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Conversation is becoming a lost art. We all know, from our own experiences, that people today connect more on social media than in person. These masters of spoken prose make it their mission to connect intimately with others through speech. They compose thoughts while conversing, listen to their surroundings, and stay present in the moment. Their intuition and conversational savvy make for an irresistibly engaging discussion that will keep your audience talking long after your event. Available for in-person or virtual events and meetings.

Featured Speakers
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John Brennan

CIA Director (2013–2017); Senior National Security and Intelligence Analyst, NBC News and MSNBC

Blending wisdom, experience, and candor in a cogent analysis of dynamic trends in national security.

Terrorism, National Security, U.S. Current Events
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David Cameron

The Rt Hon David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (2010-2016)

Experiences in leadership at an extraordinary and tumultuous time in global affairs.

Leadership, Diplomacy, Emerging Markets
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James Comey

Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation (2013–2017)

Demonstrating ethical leadership and a clear voice amidst the chaos of an unprecedented political environment.

Courage, Leadership, National Security
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