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Steve was wonderfully personable for our students, sponsors, and hosts. It was evident that Steve had taken the time to go on our university website and learn about us. People notice that sort of thing. He was gracious, genuine, and unhurried. Per the presentation, Steve's comments were insightful, at times humorous, retrospective, and forward-looking. He offered concrete illustrations, such as moving from 30,000 feet to ground level, Detroit 75 years ago as the “then Silicon Valley,” examples of “the rise of the rest,” and more. A good day for Whitworth.
Whitworth University

Steve Case

Chairman and CEO, Revolution LLC; Co-Founder, America Online and Best-Selling Author, The Third Wave

Steve Case is one of the world’s most accomplished entrepreneurs—a pioneer who made the Internet part of everyday life and orchestrated the largest corporate merger in history.

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The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of the Future

In his #1 best-selling business book, The Third Wave, Steve Case argues that we’re entering the Third Wave of the internet—a period when entrepreneurs will change the way we live our lives by leveraging new technologies to transform real world sectors like health, education, transportation, energy and food. The First Wave saw AOL and other companies lay the foundation for consumers to connect to the Internet. The Second Wave saw companies like Google and Facebook build on top of the Internet to create search and social networking capabilities, while apps like Snapchat and Instagram leveraged the smartphone revolution to become overnight successes. But, Case predicts, success in the forthcoming Third Wave will require a brand new set of skillsets for CEOs, entrepreneurs, policymakers and ordinary Americans. By looking back at his decision-making during some of the most consequential moments in business history in order to explain the current landscape, Case explains how attendees will need to rethink their relationships with customers, competitors and governments alike, and offers a forward-thinking roadmap for navigating in this new paradigm.

Meet Steve Case

Steve Case is one of the world’s most accomplished entrepreneurs—a pioneer who made the Internet part of everyday life and orchestrated the largest corporate merger in history.

One of America’s most successful entrepreneurs and executives, best-known as co-founder of America Online and CEO of Revolution LLC, Steve Case has a passion for building startups that can change the world. Under Case’s leadership and vision, AOL became the largest and most valuable Internet company driving the worldwide adoption of a medium that has transformed business and society. In 2000, Case orchestrated the largest merger in business history, bringing together AOL and Time Warner.

Case will take attendees behind the scenes to some of the most consequential business decisions of our time, discuss the innovative companies he works with as CEO of Revolution, and offer audiences of any industry a roadmap for success in the coming Third Wave when entrepreneurs change the way we live our lives by transforming major “real world” sectors like health, education, transportation, energy, and food. A rare, bipartisan statesman advocating on behalf of entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C., Case will also explain his tireless work with Democrats and Republicans to pass policy reforms that help more entrepreneurs start businesses.

Case predicts that we’re at the dawn of the next technological revolution unlike anything we’ve seen before—the Third Wave of the internet—and he offers attendees expertise, fresh perspectives, and critical advice on how to cope with these significant changes.

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