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George Stephanopoulos

WSB Exclusive Speaker

Anchor, Good Morning America, This Week and Chief Political Correspondent, ABC News

George Stephanopoulos draws on his expansive political career in Congress, the White House and network news to cover politics and stories breaking around the globe.

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George Stephanopoulos Profile Photo

As ABC News’ chief political correspondent, George Stephanopoulos draws on a career that ranged from the campaign trail to the heights of political power. His wit, fortitude and expert political savvy are now shared with millions of television viewers on ABC’sGood Morning America and as anchor of the Sunday public affairs program, This Week. Stephanopoulos has won national-acclaim for his provocative interviews with such notables as Condoleezza Rice, Sandra Day O’Connor, Tony Blair and Muammar Qaddafi just to name a few. As a Washington political professional, he shares with audiences his perspective on how national and world leaders are shaping the issues of the day. One of President Clinton’s key political advisors and author of the best-selling memoir All Too Human: A Political Education, Stephanopoulos makes politics come to life with personal accounts from the political frontlines—delivering humorous tales and revealing anecdotes that put you right in the thick of today’s political battles.

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George Stephanopoulos Profile Photo
George Stephanopoulos

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George Stephanopoulos Profile Photo
George Stephanopoulos

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George Stephanopoulos’s Speech Topics

  • American Politics and News of the Day

    George Stephanopoulos’ presentation draws on his expansive political career—in the White House, on Capitol Hill and as a respected member of the press as ABC’s Chief Political Correspondent and anchor of This Week and Good Morning America. He provides analysis and predictions on events in Washington and around the world, including the current state of American politics, international relations and the new global economy.

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George was on top of his game. Very well received. Some were afraid that he would be too biased – but in fact he was very balanced. Good choice for our group.

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