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Accelerating Individual, Team, and Organizational Performance

In the cockpit, flawless execution is a matter of life-or-death. Afterburner teaches their methodologies to enhance organizational performance and achieve corporate success.

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Afterburner, Inc. Profile Photo

Afterburner is a diverse team composed of current and former Fighter Pilots. Their keynote speakers take the mindset and ways of working they learned in the cockpit of their high-performance fighter jets and transfer those lessons into your organization.

Thousands of companies including Microsoft, Google, Home Depot, and Nike have all learned the secrets to accelerating the development of their strategy and execution – and you can too! From executive leaders to the frontline team, Afterburner’s programs are crafted to inspire your leaders and their teams to consistently surpass expectations! 

Afterburner’s dynamic, high-energy keynote speakers will inspire your audience to take action and set the foundation for you to build highly engaged, outcome-focused teams. They’ll bring out your inner fighter pilot and show you what it’s like at the edge of the human performance envelope, physically and mentally.

Afterburner Keynote options include:

Inspirational 1 pilot Keynote:

A high energy, interactive presentation to include inspiration, storytelling, audience participation and concrete takeaway. They will customize the content to hone in on concrete tools that drive lasting impact for your audience.

Signature 2 pilot Keynote:

The additional pilot provides an incredible stage dynamic and really drives home the concept of teamwork and collaboration. The pilots both speak from the stage and during their interactive pieces, the second pilot uses the roving mic. Importantly, this is also experiential so both pilots remain behind for photo ops and attend any social functions. Two pilots means there’s more to go around!

CEO Keynote: Christian “Boo” Boucousis:

You get Afterburner’s CEO, Christian “Boo” Boucousis and their Flawless Leadership keynote. Boo is an accomplished entrepreneur who started out life as a fighter pilot and turned the fighter pilot mindset into a number of multi-million dollar businesses. Ten years ago he started speaking and now he shares how the fighter pilot mindset and ways of working to effectively lead in business, or – Flawless Leadership.

Afterburner also runs breakout sessions and workshops. Enquire to find out more about their flagship program — Top Gun Experience!

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Afterburner, Inc. Profile Photo
Afterburner, Inc.

Afterburner Team Speaking Reel

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Afterburner, Inc.

Afterburner Top Gun Experience Showreel

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Afterburner, Inc.

Christian “Boo” Boucousis “The CEO Cut” Reel

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Afterburner, Inc.

Afterburner on Who We Are

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Afterburner, Inc.

Afterburner on What is Flawless Execution

Afterburner, Inc.’s Speech Topics

  • The Fighter Pilot Mindset

    Do you sometimes feel like your business (or life!) is running you, and you’re on the ride? We call that “falling behind the airplane”. You want to be ahead of the airplane – driving your life and business in the right direction! One-step ahead, making great decisions, becoming the person or team you always knew you could be.

  • Task Saturation

    We’ve all experienced it. What do you do when you have too much on your plate and you’re lacking the time, tools, or resources to achieve success. 

  • Flawless Execution

    FLEX, or “Flawless Execution”- the ability to take an idea or strategy and get it executed on a daily basis at every level of your organization through an intuitive cycle of PLAN, BRIEF, EXECUTE and DEBRIEF. 

  • Flawless Leadership

    Leadership made simple. Our elite military experience enables us to develop strong, effective leaders in a very short amount of time — all with a proven system for continuous leadership development training. 

  • The Debrief Culture

    Imagine an environment where everyone has a say, you’re constantly adapting and evolving to the world around you and you’re able to work in a radically transparent and accountable environment. That’s a debrief culture, we’ll show you how. 

  • Flawless Sales

    Our team of elite military speakers are experts at aligning teams and work efforts across diverse teams to create a culture dedicated to Flawless Execution.

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