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Navy Speakers

The US Navy is the most powerful naval force in the world. Although the Navy plays a critical role in international policy and defense, its veterans also play an important role here at home. Invite Navy SEALs, retired Admirals, and former Navy Commanders to share their harrowing experiences at sea. Regale your attendees with their inspirational stories of valor and sacrifice at your next event. WSB’s Navy speakers are available for in-person or virtual events and meetings.

Keynote Speaker

Mike Sarraille

Former US Navy SEAL; Founder and CEO of Talent War Group & ATTA, Building Mental Strength and Wellness; Co-Author of the Best-Selling Book The Talent War, centered around attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent; Men’s Journal Lead Columnist; Podcast Host for the Self-Improvement Focused "Everyday Warrior" Series

$25K - $40K

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