The Rt Hon Sir John Major KG CH
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Mr. Major was charming and was a pleasure to work with. A huge number of the delegates commented on how good the speech was; they really enjoyed it. Everything went very well today.
Standard Chartered PLC
Sir John Major was very well received by our guests. The Q&A was the highlight as he took several questions from the floor and answered them in a very full and considered way. The general comments were that he was an excellent speaker.
Towerbrook Capital Partners

The Rt Hon Sir John Major KG CH

Former Prime Minister, Great Britain and Northern Ireland

With his renowned brilliance, humor and grace, Sir John Major brings amazing clarity and original solutions to complex economic and international issues.

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A Look Around the World With Sir John Major

From the economy and trade to politics and diplomacy, few have the clear understanding of world events that Sir John Major brings in explaining today’s most complex problems. With his trademark wit, warmth and wisdom, Major showcases his uncanny ability to foresee which emerging international issues will become tomorrow’s headline news. Major takes a hard look how technological advances have affected developing regions like South America and Africa and what this means to the economic, social and political stability of the rest of the world. Heavily involved in bringing peace to Northern Ireland, Major engages in a conversation on the world’s trouble spots and what nations must do to deter terrorism and maintain peace. Prime Minister during a time of unprecedented transformation, Major looks at the European Union and how international cooperation has affected the world in the current economic downturn.

Meet The Rt Hon Sir John Major KG CH

With his renowned brilliance, humor and grace, Sir John Major brings amazing clarity and original solutions to complex economic and international issues.

As former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Sir John Major is one of the most respected figures in the international arena. Sir John had little formal education, but through sheer will and talent became a great leader of both Great Britain and Northern Ireland on the world stage. With an eye towards both Europe and the U.S., he helps audiences understand the profound importance of promoting freedom and peaceful coexistence among nations, while reflecting on the challenges facing the free world: terrorism, the global economy and nation-building. Serving as Chief Secretary of the Treasury and Chancellor of the Exchequer prior to becoming Prime Minister, Sir John delivers the experienced insights of a hands-on global economist, sharing with audiences the indicators that signal shrinking—and thriving—economies. He provides audiences lessons about leading a nation of such historic and international significance—sharing personal experiences as well as providing examples from other distinguished world leaders. He is the author of three books: his best-selling memoir, John Major - The Autobiography (1999); More Than a Game: The Story of Cricket’s Early Years (2007), which examines the early history of one of the great loves of Sir John’s life, shedding new light on the summer game’s social origins; and My Old Man: A Personal History of Music Hall (September 2012), in which he takes a remarkable journey into his own unconventional family past to tell the richly colorful story of the British music hall.

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