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Mallory Weggemann
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Mallory Weggemann

Weggemann shares her incredible story of triumphing over setbacks – from her suffering permanent paralysis at 18 and nerve damage in her arm at 24, to medaling in one and making two Paralympic Games (2012 – gold and bronze, and 2016).
2012 Paralympic Gold Medalist, NBC Sports Winter Paralympics Correspondent, and Equality Activist

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  • Courage
  • Sports
  • Resiliency
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges

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Weggemann shares her incredible story of triumphing over setbacks – from her suffering permanent paralysis at 18 and nerve damage in her arm at 24, to medaling in one and making two Paralympic Games (2012 – gold and bronze, and 2016).

Instead of focusing on the life she lost after becoming paralyzed at the age of 18, Mallory Weggemann did the incredible and created a new life for herself. Within three months of her paralysis, Weggemann was back in the swimming pool. Less than four years later, she set 15 world records and 33 American records on her way to winning gold and bronze at the 2012 London Paralympic Games.

Weggemann’s struggles and triumphs did not stop there. In a freak accident, she suffered a serious injury to her arm that kept her from competition for a year. Once again, Weggemann persevered through challenges and pain to make the 2016 Rio Paralympics Games.

Weggemann guides audiences how to manage setbacks. From the raw emotions of early obstacles, to the celebration of each milestone of independence and accomplishment along the way, she chronicles her journey to emerge infinitely stronger, tougher, and freer than she ever was before.

It is with tremendous enthusiasm and genuine frankness that Weggemann shares her remarkable story with audiences ranging from Fortune 100 executives to small non-profits. Insisting that paralysis was merely one event among many in her life that has shaped, but not defined her. Weggemann argues that we all choose either to allow limitations to overpower us or face them in a journey towards new abilities.

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Mallory Weggemann's Speech Topics

Grit, Resilience and Triumph Over Any Obstacle

“You’re the best. You can make a difference and change the world.” The phrase, spoken to Mallory Weggemann by her father each day growing up, is among her core beliefs. Weggemann emphasizes that no matter your disability, everyone is able to overcome and ultimately make a difference in the world. With her unique ability to make audience member feel as if they are involved in a personal conversation, Weggemann teaches how to locate the grit and resilience necessary to keep moving in the face of setbacks.

Small Steps, Big Impact: A New Approach to Leadership

According to Mallory Weggeman, one of the keys to leadership is to tackle a seemingly insurmountable challenge by achieving small victories along the way. While fighting her way to the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016 after suffering a debilitating arm injury, Weggemann discovered one of the greatest qualities leaders possess is the ability to adapt—particularly in the face of overwhelming obstacles. She applies this resilience to every facet of life, from her training to her decision to learn how to walk down the aisle at her wedding. Speaking with Sports Illustrated following the Rio Games, Weggemann reflected, “[In] a lot of ways, the fight it took for me to get to Rio was much more significant than the fight it took for me to get to London. The amount of pride that I have in what happened in Rio goes far beyond any medals I could have brought home at that point.” Weggemann teaches audiences how to celebrate small victories and to use setbacks as tools to develop teams.

Personal Story: Finding the “Why?”

Mallory Weggemann describes the day she became paralyzed back in January 2008 and her initial struggles to cope with the fact that her life had changed in the blink of an eye. After months of self-reflection, Weggemann began to find answers to her number one question—why? Committed to the belief that everything happens for a reason, she shares her rare emotional journey, including the debilitating injury that affected her 2016 Paralympics and has set her on the path towards a 2020 comeback. In this powerful discussion, Weggemann sends audiences on a journey of their own self-reflection as she challenges everyone to realize their own path as she insists that no odds are too large to overcome.

Moderated Conversations on the Power of Sport

At PyeongChang in 2018, Mallory Weggemann became one of the first correspondents to report from the Paralympics Games who had previously competed as an athlete. Whether on camera or on stage, Mallory has demonstrated a gift for drawing out the stories of those who have upended expectations of what human beings can accomplish in the face of adversity. Having demonstrated herself what was possible when she conquered the challenges in her own life by getting back in the pool, Mallory’s natural empathy and vulnerability allow her to connect to others and uncover hidden insights that will inspire audiences of all backgrounds.

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