Ryan McGarry, M.D.

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Ryan McGarry, M.D. Profile Photo

Ryan McGarry, M.D.

Emergency Medicine Physician; Director and Producer of Code Black and PANDEMIC

"The truth is in any ER in America on any given day we are always the front line…Yet even now, compassion still shines through most."

Ryan McGarry, M.D. Profile Photo

Ryan McGarry, M.D. is an Emergency Medicine physician currently practicing and teaching at the LAC+USC Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA. He is also a director, producer and screenwriter of film and television. His first feature film, Code Black, was conceived and directed entirely during his residency at the Los Angeles County Hospital and was one of the best reviewed films of 2014.

You’ve heard that doctors and nurses are ‘the front lines’ in this COVID battle — the truth is in any ER in America on any given day we are always the front line. My nursing colleagues are always asked to do more with less. There are never enough ICU beds. Our normal is a borderline disaster, and yet somehow among us — even now — compassion and empathy still shines through most.

Ryan McGarry, M.D.

It inspired the CBS Television drama series, Code Black, for which Dr. McGarry served as executive producer and writer. Currently, Dr. McGarry is co-creator and executive producer of the Netflix documentary series PANDEMIC, which follows emerging viruses around the world.

Why Book Ryan McGarry, M.D.

Ryan McGarry, M.D. provides audiences with up-to-the minute insights based on his experience as an Emergency Medicine Physician. As director, producer, and screenwriter of PANDEMIC and Code Black, he elucidates the dangers of being unprepared for a global outbreak.

Ryan McGarry, M.D.’s Speech Topics

  • No Better Than Your Local Chili’s: How I Discovered America’s Top Hospitals Are Woefully Underprepared for a Pandemic

    Midway through an interview during a Netflix documentary he created in 2018, Dr. Ryan McGarry realized all major US hospitals had, on any given day, had two days’ worth of drugs and supplies on hand at any given moment — the equivalent of the produce stored by the average restaurant on a daily basis. Prophetic if not eerie, the documentary series entitled Pandemic now streaming on Netflix) was released just months before Coronavirus was even known. In this talk, Dr. McGarry — a currently practicing ER physician as well as award-winning filmmaker — gives an exclusive, insider look at the most impactful pandemic event since the Great Flu of 1918.

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