popular speaker on a variety of topics, Kristel has presented to groups at APMP, Bank of America, Commercial Metals Company, General Mills, Northwestern University, Mazda, Santander Bank, and many more. She has been featured in ForbesForest & Bluff MagazineAuthority Magazine & Podcast Magazine, has contributed to CEOWORLD Magazine & Real Leaders Magazine, and has appeared on ABC 7 Chicago, WGN Daytime Chicago, Fox 4’s WDAF-TV’s Great Day KC, and Ticker News. Kristel lives in the Chicago area with her husband and their 2 children.  She can be booked for speaking engagements worldwide.

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Kristel Bauer Profile Photo
Kristel Bauer

Kristel Bauer Speaking Reel 2022

Kristel Bauer Profile Photo
Kristel Bauer

Kristel Bauer on Redefining the Work/Life Balance

Kristel Bauer Profile Photo
Kristel Bauer

Kristel Bauer on Rethinking the Work/Life Balance

Kristel Bauer’s Speech Topics

  • The Keys to Building Resilience and Increasing Your Success In Work/Life

    If you want to be successful and happy in your work and in your life, one thing is certain. You need to be resilient. Your work/life is going to be filled with unexpected surprises and twists and turns that will try to steer you off course. Throughout Kristel’s time practicing in healthcare and amid her experience in the speaking and media space, she has explored the keys to being resilient and what it really takes to come back stronger after setbacks and stressors. By harnessing the right perspective and an empowering mindset, struggles can become great opportunities for learning, growth, and success. In this keynote, Kristel will share actionable strategies to help your group or team build resiliency, so they can show up as the best version of themselves in all areas of their work/life.

  • Redefining Work/Life Balance To Truly Thrive Personally and Professionally

    This keynote will help your group get into an empowering growth mindset to thrive personally and professionally whether working remotely or in the office. Kristel will provide powerful and effective tools to manage stress, boost happiness, and support optimal performance. You will discover the common blocks interfering with happiness and success in work/life and learn actionable strategies that can have an immediate positive impact. You will learn the importance of micro self-care breaks, how to create high-power habits, the keys to setting healthy boundaries & more. This keynote will help you and your group move in the direction of success, happiness, and fulfillment in all areas of work/life. 

  • 3 Pillars of Happiness and Success at Work and Beyond

    In this Keynote, Kristel shares invaluable insights from her experience in integrative psychiatry, business, and media to put your company and team ahead of the curve. Your group will discover 3 key pillars that support optimal mental health, happiness, and success in the workplace and in life. Utilizing a blend of psychology, authenticity, and science, Kristel will share invaluable insights to get off autopilot to more effectively navigate thoughts, feelings, habitual responses, and actions. You and your team will walk away with strategies to utilize your unique strengths, boost confidence, get into an empowering mindset, successfully build connections, effectively communicate, and more.  

  • Leadership Development: Embracing a Growth Mindset as a Team Leader

    Being a team leader is a wonderful opportunity to have a powerful positive impact, but being a leader can also present some unique challenges and struggles. Leaders need to be able to effectively navigate stress, handle high-pressure situations as well as be on the top of their game when it comes to communication and team building. In this keynote, Kristel will share key strategies to help leaders get into a mindset for happiness and success as well as tips to navigate stress and incorporate well-being and self-care into a busy workday. You and your team will walk away with strategies to create a strong sense of community, connection, and well-being as well as invaluable insights to create a vibrant, successful, and profitable company culture.

  • Reframing Your Internal Story for More Happiness & Fulfillment at Work & In Life

    We all have experienced that inner critic holding us back. That voice telling us that we aren’t good enough, that we will fail, that we should give up. This keynote will help you build awareness about your internal dialogue and self-talk, identifying where it is holding you back. You will then discover tools to build a growth mindset so that your internal voice can become an ally helping you move in the direction of personal development and fulfillment 

  • Wellness at Work: Strategies for Establishing a Healthy & Vibrant Company Culture

    In this Keynote, Kristel will share tips and strategies to create a work environment where employees can thrive. You will learn how to enhance communication skills using active listening, body language and tips to create a community where employees feel valued. You will discover how to enhance emotional intelligence and empathy while supporting a growth mindset. You will discover stress management practices such as mindfulness, incorporating self-care into the workday and lifestyle tips for optimal health and well-being. 

What other organizations say about Kristel Bauer

I really appreciated having Kristel in the office to present to us. Her ability to provide real-world examples of the concepts she was presenting made the session immediately relevant and one of the most engaging to date.

Oil & Gas

What other organizations say about Kristel Bauer

It was an absolute pleasure working with Kristel earlier this year. Beyond her fantastic credentials, her immediate care, kindness, and dedication to working with us to create a meaningful event for our company was outstanding. The event was “Reframe Your Internal Story for More Happiness and Fulfillment” and the feedback was excellent. Kristel is inspiring, thoughtful, and was a perfect addition to our Women’s History Month celebration. I hope to work with Kristel in the future and certainly enjoy her daily posts for an added boost of confidence and energy to my day!


What other organizations say about Kristel Bauer

I had the opportunity to hear Kristel’s inspirational message at the Vision Source Exchange and WOW! As a fellow heath care professional, she was able to perfectly blend real life challenges of knowing yourself with science to help me really understand my own challenges in a way that shows me I can make changes to bring more happiness into my own life. Because of Kristel’s message, I will be a stronger leader of my team, a more compassionate doctor to my patients and, most importantly, a better husband and dad. How do you thank someone for that?  My advice is that if you have an opportunity to bring Kristel Bauer to your team, you should take it.

Business Consulting

What other organizations say about Kristel Bauer

Ms. Kristel Bauer presented the morning keynote address to the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) National Capitol Area (NCA) Chapter’s annual Mid-Atlantic Conference (MAC) on 12 October 2022. This was the NCA Chapter’s first in-person MAC since 2019. Her opening keynote address on “Reduce Stress & Thrive Personally and Professionally with Work/Life Integration” was incredibly timely and needed given all that we have been through over the last 3 years. Her messages resonated with our audience and set the stage for a great day of education and networking with colleagues and friends in our industry. Kristel was so easy-going, and an immense pleasure to work with from the first days of reaching out to check her interest and availability for this event; through the planning and preparation of the event; and then culminating in a spot-on kick-off to our MAC 2022. We highly recommend that other organizations looking for an excellent speaker with a message of how to live and thrive successfully reach out to Kristel.

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