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Bill Bradley
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Bill Bradley

A brilliant bipartisan statesman and quintessential American hero, Bill Bradley elevates the debate on the most important issues of our time including the economy, health care, domestic and world affairs.
Former U.S. Senator, Olympian, NBA Hall of Famer and Best-Selling Author

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  • American Politics
  • Inspiring Lives
  • Education
  • Leadership
  • U.S. Health Care Policy

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A brilliant bipartisan statesman and quintessential American hero, Bill Bradley elevates the debate on the most important issues of our time including the economy, health care, domestic and world affairs.

One of the foremost political and cultural thought leaders of our time, Bill Bradley gained prominence in the U.S. Senate as a bipartisan leader who brought people together to solve complex problems. Always placing the best interests of the nation first, Bradley has garnered respect on both sides of the aisle as a man of unquestionable character. His abiding admiration for the American people developed through his multifaceted career as an Olympic gold medalist, two-time NBA champion with the New York Knicks, Rhodes Scholar, U.S. senator from New Jersey, merchant banker and host of his award-winning Sirius Satellite Radio program, American Voices. The author of six New York Times best sellers on the revitalization of American politics, culture and the economy, his latest book—We Can All Do Better (May 2012)—is a thought-provoking game-changer that provides a solution to the partisan divide and political stalemate in Washington, encouraging American voters to partake in a more participatory form of democracy. Respected for his understanding of today's complex political environment, Bradley takes a distinctly bipartisan approach as he sheds light on the most crucial issues of our time—the economy, foreign and domestic policy, technology, health care and the role of the U.S. in a global society.

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Bill Bradley's Speech Topics

We Can All Do Better

In this presentation based on his book, We Can All Do Better (May 2012), Bill Bradley offers his own concise, powerful and highly personal review of the state of the nation. Breaking from the long-held intransigent viewpoints of both political parties, and with careful attention to our nation’s history, Bradley passionately offers a no-holds-barred prescription on subjects including job creation, deficit reduction, education, immigration, foreign policy and the role of money in politics. While equally critical of the approaches of the Tea Party and Occupy movements, he champions the power of individual Americans to organize, speak out and bridge divisions, while calling on the media to assume a more responsible role in our national life. Bradley shares with audiences how we can all—elected officials, private citizens and presidents—do a better job of moving our country forward. His firsthand knowledge of the government’s inner workings, the country’s diversity and the untapped potential of the American people make Bradley the perfect guide to lead this timely and thought-provoking discussion.

Leadership In A Changing World

Businesses and organizations are challenged with the ongoing need to build effective teams that ultimately drive revenues and create organizational success. Based on his expansive leadership experiences as an Olympic athlete, a Rhodes scholar, a NBA Hall of Famer, a three-term senator and a presidential candidate, this American statesman shares with audiences his:

  • List of the five essential qualities for leadership
  • Unique perspective on leadership and team building
  • Inspiring American leadership stories personally gathered on the basketball court and campaign trail
  • Passion for community building and account of how each of us can make a difference in our community

Enacting Health Care Reform for the American Community

The U.S. boasts the most advanced health care technology in the world, yet its health care delivery system is mediocre. Based on years of problem-solving experience in healthcare during his careers in both the United States Senate and the private sector, former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley tells audiences:

  • The current health care situation and the historical path that brought us to this point
  • What still remains to be done to refine the healthcare system
  • As reforms are implemented, how organizations and employees can collaborate to reduce health care costs and ensure affordable care

Educating America: The Prescription for Fixing the Economy

The recent recession proved that society has not learned from the mistakes of the past. While many look to blame private industry for the ongoing economic turmoil, Bill Bradley shows that it is bad political judgment that brought us to the brink of collapse. In this highly informative and timely discussion, Bradley looks at the economic meltdown and outlines how we got here through a mix of too much leverage, not enough regulation and forgetting the economic indiscretions that caused previous recessions. Moving forward, Bradley advocates the need to embrace a culture of innovation that invests in our educational system as the foundation for preventing such economic turbulence in the future. Bradley shares with audiences:

  • The direct connection between faltering economics and failing schools
  • How education is necessary to stay competitive with China and other emerging powers 
  • What steps leaders in Washington need to make to not only fix economic regulation but also fix crumbling schools

America's Storyteller: Inspiring Stories from a Life on the Road

For over 40 years, Bill Bradley has traveled across America as a basketball player, politician and best-selling author. Along the way, he has met thousands of people—both famous and unknown—whose distinctive life experiences make up the interwoven fabric that is the American community. These uplifting and extraordinary stories reflect the capacity of Americans to overcome setbacks, laugh at themselves, follow their passions, help their neighbors and invent new industries. When Bradley left politics, he continued to listen to stories by talking with Americans on his award-winning SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio program American Voices. By mixing these accounts with anecdotes from his own life and from American history and literature, Bradley shares deeply personal stories that show the best of our country and its possibilities. From the man who teaches people how to wrestle with alligators and the Starbucks barista who donated a kidney to a customer to the Fenway Park groundskeeper-turned-lawyer and the salmon counter in Oregon, Bradley’s high-energy presentation will make your audience laugh, cry, think, and dream. His American tales truly touch the human heart.

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