John Foley
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John Foley

John Foley inspires with lessons from the Navy's elite Blue Angels flying team. These core values are the key to world-class performance in any field.
Organizational and Personal Performance Expert, Former Lead Solo Pilot, U.S. Navy's Blue Angels

Expertise In:

  • Peak Performance
  • Teamwork
  • Corporate Culture
  • Workforce Effectiveness
  • Motivation

Audience & Industry

  • Associations
  • Corporations
  • Sales Professionals

John Foley inspires with lessons from the Navy’s elite Blue Angels flying team. These core values are the key to world-class performance in any field.

As lead solo pilot of the heralded Blue Angels, John Foley had to consistently perform as part of team in an intense, high-stakes environment. Reaching that level of excellence required commitment, discipline and trust. Using Blue Angel methodology as a model, Foley has developed a unique approach that equips others to make the same journey toward excellence in execution. His message and personal stories, delivered with his trademark enthusiasm and charisma, emphasizes principles of trust, alignment, clarity and commitment, positioning individuals and teams to achieve and sustain higher levels of excellence than they ever dreamed possible. Foley has served as an adviser to Fortune 500 corporations, professional athletic teams, venture capital companies, professional associations and educational organizations and successfully connects the high intensity of the Blue Angels with your organization.

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John Foley's Speech Topics

Fearless Success: Leading Through Change

Connecting, aligning, and unifying teams that are geographically remote or unable to travel can be a daunting task. Leading through these changes with an attitude of gratitude can transform the way your organization does business.

The US Navy’s Blue Angels are a living example of extreme trust and collaboration. In his virtual presentations, John Foley shares the wisdom of his experiences and brings audiences inside the cockpit for the experience of a lifetime. His interactive virtual presentations will leave your audience feeling connected, inspired and ready to commit to a world where anything is possible. 

The key to Foley's “Fearless Success” system is the Glad To Be Here mindset, a powerful new way of thinking, working and living that connects people on a human level. This mindset will engage your employees on an intellectual and emotional level to create deeper commitment and elevate overall performance.

Key Takeaways

  • How to build a culture of excellence, clarity and focus that will transcend virtual boundaries.
  •  shared “attitude of gratitude” called Glad To Be Here that will transform your organization. 
  • Master a process and a mindset for leading through change.
  • Find your “purpose larger than self” and use that purpose to elevate execution and drive results.
  • Live, virtual Q&A sessions, polls and exercises to take leaders to the next level.
  • High-quality viewing experience and customized content aligned with your meeting objectives.

This keynote is available in a virtual format. 

High Performance Climb®

Every organization depends upon the performance of their people and their teams. There are few examples where this is more dramatically demonstrated than with the Blue Angels. John Foley draws upon his experience as Lead Solo of the Blue Angels to inspire audiences and show them how to achieve substantially higher levels of performance.

Foley demonstrates a simple, systematic, yet exciting approach for how to develop the clarity, focus, commitment, and trust that are necessary to achieve ever-higher levels of performance. He shows how to create buy-in and commitment for a team’s vision and goals, leading to clarity that drives execution decisions. He demonstrates how learning to focus prepares individuals for action and increases successful outcomes. In this insightful program, he emphasizes the development of trust and respect among team members as essential to execution, and demonstrates proven ways for teams to achieve deep levels of trust. He also explains a process that he believes is the primary key to continuous improvement and exceptional growth.

He drives home his message with dynamic videos of his adrenaline-pumping performance with the Blue Angels. His charismatic and enthusiastic presentations stimulate audiences emotionally and intellectually with a whole new perspective on their ability to excel. They leave the event not only transformed, but also with a set of concrete tools to immediately begin a high performance climb.

Team Oneness

The importance of teams being in sync is a concept that John Foley understands profoundly. The Blue Angels must be closely aligned in thought and action in order to accomplish their mission. Through their interdependence as a team, members are also challenged and stimulated to achieve higher levels of individual performance. In his dynamic presentations, Foley addresses the essential elements of exceptional team performance and makes them relevant, simple, and immediately actionable. He shares how to center a team around shared goals, strengthen relationships, and create unity that leads to consistent and effective results.

Employee Commitment

When people are deeply engaged in their work and feel valued, they are more productive and effective, leading to a positive impact on the bottom-line. John Foley shares how management can stimulate performance by creating a culture that values expression of gratitude and appreciation—for opportunities, co-workers, and clients. With his signature “Glad to be Here”™ mantra, Foley discusses the power behind gratitude as a way of thinking, working, and living. He shows how a culture of thankfulness engages employees on an intellectual and emotional level to create deeper commitment and raise levels of performance.