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Kevin was incredibly well-received during the weekend. He had that audience's attention like nobody's business. He was genuine, sincere, and his words were incredibly articulate. I had heard Kevin speak at conference three years ago and had been determined to get him to speak here for Commencement. He received a standing ovation from the graduates and those in attendance (over 3,000 people) and was incredibly cordial and friendly with everyone who he spoke with on both Saturday and Sunday. Everyone that I talked to and listened to, from graduates to parents to staff and administrators, were incredibly positive about him.
Utica College
Kevin Carroll was attentive in our pre-conference discussions. He took note of our internal language and messaging and worked that into his address. I was impressed it wasn’t just a canned speech that he has given 1,000 times. It was obvious that tried to take his message, his passion and intention, and relate it to WGU and our passion and intention. Our employees were talking all weekend about his presentation and we even have some virtual red balls being bounced around to each other this morning. Everyone seemed to catch his enthusiasm.
Western Governors University
Kevin was absolutely fabulous! I have had people coming up to me left and right saying how much they enjoyed his program. He was a wonderful combination of class, humor, motivation, inspiration and left us better people than when we started our day.
1st Choice Dental Group
I was a fan of Kevin Carroll’s before I was able to bring him out to Wisconsin. He was amazing as always. The perfect speaker for this event. And I think he really enjoyed being at Epic as well. Kevin (and a few of us that planned the event) even got a behind the scenes tour after the event that was over the top.
Health Care Education and Training
Kevin Carroll was the perfect start to our event. Many compliments from our members.
American Gem Society
Kevin was WONDERFUL! His presentation was fantastic, our group was captivated and moved by him and our executive team was so impressed. Kevin breathed some much needed refreshing air into all of us!
Skyy Beverages
Kevin Carroll is AMAZING and his lecture was PERFECT. Our new students were inspired, the parents and families were inspired, staff and faculty were recharged. Students who were looking at their cell phones as he introduced himself disengaged from their from them immediately, even some parents commented that they could not believe how quickly their student engaged with Kevin.
Southern Oregon University
Kevin was fantastic. I had many, many,many people come up and say he was the best keynote speaker we have ever booked. Kevin was also a terrifically nice guy.
Industrial Fabrics Manufacturing Association
Kevin was not only brilliant but was one of the highlights of the conference. He had a wonderful impact on our attendees.
One2OneNetwork & BlissDom Conference
Kevin Carroll is an amazing person with such warmth and enthusiasm!! He gave us a presentation like no other.
F+W Media, Inc.
Kevin Carroll was incredible! Simply amazing. He was well spoken, engaging. He inspired so many people. We were all impressed how he customized his session to fit our specific conference theme on change and talked about our mayor and filled our hearts with his story. Kevin was the best speaker I’ve ever heard.
City of Mississauga

Kevin Carroll

Best-Selling Author, Expert on Creativity and Innovation, Agent for Social Change

A man whose diversity of life experience is the very embodiment of creativity and innovation, Kevin Carroll's life-changing, masterful storytelling skills challenge audiences to achieve maximum human potential through the power of passion and imagination.

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Play@Work: Unleashing Growth through Creativity and Innovation

As children our days were filled with productive play. What was entertaining was also instructive. Games of tag were exercises in planning, teamwork, strategy, design, decision-making, creativity, interpersonal communication and risk-taking. Play was serious business in our youth—and it should be even more serious business in our professional lives if we hope to unleash the creative genius that spurs organizational growth. By cleverly drawing from childhood lessons, Kevin Carroll reveals the relevance of play and how we must continue to tap into those lessons for our future success. An innovator who passionately inspires leaders to create sustainable change in their own organizations, Carroll raises a variety of questions during the session including:

  • Are you continuing to strengthen the creative genius of your organization?
  • Do you have the necessary passion and creative endurance to deliver consistent and amazing insight and business ingenuity? 
  • Why should an organization’s business culture embrace the power of play even more so in the 21st Century?
  • How can a business culture that incorporates “purposeful play” impact leadership, employee quality of life, retention and attract new talent?

Meet Kevin Carroll

A man whose diversity of life experience is the very embodiment of creativity and innovation, Kevin Carroll’s life-changing, masterful storytelling skills challenge audiences to achieve maximum human potential through the power of passion and imagination.

Able to reach audiences with a simple, transformative message on finding your passion, Kevin Carroll reawakens drive and ambition in both individuals and organizations allowing them to rediscover the things that propel them towards individual and organizational goals. Carroll has made a life out of pursuing his own passions in a career that includes being a globe-trotting language interpreter for the Air Force to becoming the head trainer of the Philadelphia 76ers where he was discovered and hired by Nike simply to act as “Katalyst”—someone who builds a culture of innovation where creative ideas are turned into reality. Energetic and humorous, Carroll deftly combines an anecdotal narrative with strategies for discovering new and creative ways of thinking and problem solving to help build mission-oriented teams. The result? A life-changing experience packaged in a presentation that’s not only fun, but provides return-on-investment and bottom-line success. Carroll has helped turn creative ideas into a reality of organizational success as Starbucks, Discovery Channel, ESPN, HSBC, Mattel, Capital One and the National Hockey League. He is the acclaimed author of Rules of the Red Rubber Ball, What’s Your Red Rubber Ball?! and The Red Rubber Ball at Work.

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