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Only Climber to Free Solo Climb Yosemite’s 3,000 ft. El Capitan Wall

Learn how Alex Honnold took on and achieved “one of the greatest athletic feats of any kind, ever."

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Alex Honnold'S SPEAKING FEE Over $70,000

Alex Honnold Profile Photo

The only human to free solo Yosemite’s 3000-foot rock monolith, El Capitan. No rope, climbing alone. More people will walk on the moon than will do what Alex Honnold has done. His extremely rare skill and unmatched mental focus have helped make him climbing’s transcendent, breakout star, inspiring millions around the world.

Beyond his 2017 history-making ascent of El Cap, dramatically documented in the Oscar-winning film Free Solo, Alex is simply one of the hardest working, certainly most accomplished, and greatest climbers to ever live. His feats have blown the doors wide open on the sport of climbing, placing him at the front of mainstream media like 60 Minutes, The New York Times, and the cover of National Geographic. Alex continues to push himself, building on a singular resume highlighted by speed records on The Nose, the famous 24-hour “Triple Solo” of Mt. Watkins, Half Dome, and El Capitan, and cutting-edge expeditions in Antarctica, South America, Greenland, and elsewhere.

Humble and self-effacing, he is deeply appreciative of the position he holds in culture and uses it for the greater good. In 2012, Alex founded the Honnold Foundation, an environmental non-profit that provides grants to organizations advancing solar energy access all over the world. Their vision was simple: to improve lives and reduce environmental impact. In 2021 alone, Honnold Foundation supported 44 communities across 17 countries, all focused on community-centered innovation catalyzed by solar energy. 

Alex is always looking for opportunities to share stories from the sport he loves. A host of the “Climbing Gold” Podcast, Alex explores the unique stories of climbing culture that originally drew him to the sport. Recently he’s led several environmentally-focused documentary and TV projects, putting his climbing skills to use by reaching hard to get to corners of the earth.

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Alex Honnold Profile Photo
Alex Honnold

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Alex Honnold Profile Photo
Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold on Pushing Himself to Be Great

Alex Honnold’s Speech Topics

  • A Conversation with Alex Honnold: Alone on the Wall

    Alex’s talk will explore unexpected paths to greatness, mastering your craft, and living a life that celebrates our planet and sustainability. You’ll hear how Honnold’s focus and work ethic propelled him to achieve greatness beyond what anyone thought was possible.

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Alex?s humbleness and authenticity won over the group along with, of course, his sheer perseverance and amazing skill to do what he does. He was a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond to make the day a success for us.


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