Suleika Jaouad
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Suleika Jaouad

Suleika Jaouad is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, author, cancer survivor and advocate

Emmy Award-winning journalist, author, cancer survivor & advocate

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Suleika Jaouad is an Emmy Award-winning writer, speaker, cancer survivor and educator. Diagnosed with leukemia at age 22, she became one of the youngest columnists for The New York Times when she began writing her acclaimed column and video series "Life, Interrupted” from the front lines of her hospital bed. She served on Barack Obama’s Presidential Cancer Panel, and her advocacy work, reporting and speaking engagements have brought her everywhere from the main stage of TED, the United Nations and Capitol Hill, to a maximum security prison and a two-room schoolhouse in rural Montana. She earned her BA with highest honors from Princeton University and is a graduate of the Juilliard School's pre-college program. Her much anticipated book Between Two Kingdoms is forthcoming in 2021 from Random House.

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Between Two Kingdoms: What Almost Dying Taught Me About Living

Health and Wellness

Humans are living longer than ever before. Many people now survive illnesses and injuries that would’ve killed our grandparents and parents. Throughout our lives, we travel between the two kingdoms of the sick and the well, spending much of our lives somewhere between the two. In this provocative talk, Emmy award-winning New York Times journalist Suleika Jaouad challenges us to stop seeing our health as binary — sick and healthy, well and unwell, whole and broken. Jaouad shares a firsthand account of navigating the healthcare system as a young cancer survivor, and the inspiring and entirely unexpected lessons learned in recovery. Her unique perspective will change the way you think about what it means to live and to be well in the 21st century.

Making the Most of Life’s Interruptions

THEME: Reinvention & Resilience

At 22, Suleika Jaouad had it all: a newly minted degree from Princeton, a promising career in her dream city, a new relationship, and a life of possibility ahead. Then, out of nowhere, she was diagnosed with leukemia and given a 35% chance of survival.

From her hospital bed, over the following 3.5 years of intense treatment, she transformed her limitation into an opportunity and wrote an award-winning New York Times column called Life, Interrupted. When the doctors deemed her “cured”, she hit the road on an ambitious 15,000-mile roadtrip around the US. She interviewed dozens of strangers from all walks of life about how to overcome hardship. Now, she shares their wisdom, and hers, with you.

In this fierce, funny, and moving talk, Jaouad tells her story of how a harrowing illness became a springboard for extraordinary personal and professional transformation. She offers inspiration and advice on how to come back to life after a setback. Audiences will leave with tools to thrive in the wake of life's unexpected interruptions.