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Sal Giunta was a HUGE hit with guests young and old, military (active duty/retired & spouses) and civilian at Regent University’s Executive Leadership Series luncheon. As Sal was introduced and taking the stage, he received a standing ovation. The first standing were our uniformed military guests! The room was filled with excitement, patriotism, pride and great anticipation of hearing Sal’s story, directly from him! Sal was so personable to each and every guest.
Regent University
The event was absolutely fabulous! We are already receiving excellent feedback from leadership and attendees. Words cannot express how grateful our workforce and soldiers are that they had the opportunity to listen and meet such an inspiring American. CECOM as a whole is extremely grateful that Sal Giunta was able to share his story with us.
Sal Giunta was awesome—so gracious , humble and kind. We probably had 1200 people in the audience and I received nothing but wonderful reviews. I can’t say enough. I would recommend him to anybody.
Youngstown State University
Sal Giunta was fantastic and really connected with the audience. I have been going to these conferences for 30 years and have never heard such positive feedback. People were coming up to me afterwards to thank me (and I mean really and truly thank me) for getting Sal as our speaker. Thank you for recommending him. Sal could run for public office, if he wanted to, and get elected. He has that kind of charisma.
San Antonio Treasury Management Association
Both of Sal Giunta's talks, in Cameron and JM Hall here at VMI, greatly touched me personally. He is a wonderful speaker, coming directly from his heart, and is one of the most genuine people I have met in a good while. Please say thank you for me. I know that many of the people I have spoken with had similar reactions. Please thank him for coming to VMI! It was an honor to meet him!
Virginia Military Institute
Sal Guinta nailed it! I think he’s been one of the best speakers we’ve had. Well-polished, story stayed in line and the audience loved him. We’ve never had a speaker that received a standing ovation before he spoke.
Centarus Financial, Inc.

Sal Giunta

First Living Medal of Honor Recipient Since the Vietnam War and Author, Living with Honor

Saving his squad from the Taliban during a deadly ambush in Afghanistan, Sal Giunta shares—with unassuming humility—his courageous story and the importance of teamwork, selflessness and leadership.

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Uncommon Valor: The Importance of Teamwork, Sacrifice and Leadership

While conducting a patrol as team leader, Sal Giunta and his team were navigating through the treacherous terrain of Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley when they were ambushed by a well-armed and well-coordinated insurgent force. Even under intense fire, Giunta boldly advanced to fight the enemy, administering first aid to his wounded squad leader and saving another solider from being carried away by the Taliban. His heroic actions earned him the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest military decoration that was awarded by President Barack Obama. In this moving presentation, Sal Giunta speaks about the importance of teamwork, service before self and leadership in the face of overwhelming circumstances. Cited for saving the lives of his squad, Giunta’s life-or-death acts are an inspirational account of a true American hero.

Meet Sal Giunta

Saving his squad from the Taliban during a deadly ambush in Afghanistan, Sal Giunta shares—with unassuming humility—his courageous story and the importance of teamwork, selflessness and leadership.

A valiant leader, former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Sal Giunta was introduced by President Barack Obama as being “as humble as he is courageous” when he was presented with our nation’s highest military decoration—The Medal of Honor—for his heroic actions during combat in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan. After Giunta’s unit was ambushed and pinned down by at least a dozen Taliban fighters, who fired shots from two sides simultaneously at close range, Giunta was hit twice while running into enemy fire to pull his fellow soldiers to cover. After insurgents began carrying away a fellow soldier, Giunta engaged the enemy, provided medical aid to his wounded comrade and ultimately saved a soldier from being taken by the enemy. His courage and leadership while under extreme enemy fire were integral to the team’s survival and led to his selection of being the first living recipient of the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War. He would later bequeath his Medal of Honor to his brigade, stating that it doesn't belong to him alone, but to all the men and women who served alongside him. A true American hero and the author of Living with Honor (Fall 2012), Giunta inspires audiences with his story of unwavering courage, dedicated teamwork and decisive leadership.

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