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Barbara Pierce Bush
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Barbara Pierce Bush

Deeply committed to improving the lives of those in need, Barbara Pierce Bush inspires us to confront the myriad of health equity challenges that millions face around the world.
Co-founder and Board Chair, Global Health Corps; Fellow, Schmidt Futures

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Deeply committed to improving the lives of those in need, Barbara Pierce Bush inspires us to confront the myriad of health equity challenges that millions face around the world.

Barbara Pierce Bush is a passionate—and compelling—voice in the global fight to confront some of the most prevalent health equity issues of our time. As the Co-founder and Board Chair, Global Health Corps, an organization that connects outstanding young leaders with organizations working on the front lines in order to promote global health equity, Bush has fully committed her life's work to improving access to health care in some of the world's most underserved areas. Under her leadership, the Global Health Corps has won widespread praise for its innovative work including being named one of the 14 most innovative worldwide social start-ups by the Echoing Green Foundation. Today, she is a Fellow with Eric Schmidt’s Schmidt Futures, a venture facility and foundation for public benefit focused on technology & society, shared prosperity, and scientific benefit. In this role, she supports racial justice, global health, and COVID-19 investments and programs, along with some of the world’s most talented entrepreneurs through the Entrepreneur in Residence program.

As an entrepreneur and champion of social justice who is on the front lines of a global movement for greater health equity, Bush shares optimistic stories of empowered people working to make real change in the lives of those most in need. Bush brings her passion and energy to uncover innovative ways—both large and small—that people can get involved and solve problems, not only in their own communities but around the world. In October, 2017, Bush released Sisters First, a New York Times best seller written with her twin sister and co-author, Jenna Hager. In November 2019, Bush and her sister, Hager, released the children’s book version of Sisters First, also a number one New York Times best seller. Bush graduated from Yale University with a degree in Humanities in 2004. The book takes readers on an extraordinary and deeply personal journey behind the scenes of what it is like to be born into a political dynasty, reveal never-before-told stories about their family, and uncover the enduring sisterly bond that kept them sane through it all.

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Moderated Conversation: Barbara Pierce Bush and Jenna Hager

United in their humanitarian missions and the spirit of service—as well as through their close family bond—Barbara Pierce Bush and Jenna Hager have found a shared purpose in giving voice to the disadvantaged while bringing to light stories of hope. Coming from a unique vantage point as the only twins to grow up in the White House as both grandchildren and children, Barbara and Jenna were inspired to live lives of meaning from an early age. Stemming from their travels to impoverished areas in Africa and Latin America, they have now made it their life’s calling to address the most pressing health, education and economic inequality issues of our time. Whether through Barbara’s creation of Global Health Corps or Jenna’s position as a TODAY correspondent and UNICEF chair, both women help spread the message that ideas put to action are the best kind. With their special brand of infectious warmth and kind humor—evidenced in their delightful back and forth banter during their presentations—this dynamic pair will ignite an audience’s passion to serve and inspire future young leaders to give back in their schools, local communities or abroad.

One Person Can Make a Difference: Confronting Today's Global Health Challenges

Having traveled through Africa extensively and seen some of the world’s health problems firsthand, Barbara Bush was inspired to make a difference and harness the passion, energy and skills of her generation to overcome malaria, HIV/AIDS and the other epidemics of our time. The difference that Bush made was founding the Global Health Corps, an organization that places fellows around the world to bring change to regions of the world that need it most. Bush’s vision has allowed for young leaders—whether their skill set is in finance, supply chain management or other fields atypical in the fight against disease and poverty—to bring their experience to bear in delivering health solutions to those who do not always have ready access to quality care. In this powerful address, Bush talks about her entrepreneurial experience in starting the Global Health Corps and the experiences of those who are also on the front lines in delivering care to those in need. An inspiring young leader, Bush shows how everyone has the ability to give back—not only on the global stage but in their own communities as well.

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Barbara Pierce Bush

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