Experts and Advisors to Help You Navigate Coronavirus (COVID-19)

WSB's experts are trusted sources of information for organizations and the concerned public seeking to understand the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) – leaders in their field who can answer vital questions around public health, the global economy, risk mitigation, and other geopolitical implications. When your organization needs help navigating coronavirus or other times of uncertainty, turn to these WSB leaders for help. Available for in-person or virtual events and meetings.

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Adam Grant

Organizational Psychologist, The Wharton School of Business; Bestselling Author; Host: WorkLife, a TED Original Podcast

“If knowledge is power, knowing what you don’t know is wisdom.”

Corporate Culture, Innovation, Teamwork
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Adm. William H. McRaven, USN (Ret.)

Commander of U.S. Special Operations Command (2011-2014) and of U.S. Joint Special Operations Command (2008-2011); Chancellor of the University of Texas System (2015-2018); Best-selling Author

“Without daring greatly, you will never know what is truly possible.”

Courage, Leadership, National Security
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Rajiv Shah, M.D.

Administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development (2010-2015); Under Secretary of Agriculture for Research, Education and Economics and Chief Scientist, U.S. Department of Agriculture (2009-2010); Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (2001-2009)

Innovation and Technology, Europe, Global Economy and Trade
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Taryn Marie Stejskal, Ph.D.

Founder & Chief Resilience Officer (CRO), Resilience Leadership Institute (RLI), Board Member, Advisor, Investor

Dr. Taryn Marie is the #1 international expert on resilience, in leadership and life, after a decade and a half of empirical research.

Resiliency, Creativity, Innovation
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