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We had an amazing day with Doug Lipp! He did such a great job and was extremely customer service oriented as expect from any Disney employee! The impact of his speech is still affecting our teachers. We hear principals talk about plussing the show and being on stage all the time!
Crandall Independent School District
Doug Lipp was superb, the room was packed and he far surpassed the attendees high expectations.
American Society for Dermatologic Surgery
[Doug Lipp] was a perfect fit and the audience loved him. He held the crowd for the entire presentation. I'd definitely recommend him to others.
Wisconsin Restaurant Association

Doug Lipp

Former Head of Training, Walt Disney University and Best-Selling Author

In keynotes and workshops, Doug Lipp instills a new sense of purpose with audiences on the art of customer loyalty and leadership.

Lessons From Disney U: The Wonderful World of an Enduring Brand

Disney stands the test of time as the ultimate icon of applied imagination. How did Walt Disney create “The Happiest Place on Earth?” What are the secrets behind its employee development dynasty? And how does it reinforce its organizational values, culture and brand on a day-to-day basis? During this animated and high-energy program, you’ll learn how Disney continues to capture and inspire the hearts and minds of thousands of employees around the globe through an unwavering devotion to the core values established by Walt himself. Learn how Disney University Founder Van France has brought to life—for generations of employees—Walt’s timeless values of Innovate, Support, Educate and Entertain.

Organizational Culture: It's More than a Coat of Paint

Leaders build the culture, live the culture, and reinforce the culture every single day. Leadership has always set the tone within an organization, but today there’s growing consensus that a winning, sustainable culture is only achieved when it is ‘actively’ steeped throughout the entire organization. In this program, Doug persuasively demonstrates that organizational culture is much more than a coat of paint daubed on the walls of a building. Culture is the cornerstone of success and supports your business performance and all operations. As such, it’s uniquely yours and almost impossible for competitors to copy.

The Magic of Exceptional Customer Service: Keep “Plussing” the Show

How has Disney managed to keep its employees and customers so fiercely devoted to the brand? How has it managed to continually top the charts as one of the world’s most loved brands? How can you learn from its practices to catapult your organization’s service strategies to even higher levels? Learn the four components that are at the heart of Disney University: Innovate. Support. Educate. Entertain. Discover how legendary service is a delicate balance between art and science. “Doing the ordinary in an extraordinary fashion” isn’t rocket science; customer service excellence must be ingrained throughout your culture. In this ever-changing economy, more companies than ever are realizing the strategic importance of transforming their service culture to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Even Monkeys Fall From Tress - Learn From Mistakes and Embrace Change

The best and the brightest make mistakes. However, the ability to learn from setbacks, then bounce back even stronger is the hallmark of market leaders. Join Doug as he discusses Walt Disney’s unrivaled focus on creating one of the strongest teams of dreamers and doers in the world. “Change or perish” defines the innovative Disney culture. Doug takes you behind-the-scenes to discover how Disney pushed through obstacles by relentlessly challenging the status quo in literally every corner of the company.

Beyond Stuck in the Middle Seat: Welcome Change and Take Control

What's the worst place in an airplane? The middle seat! Why? You're literally stuck in a rotten place, possibly for a long time, and you can't do anything about it. Or can you? During this presentation, Doug uses the middle seat as a metaphor for what happens to all of us in life. How do you turn setbacks into opportunities for growth? When in a situation that you "can't control," what possible options do you have? Join Doug for some fun as he addresses how to get unstuck, and unleash your personal power and deal with organizational change.

It’s a Small, Small World: The Globe is Shrinking. Is Your Business Expanding?

Walt Disney had it right all those years ago ... "it's a small world after all." And guess what? It's getting even smaller! Mobility and greater access to multicultural markets is heralding in exciting, new opportunities for organizations willing to raise their diversity 10.  In this powerful and cutting edge presentation, Doug shows that even for organizations not selling globally, the face of the customer is changing.  Gone are the days of managing, or marketing, to a homogeneous group.  Customer groups, employees, channel partners, and shareholders now represent different cultures, generations, and ways of thinking.  Organizations must adjust, adapt or perish when battling for market share.

Event Moderator

Audiences and guest speakers immediately connect with Doug’s relaxed, yet informed style and ability to think on his feet. His many years of business experience and consulting gives Doug the ability to engage with people from all business backgrounds. Doug’s skill as a professional speaker, humorous story-teller, interviewer and facilitator ensures your conference objectives are met with just the right amount of humor and interaction to keep the message fresh and memorable.

Meet Doug Lipp

In keynotes and workshops, Doug Lipp instills a new sense of purpose with audiences on the art of customer loyalty and leadership.

What is the magic of Disney? Join Doug as he takes you on an entertaining and insightful journey “behind the scenes” to discover both the secret of Disney’s success and how it and other organizations have overcome spectacular challenges. As an internationally acclaimed expert on customer service, leadership, change and global competitiveness, Doug motivates and challenges audiences around the world by combining more than 30 years of experience with a humorous, storytelling style. Based upon his rich career at Disney, plus his work as an international consultant for some of the world’s most admired corporations and business leaders, Doug explores the strategic necessity of why all companies must now think globally and act locally. Lipp is the author of numerous books including Disney U - How Disney University Develops the World's Most Engaged, Loyal, and Customer-Centric Employees (2013).

Some of the great comments we've received for Doug Lipp:

“I wanted to personally let you know how incredible your program was for our participants. When asked how willing are you to recommend this program, ALL of our participants gave you the top score. Our boss was only supposed to stay for the first 10-15 minutes but your content so registered with her she made the choice to stay. That's how powerful you were in delivering the right message in a compelling way and entertaining fashion. Thank you for taking the time to pull together the content and the stories that achieved that level of resonance. I appreciate the amount of caring and time you placed on this to ensure we hit a home run. I would not be surprised if you get a call to come in for other programs and am thrilled to have been a part of your AT&T story.” – AT&T

“Doug is a master story teller! He joined our Mercedes-Benz leadership retreat to share some Disney magic surrounding the customer experience. His deep insights into the culture and delivery of customer care had our senior leaders challenged and engaged! A great speaker!” – Mercedes Benz

“Thank you for all you did to motivate our managers and crew during our recent CMOR. I enjoyed hearing about your experiences with Disney U ... there were so many relevant connections to the work that our teams do every day. I have no doubt that everyone left your presentation feeling engaged and empowered to improve the customer experience they provide. I thank you for that.” – McDonald’s

“Doug spoke to roughly 800 employees at our Annual Management Training Conference. He discussed the importance of providing superior customer service in everything you do. Doug did a great job, was very easy to work with and made an impact on the audience. We were glad he could join us!” – Jones Lang LaSalle

“Thank you and your team for a wonderful learning experience. You have definitely made a positive impact on me and my Client Associates. Your witty Disney experiences offer invaluable lessons in client service. Your references to the challenges that Merrill Lynch and its Client Associates face made for a seamless presentation. You left the participants enlightened and energized!” – Merrill Lynch

“I had the pleasure to work with Doug at our PTDM event. Not only was it a pleasure to work with Doug and his team during the preparation of the event but Doug did an AMAZING performance on stage keeping our 300 guests sitting on the edge of their chair with a FANTASTIC message that resonated very well with our event. Everyone agrees that Doug's performance was OUTSTANDING!” - Dell

“Doug was our keynote speaker at our all employee meetings. He did a fantastic job at customizing his presentation to our company's theme of a "Culture of Service". He talked about lessons from Disney on transformation, teamwork and growth. He was enthusiastic, engaging and interacted well with the audience. We received very positive feedback from our employees and are looking to bring him back in the near future for a leadership training.” – Blue Cross Blue Shield

“I've worked with Doug numerous times—recommending him and later hiring him myself for events. What stands out most to me about Doug is that he WANTS to get it right. With Doug, you never get a canned speech. He tailors the message he is delivering to your organization or group and asks questions to get to know the goals of the event and the audience he is speaking to. I highly recommend having Doug speak to any group and his staff is great to work with. They are easy going, responsive, and practice what they preach.” - GSA

“Doug was the closing speaker at our national sales convention. The audience contained hundreds of sales professionals and Doug kept everyone engaged and attentive with his lessons from Disney University on how to build and maintain a customer-centric culture. If you are looking for an excellent speaker to bring a customer focus to your sales organization look no further than Doug Lipp.” – Thermo Fisher

“We all enjoyed the speech you gave to the dealers. We appreciate that you visited some of our dealerships and got to know the "ins and outs" of our business firsthand! Every one of my staff members found Doug Lipp's closing comments extremely beneficial and added value.” – Deere & Company

“We were thrilled to have Doug present at our General Manager's conference. Doug was incredible, drawing on his experiences and tools used to inspire teams at Disney as the base for a first-class presentation on leadership. He also took the time to familiarize himself with our business, strategy, core values, themes throughout his presentation. He was entertaining, dynamic and enlightening, and we would absolutely recommend him to any company looking to inspire their leadership teams.” – Best Buy

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