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Meet the newest exclusive speakers on the WSB roster. These fresh voices open audiences to new ideas with messages that seek to inspire, challenge, and change perspectives. We are honored to represent these great minds who are only available to book through Washington Speakers Bureau, so contact our team today to check availability for your event. Available for in-person or virtual events and meetings.

Featured Speakers
Exclusively WSB

Dr. Lisa Genova

#1 International and New York Times bestselling Author and Neuroscientist

Masterful at inspiring organizations and people to gain greater insight into empathy, brain health, and the science of memory.

Peak Performance, Resiliency, Mental Health
Fee $40K - $70K
Exclusively WSB

Scott Barry Kaufman

Cognitive Scientist and Humanistic Psychologist; Founder & Director, Center for The Science of Human Potential; Honorary Principal Fellow at the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Wellbeing Science; Host: The Psychology Podcast

Creativity, Innovation, Corporate Culture
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