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Chad Williams

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Former Navy Seal, Author

Discussing motivation, leadership, and faith in the face of adversity, Chad Williams shares a message audiences need right now.

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Chad Williams Profile Photo

Serving his country proudly through multiple deployments as a U.S. Navy SEAL, on SEAL Teams One and Seven, Williams honed the qualities and values that our nation’s best adhere to. In a final operation in Iraq, his SEAL team was set up on a premeditated ambush similar to the location and scenario that took the life of his mentor Scott Helvenston, but on that occasion he and his team were able to overcome the enemy and complete the mission. Today, Chad is a bestselling author of the book, SEAL of God, and an in-demand keynote speaker. He is also a frequent guest on Fox News Channel, CNN News Room, Anderson Cooper 360, and other national news programs. Drawing from his experiences, Chad captivates his audiences as he illustrates the SEAL mindset and ethos, including leadership, teamwork, integrity, safety, mental toughness, discipline, overcoming adversity and grit. 

Why Book Chad Williams for Your Event

Charismatic and insightful, Williams will bring his unique perspective — honed from years as a Navy SEAL. In particular, audiences will appreciate his focus on dealing with adversity, a skill much in need in the trying times we live in. Williams is an exceptionally experienced and dynamic motivational speaker with over 350 completed events under his belt, highlighting the topics of: leadership, motivation, safety, resilience, goal-setting, discipline, and teamwork. While synergizing the entertaining and riveting SEAL Team experiences, Chad translates the timeless principles SEALs utilize on the battlefield; to implementation and execution on the battleground of business. 

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Chad Williams Profile Photo
Chad Williams

Chad Williams: Aim Small, Miss Small

Chad Williams Profile Photo
Chad Williams

Chad Williams: Forged by Adversity

Chad Williams’s Speech Topics

  • “SEVEN” – SEAL Team Maxims

    On a final operation in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq, with the objective of capturing a deadly suicide-bomb manufacturer, members of SEAL Team 7 found themselves being set-up on a premeditated ambush. In SEVEN, Former Navy SEAL Chad Williams recounts the harrowing details of that ominous event, while communicating the seven SEAL Team maxims that ultimately led he and his Team to overcoming a hail of bullets in the worst of circumstances, and against all odds achieving mission success. Sharing the seven SEAL maxims in a relatable way, Chad demonstrates how these battletested truths translate to the battlefield of doing business. 

    • AIM SMALL MISS SMALL (Goal Setting) 
    • HUMBLY I SERVE (Servant Leadership) 
    • FORGED BY ADVERSITY (Overcoming Obstacles/Resilience) 
    • EARN YOUR TRIDENT EVERYDAY (Innovation, Progression) 
  • Freedom Isn’t Free

    Chad Williams, former US Navy Seal and author of SEAL of God, shares his personal experiences of SEAL bravery. Chad communicates the power of sacrifice and leadership through the story of his experiences.

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