Chad Williams
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Chad Williams

Discussing motivation, leadership, and faith in the face of adversity, Williams shares a message audiences need right now. 

Former Navy Seal, Author

Expertise In:

  • Crisis Management
  • Faith-based Groups
  • Motivation
  • Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges
  • Safety

Audience & Industry

  • Associations
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Corporations
  • Faith-based Groups
  • U.S. Government

With a message of leadership, motivation, and also faith, Williams shares a message audiences need right now -- the ability to control one's own actions in the face of adversity.

Serving his country proudly through multiple deployments as a U.S. Navy SEAL, on SEAL Teams One and Seven, Williams honed the qualities and values that our nation's best adhere to. In a final operation in Iraq, his SEAL team was set up on a premeditated ambush similar to the location and scenario that took the life of his mentor Scott Helvenston, but on that occasion he and his team were able to overcome the enemy and complete the mission. Today, Chad is a bestselling author of the book, SEAL of God, and an in-demand keynote speaker. He is also a frequent guest on Fox News, CNN, and other national news programs. Drawing from his experiences, Chad captivates his audiences as he illustrates the SEAL mindset and ethos, including mental toughness, discipline, teamwork, leadership, safety, and motivation. 

Why Book Chad Williams for Your Event 

Charismatic and insightful, Williams will bring his unique perspective -- honed from years as a Navy SEAL. In particular, audiences will appreciate his focus on dealing with adversity, a skill much in need in the trying times we live in. 

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Chad Williams' Speech Topics

7 Leadership Takeaways from a Navy SEAL

Chad Williams extracts essential precepts from the SEAL Creed and presents them through his experiences on and off the battlefield in way that is relatable to civilian audiences. He will touch on the following: 

  • Having an uncommon desire to succeed
  • Serving humbly (servant leadership)
  • Being forged through adversity
  • Earning your trident everyday
  • Controlling emotions and actions regardless of circumstances
  • Relying on your legacy to succeed
  • Finding the motivation inside you

Freedom Isn't Free

Chad Williams, former U.S. Navy Seal and author of SEAL of God, shares his personal experiences of bravery and facing adversity. Chad communicates the power of sacrifice and leadership through the story of his experiences.

Leadership | Communication | Safety

Utilizing the SEAL ethos, Williams lends his first-hand knowledge and experience as one of America’s most elite to relate the vision and character of an effective Navy SEAL leader. Among the additional areas he'll cover: 

• Aiming small, missing small

• Being aware of the pitfalls of pride

• Demanding discipline

• Shooting, moving, and communicating

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