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[Horst Schulze] was definitely the right person with the right message at the right time - energetic, inspiring and persuasive.
Bank of America
Horst was great, we thoroughly enjoyed investing time together. He is a class act in every way. Thanks for everything!
Supreme Lending

Horst Schulze

Legendary Hotelier Renowned for Creating a Culture of Service

As founding president and COO of Ritz-Carlton, Horst Schulze established a new standard of excellence in his industry. He energizes organizations to reconnect with their service commitment.

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Customer Loyalty - The Holy Grail

When does customer satisfaction lead to the elusive quality of customer LOYALTY? The need to truly understand the needs of your customers versus understanding your perceptions of their needs is vital. Measuring results is the foundation for creating a process of continuous improvement that will lead to world-class customer loyalty.

Executing The Vision of Quality

A vision of quality business practices encompasses a broad spectrum and determines the overall success for your business. This conversation will review the necessity of and process for defining, communicating, implementing, measuring, and continuously improving quality as specific to your mission and to the needs of your customer.

Leading Cultural Change

Creating a high-performance environment through leadership systems and processes where passionate employees take ownership of their work. Audiences learn how to identify the key requirements of employees, customers, and management/ownership. Schulze then shows the true value in utilizing, building, and maintaining all of their assets—tangible and non-tangible.

Service Matters

It is one thing to provide service – it is another to be able recognize it. An internal measurement system is an invaluable tool to assess the performance results of your service delivery system. Mr. Schulze shows how to determine appropriate standards and create reliable systems to measure the impact of your service.

Aligning Behind The Strategic Plan

Establishing the plan for the company and aligning the company behind the plan creates the foundation on which the organization will function. Understanding the importance of defining the values and integrity of management practices that will further support that foundation. In addition, discussion will also include steps to ensure that the operating processes are in full support of the mission, the vision, and the objectives of the organization.

Meet Horst Schulze

As founding president and COO of Ritz-Carlton, Horst Schulze established a new standard of excellence in his industry. He energizes organizations to reconnect with their service commitment.

Horst Schulze revolutionized the hotel industry, creating one of the most recognizable international brands, forever altering the very nature of customer service by creating a culture of “ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.” A charismatic leader and entrepreneur with an intimate understanding of market demands, he created a legion of loyal customers by raising the bar for customer service expectations to previously unimagined levels. Schulze provides audiences with successful service-oriented strategies to build and maintain lasting customer relationships that keep them coming back for more. A man of rare ability and prophetic vision, Schulze himself was named “Corporate Hotelier of the World” by HOTELS magazine and was awarded the Ishikawa Medal for his contributions to the quality movement. Currently chairman and CEO of Capella Hotel Group, Schulze is launching the newest standard in luxury hotels creating an unmatched tier of customer service.

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