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He was simply amazing, great message with a wonderful delivery! Tom Brokaw was our best speaker EVER!!
Indiana Chamber of Commerce
Tom Brokaw was amazing! His keynote speech was flawless! He made everyone in the room proud to be an American with truly the most beautiful remarks.
Genesis Women's Shelter
The conference was truly a success, thanks to Tom Brokaw’s contribution. Mr. Brokaw delivered a magnificent speech. We were on the edge of our seats!
Society for Human Resource Management
There are few others who can put today's historical events in a context that does not overwhelm, but instead, informs us. I came away feeling better informed and able to face the enormous challenges facing our nation in this moment.
The Bond Market Association
Tom was remarkable. A true pro. Class act. Living legend. What an honor it was to meet him. They don't make them like that any more!
Good Days

Tom Brokaw

Legendary Newsman, NBC News and New York Times Best-Selling Author

A journalistic icon whose trusted insights change the way we think about the world, Tom Brokaw has traveled the globe to cover elections, summits, political turmoil, war, the climate crisis and major news stories of every description.

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The Voice of a Generation

Tom Brokaw draws on a rich career in network news, throughout which he has traveled the world to cover elections, summits, wars, political turmoil and major news events of every description. The legendary newsman entertains, enlightens and informs audiences with his experiences and observations of events around the world. His presentations, like his broadcasts, provide in-depth analysis of the important economic, political and social issues in the headlines—and the people behind them. It is an unparalleled world-view that will provide a new understanding of the global village.

A Lucky Life Interrupted

When back pain led him to the doctors at the Mayo Clinic, Tom Brokaw’s run of good luck was interrupted. He received the shocking news that he had multiple myeloma, a treatable but incurable blood cancer. In this inspiring presentation, Brokaw explores all the stages of this surprising time in his life. As a journalist, Brokaw was determined to learn as much as he could about his condition, to report the story and help others facing similar battles, setbacks, struggles, time of denial, acceptance, turning points and courage. He also speaks about the importance of patients taking an active role in their own treatment and of the vital role of caretakers and coordinated care. Generous, informative and deeply human, Brokaw offers a message of understanding and empowerment, resolve and reality, hope for the future and gratitude for a well-lived life.

Meet Tom Brokaw

A journalistic icon whose trusted insights change the way we think about the world, Tom Brokaw has traveled the globe to cover elections, summits, political turmoil, war, the climate crisis and major news stories of every description.

Even after stepping aside from two decades at the helm of NBC Nightly News, Tom Brokaw is now more engaged than ever in finding stories that show the strength, perseverance and courage of people not only here at home but around the globe.  From the turmoil of the Vietnam War and the fall of the Berlin Wall to the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan and the hallowed ground of Normandy where he interviewed President Obama during the anniversary commemoration of D-Day, Brokaw has the journalistic acumen and global experience to help us make sense of the complex stories of our times. Brokaw enlightens audiences with his observations on the state of the U.S. and the world, providing unmatched analysis on the important political headlines, economic challenges and social issues in the news—and the people behind the headlines.  He is known and beloved for his landmark work in American journalism and his New York Times best sellers which include The Greatest Generation and Boom!  In his book, The Time of Our Lives: A Conversation About America (2012), Brokaw turned his attention to the challenges that face America in the new millennium and offers reflections on how we can restore America’s greatness. In 2014, President Obama awarded Brokaw with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Brokaw can be heard weekdays on his daily radio segment, An American Story, on iHeartRadio nationwide addressing a wide range of topics—from newsworthy current events to historic figures to notable moments in history—which impact the lives of Americans today. Brokaw’s latest book is A Lucky Life Interrupted (2015). In this powerful memoir of a year of dramatic change, the best-selling author and former NBC anchor-man chronicles a year spent battling cancer and reflecting on his long, lucky life.

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