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Mike Rogers, we have been overwhelmed with positive comments from our subscribers and very high approval ratings. What they appreciated the most was your candid and honest approach to specific incidences of public record, giving them an opportunity to learn something new without having to wade through the myriad pages of written information.
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Mike Rogers

Chairman, U.S. House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI, 2011–2015); Member of Congress; Former FBI Special Agent; Trident Capital Cybersecurity Fund Advisory Council; IronNet Cybersecurity Board of Directors; CNN National Security Contributor; Host and Executive Producer, Declassified (July 2016)

For nearly three decades, Mike Rogers continues to be an exceptional leader in politics, national security, global affairs, the digital economy, cybersecurity and counterterrorism, shaping policies that affect every business and citizen in the United States.

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Global Security, Local Problems

“Think global, act local” is a common mantra that is equally applicable to national security. How so? Mike Rogers discusses the rapid changes of technology, the emergence of new (and old) national security problems, and how the nexus of technology and security will change the way we look at and interact with the world. From Russian information operations in Europe and abroad to China’s expansionist foreign policy, from ISIS and al-Qaida to conflict in cyberspace and outer space, and economic development and innovation, challenges that seem far away have an impact here at home. Rogers will cover the issues from the lighter side to the sobering reality we now face, and chart a way forward.

Cybersecurity Is Everyone's Security

Cybersecurity is a concept that is thrown around without much consideration of what it means to individuals or organizations. The reality is that cybersecurity is everyone’s security. Today, nearly everyone banks online, orders products from Amazon and other online vendors, and drives cars that rely on GPS and sensors to navigate the roads.

But most don’t appreciate the unique risks that exist today and are going to emerge in the future. Autonomous vehicles, implantable medical devices, the Internet of Things, and other technological advancements will change the way we live our lives. As one of the leading experts on the nexus between cybersecurity and policy, Mike Rogers shares his incomparable perspective on how our world is changing and how technology, cybersecurity, and the digital economy must come together to build a prosperous and secure future.

A Conversation with Mike Rogers

With over 30 years’ experience in the public sector, Mike Rogers brings unique insights into how things work—and don’t work—in Washington. From his time in the U.S. Army and the FBI, to starting as a freshman representative through his chairmanship of the powerful House Intelligence Committee, Rogers has seen it all, interacting with world leaders, intelligence officials, military officers, CEOs, presidents, and everyone in between. Today, he is at the forefront of technological innovation and cybersecurity, working with boards and C-suite executives to craft policies and investments to ensure the protection of company assets and profitability in turbulent markets.

From these experiences, and with his trademark candor and wit, he can offer a wealth of insight and perspectives customized to your audiences on issues including:

•           Leading diverse teams through complex crises

•           The current geopolitical situation and its impact at home

•           Tomorrow’s national security challenges

•           Governing in a contentious political environment

•           Today’s populist tone and the feelings of Middle America

•           Technology and its impact at home and abroad

•           Leadership in public service

Meet Mike Rogers

For nearly three decades, Mike Rogers continues to be an exceptional leader in politics, national security, global affairs, the digital economy and cybersecurity, and counterterrorism, shaping policies that affect every business and citizen in the United States.

As the former chairman of the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Mike Rogers spent more than a decade overseeing all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, shaping critical cybersecurity, counterterrorism and national security policies.  Rogers delves into essential debates as CNN national security contributor, and he raises thought-provoking issues to millions every week as the host of Westwood One’s nationally syndicated radio commentary Something to Think About with Mike Rogers. His conversation offers unique and experienced insight on politics, security and American life.

Rogers remains uniquely positioned to influence national discussions and offer expert analysis on America’s most pressing and diverse issues—whether it is national security, foreign policy, the digital economy or politics. With his engaging, captivating style, candid wit and stories, he offers audiences a true insider’s perspective on current events and global trends.

Cutting through to the truth by addressing the facts, Rogers bares light on the juxtaposition of what is shown on TV and what is reality. Even on the most politically charged issues, he offers a concise perspective, offering solutions to the challenges facing America today. As a result, he is widely respected by both Republicans and Democrats for his leadership. Washington Post columnist David Ignatius called him “a rare example of bipartisanship.”

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