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Megan Miller

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International Best Selling Author; Founder, Intentional Living Method; Host and Creator of Apple’s Top Rated Podcast: "Attention To Intention"

In today’s world, being busy has become a badge of honor. We are hyper-connected through our screens and hard-to-navigate buzzwords of burnout and self-care fly at us. We feel exhausted, always on, craving more, and unsure of where to start…Megan Miller's work, The Intentional Living Method, is built on the power of connection, community, and real-life conversations, mask down and human first. With science backed microsteps, she guides audiences on how to start living, not just existing.

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Megan Miller spent the majority of her life being addicted to the drug of achievement and outside validation. Today, she is on a mission to deliver the words that she needed for so long in her own journey.

Exhaustion is not a status symbol, and busyness is not a badge of honor. The feeling that ‘there has to be more’ won’t be found on the other end of the promotion, the jean size, or the money in the bank account. Answering the question “What do I want?” is one of the hardest because we’re never taught to ask it.

Megan shares her own addictions to achieving, the resulting feelings of resentment and shame, and how with intentional microsteps, that she still uses today, she created a beautiful ripple impact that affected how she read the emails, showed up in the boardroom and at home, and transformed her life from existing to living. 

Megan writes audiences a permission slip to put down the mask they’ve been taught to hide behind and feel seen as human first. She provides them with tools to move from living to make it to Friday to living a life that they want to be a part of, on their terms, and as part of a community. Caring for yourself… it doesn’t happen alone. 

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Megan Miller

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Megan Miller

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Megan Miller’s Speech Topics

  • Intentional Living Method: Science-Backed Microsteps to Go from Existing to Living

    Megan Miller shares firsthand her addiction to achievement, embracing exhaustion as a status symbol, and living to make it to Friday. Through it all, she discovered a common denominator: a missing conversation she was never taught to have—the one with herself.

    At some point in our journeys, we all could write the same memoir: there has to be more than this.

    It’s scary. We don’t know where to start. Our digital world makes you believe that everyone has it figured out but you, so you remain unchanged.

    During this session, Megan unpacks the microsteps that it took her 7 years to learn into bite-size actionable nuggets. She encourages audiences to transform information into action. She gives them the courage to put down the mask they’ve been taught to hide behind, while leaning into gut whispers that there has to be more. She fosters a sense of community, encouraging everyone to come together in their journey towards discovering more meaningful paths forward.

    Key Takeaways Customized for Each Audience:

    • Gather the courage to put down the mask they’ve been taught to hide behind.
    • Become vulnerable with themselves, and those in the room.
    • Science-backed tools and a roadmap to transform information into action.
    • Foster connection with themselves and those in the room.
    • Invigoration and inspiration for the path forward.


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