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The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair
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The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair

Embracing the challenges of globalization in an increasingly interconnected world.

Prime Minister, Great Britain and Northern Ireland (1997-2007)

“His perspectives on the array of global political and economic issues in the news today were frank, enlightening, and appropriately colored with humor.”
— Thomson Reuters

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  • Global Economy and Trade
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  • Innovation and Technology

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A champion for globalization and advocate for democracy, Tony Blair embraces the challenges facing the current political climate with unparalleled expertise and infectious optimism.

Tony Blair works passionately to address some of the world’s biggest challenges.

But he’s a realist. He knows it takes more than just spreading awareness to solve problems on a global scale. It takes people from disparate backgrounds and experiences coming together to find common ground – in order to build real solutions for change.

Since leaving political office, that has been the former Prime Minister’s passion.

With much in the intercultural landscape shifting over the past decade and society feeling fragmented, he sees a vital need for people to come together as a global community to find collective solutions to the systemic problems we all face. By spreading hope and educating with optimism, Mr. Blair creates a network for change that informs and inspires people to participate in fact-based, rather than emotionally-fueled, dialogue.

“We must learn again the politics of building bridges, of reaching out to those with whom we disagree,” he says.

Through his nonprofit organization, the Institute for Global Change, Mr. Blair works to ensure the impacts of globalization benefit everyone – not just the few at the top.  He and his team support fragile and emerging governments to deliver effectively for their people. They work to implement peace in the Middle East by increasing regional understanding, and seizing opportunities to work together toward shared aims of increased security and cooperation. They also tackle extremist ideologies in areas where leadership vacuums thrive on broken trust between states and citizens.

His efforts on the geopolitical battlefront do not end there. Mr. Blair advocates more broadly for a radical transformation in policy, where leaders can become the agents of change – not managers of the status quo.

Globalization presents some significant hurdles, however, like learning how to co-exist and equipping leaders to make the best possible choices when posed with arduous challenges.

Mr. Blair confronts this by working to revitalize the center ground of politics – encouraging reason-based thinking to steer people away from polarizing and negative ideologies. By building bridges between battling ideals and reaching across the political divide, he seeks to build common ground on which to base the bedrock of a better, more interconnected world.   

Electrifying the room with the magnetic presence and charming persona of a seasoned statesman, Mr. Blair redefines what it means to be a global leader.

He commands attention with his honest and relatable assessment of the current state of global affairs, bolstering his viewpoints with hard and fast facts and providing words of encouragement in the form of practical solutions. 

Mr. Blair’s authenticity and smart humor juxtapose tough topics – putting audiences at ease, and driving deep conversation that propels change long after the event.

Building Bridges

A proven, tenured leader whose perspective and reputation transcend political lines, Mr. Blair encourages building cultural bridges to find common ground in addressing the critical crises facing our world.


Having stood beside world leaders during some of the toughest times in history, Mr. Blair knows that today's most pressing issues cannot be tackled alone – we must come together to work toward collective solutions that benefit the whole.


Present Mr. Blair with an issue, and he doesn’t see challenges – he sees opportunities to cultivate and harness innovation. His positive demeanor and open mind, even in the face of adversity, position him as the premier and pragmatic problem-solver of our era.

Global Perspective

The increasing interconnectedness of the world means the intermingling and mixing of cultures and people from various backgrounds. Through his hard-earned expertise and unparalleled enthusiasm, Mr. Blair strives to make Globalization work for the many – not just the few at the top – by breaking barriers of nation, race, trade, and culture.

The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair's Speech Topics

Technology for the Many

The chief characteristic of today’s world is the scope, scale, and speed of change — especially technological change. We experience it in our daily lives. It is changing the way we live, whether at home, at leisure, at work or play, and in our social and political interactions.

In this conversation, Tony Blair details how the first political party to master the implications of the technological revolution and crystallize understanding into policy, will own the foreseeable political future. With first-hand experience as Prime Minster, and a front-row seat to the Brexit referendum, he also shares how innovation and technology will be an imperative for the United Kingdom, as it seeks to build a future possibly outside the European Union.

With audiences, Mr. Blair aims to change the way the world thinks about technology, from the incremental to the revolutionary. He encourages those changing the world through technology, as well as public policy makers, to maneuver through radical change with a unified approach that benefits all. An optimistic path to the future is shown, reassuring listeners that change — while daunting — offers more opportunities than threats. Without it, the politics of hope will never be re-kindled, believes Mr. Blair.

Globalization for the Many

"The interdependence of the world is not a policy. It is reality," says Prime Minister Tony Blair. 

A veteran statesman with decades of political prowess in his utility belt, he sees the opportunities in the challenges of globalization, and identifies concrete ways in which we all can work to build a more cooperative and cohesive society.

He also understands the gravity of what an interconnected world means for our way of life, and he embraces this reality with refreshing optimism and an open mind.

Globalization is not a creation of the political elite. Rather, it is the natural phenomenon that follows the intermingling of people, mixing of cultures, widespread technology, and access to inexpensive travel that connects us across oceans and time zones.

Now is the time to course-correct the understanding of why and how the world is changing, and roadmap a way forward, he says. It’s a time to reignite the politics of optimism and revitalize the core values that first allied the West together.

Mr. Blair advocates for people over politics, and champions the merit of democratic values. By building bridges and seeking common ground with those whom we disagree, he knows we can conquer these challenges and overcome our doubt, divisiveness, and isolationism – and move toward a more peaceful reality.

Energizing the audience with his undeniable magnetism, he leaves listeners with a checklist of actionable items they themselves can take on, to solve the problems affecting us all. 

Common Sense Leadership: Lessons and Legacy

When Tony Blair became Prime Minister at 43 years old, he was the youngest person to hold the position since 1812.  Shattering previous Labour Party records, he won three consecutive elections, serving as the head of government in Great Britain and Northern Ireland from 1997 to 2007.

Since leaving office, Mr. Blair’s expertise and influence continue to play a prominent role in the current political landscape. 

In 2017, he established the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change to address some of the most difficult challenges in the world today. Tapped into the pulse of good business and governance, he spends his time working on three key areas: supporting governments to deliver effectively for their people, working for peace in the Middle East, and countering extremism – all in effort to help others enhance their effectiveness and resilience in the face of adversity.

As a leader who has stood beside others as they have faced impossible choices – and seen Britain through its own trials and tribulations – Mr. Blair knows that doing the right thing isn’t always the most popular. But it is vital for the betterment of everyone. 

In this fireside chat, Mr. Blair reminds audiences about the importance of pursuing a common sense approach when seeking change on a massive scale. With captivating candor and the commanding presence of a prominent world leader, he offers an exclusive, intimate, and colorful view of current and historical affairs – through the eyes of a veteran statesman.   

The Implications of Brexit

For the first time since World War II, Britain faces a decision that has the potential to disrupt the cohesion of the geo-political environment and drastically alter its role in the modern world. 

This decision is Brexit, and in the words of Tony Blair, it presents a “Dilemma, with a capital ‘D.’”

The dilemma poses Britain with a choice between two starkly contrasting futures, both of which deal hefty damage to Britain’s standing in the international community.  Britain, however, will not be the only country to feel the effects of Brexit – the consequences will reverberate throughout the world.

Many in Britain regard the critical decision of Brexit with a “let’s get on with it” attitude – a mindset that Mr. Blair disputes by pointing out what he calls “fatal flaws” in various iterations of the Brexit proposal.  Brexit is too complicated of a decision, he says. The British people need the chance to revisit the decision, engage in a full debate, and fully understand the vision of a post-Brexit Britain.

No stranger to the inner workings of the grinding gears of global relations, Mr. Blair leans on his unrivaled expertise and insider knowledge to dissect the dilemma facing Britain, while discussing the larger ramifications for Europe and the world as a whole. The charisma and commanding spirit he brings to the room inspire audiences on both sides of the aisle to contemplate the path forward.   

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