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Ted Koppel

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Legendary Anchor, ABC News Nightline; Senior Contributor, CBS Sunday Morning Show; Contributing Columnist, Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal

One of the world’s most respected and acclaimed broadcast journalists, Ted Koppel provides audiences with in-depth analysis, commentary and perspective on the current events that shape our world every day.

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Ted Koppel Profile Photo

During more than 50 years that he has worked as a professional journalist Ted has embodied the term “eye-witness to history.”

In politics:

Ted has covered the presidential nominating conventions of both parties going back to 1964. . 52 years later came his news-making interview with Donald Trump at the 2016 GOP Convention in Cleveland

He covered presidential campaigns going back to Barry Goldwater in 1964. Then the Nixon and Humphrey campaigns in 1968.

As ABC’s Senior Diplomatic Correspondent:

President Nixon’s historic visit to China in 1972.

Henry Kissinger’s shuttle diplomacy in the Middle East in 1973 and 74.

Civil rights:

Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965

As war correspondent:

Three and a half years covering the conflicts in Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia. Several lesser wars, ending as an embedded correspondent and Nightline anchor during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. (Ted had to promise his wife, Grace Anne that there would be no more assignments as war correspondent thereafter.)

Over the course of 26 years as anchor and managing editor of Nightline, Koppel became the longest serving news anchor in U.S. broadcast history.

Among the more than 6000 Nightline broadcasts he anchored was the one on the last day of the Soviet Union. Ted was the only reporter with Mikhail Ghorbachev inside the Kremlin. He was also the first journalist to interview Nelson Mandela at his home in Suweto, South Africa upon his release from 27 years in prison.

In 2012, New York University named Koppel one of the “100 outstanding journalists in the United States in the last 100 years. When he left ABC News after 42 years, he was the most honored reporter in that network’s history, having received more “Overseas Press Club” awards than the previous record holder, Edward R. Murrow, and eight “George Foster Peabody” awards. Television’s equivalent to the Pulitzer Prize is the Columbia-DuPont award. Koppel has won 12 of them. He has also been awarded 43 Emmy’s, including one for lifetime achievement. His most recent Emmy was for his current work at CBS Sunday Morning

Koppel’s most recent book, a New York Times best seller, Lights Out (October, 2015) examines a threat unique to our time and evaluates potential ways for America to prepare for a cybersecurity-catastrophe.

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Ted Koppel Profile Photo
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Ted Koppel’s Speech Topics

  • Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath

    As the nation struggles with the consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic, many of the lessons contained in Lights Out, are applicable today.

  • Breaking News: A Look Around the Globe with Ted Koppel

    We live in perilous times of rapid change and there is no more experienced guide than Ted Koppel to help us make sense of it all.

  • A Brave New World: The Future of Journalism

    The nation has rarely been more divided. There have never been more outlets claiming to present fact-based news and never has there been more confusion as to what to believe. How did we get to where we find ourselves and how do we get out of this mess.

What other organizations say about Ted Koppel

Ted Koppel was fantastic and such a pleasure to work with.


What other organizations say about Ted Koppel

Ted was fabulous. He was funny, insightful, engaging. People really liked him, they were on the edges of their seats.

Universities & Colleges

What other organizations say about Ted Koppel

In short, on a scale of 1-10, Ted was a 15! He was so kind and thoughtful to all the Luther staff and students. His lecture was simply extraordinary. Lest you think this is an exaggeration, he received a very enthusiastic 5 minute standing ovation from the audience of 1,200 at the conclusion of his lecture. And despite needing to drive 50 minutes after his talk, he kindly and patiently had personal conversations with many of those attending the post-lecture reception. Ted is the Walter Cronkite of the 21st century and a true gentlemen in addition!

Universities & Colleges

What other organizations say about Ted Koppel

Ted Koppel is a great pleasure to work with. He has received rave reviews from everyone in attendance.

Economic Development Councils

What other organizations say about Ted Koppel

We absolutely loved Ted Koppel! He really struck the right chord with his speech, he was humorous and serious when it counted.

Health Care

What other organizations say about Ted Koppel

There are no words to express how gracious, entertaining, brilliant and all around larger than life Ted Koppel was. I am so happy and so thankful that Ted was our speaker this year. There could not have been a more perfect match for this event.


What other organizations say about Ted Koppel

Ted Koppel was GREAT! Gosh, I wish we could keep him around for a while…loved him as a person and he was perfect for the event too. He truly set the tone for a great night!


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