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Tom was a huge hit; everyone loved him. I can't believe the energy he has!!! What a great way to end a meeting.
Wow! What a dynamic guy Tom Morris is. Talk about waking up! The room was mesmerized by his clear, concise, and down to earth reality. What an impression he left with each of us. He had the entire room of 300 on the edge of their chairs. We still can't believe that he is gone and the speech is over. When we meet with other members of the committee, the topic always starts with Tom's speech.
Novus Services
We did get great feedback on Tom's presentation. He did a wonderful job and ended our conference on such a positive note. With 250 successful sales folks in the room, they were a bit skeptical to hear from a "philosopher", but he won them over big time.
Guardian Life
The SFSP Forum in Orlando was perhaps the third or fourth time I’ve heard you speak—yet the breadth of your knowledge and incisive application to business issues provides fresh insights each time. Berkeley’s classic (and overused, without attribution) question about the tree falling with no one to hear it does NOT apply in your case: when I’m in the audience, I’m hearing you!
Altman Financial LLC
As I was researching leadership speakers for a large conference, Tom’s name kept coming up. But I had to ask myself, will a Philosopher talking about leadership work at a conference for an Agriculture Co-op? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”. Tom brought a great message and great energy to the stage. He used his story telling prowess to drive home key points of his presentation (7 C’s of Leadership) and he was very well received by the audience. He was a pleasure to work with before, during and after the program. I highly recommend Dr. Tom Morris.
Thank you so much Tom - you were a big hit once again! I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about your talk and I personally thought it was excellent. You just have a wonderful talent for connecting with people through stories, humor and authenticity, which when coupled with your sage advice (rooted in the teachings of the great philosophers), is just perfect for these types of business seminars!
Blue Cross Blue Shield South Carolina
Tom Morris' unique application of the lessons of philosophy when applied to business will give any manager valuable insight in achieving success. Tom's ability to entertain while he teaches is outstanding.
Vega Industries
[Tom Morris'] presentation was a hit! The group was completely inspired by his words and energy and they really enjoyed their time with him - mission accomplished!
Aetna, Inc.
Tom Morris has opened up the last substantially untapped source for reaching new levels of corporate and individual excellence, personal satisfaction, and happiness. I wish I had known in school that philosophy could have such practical consequences and be as entertaining.
Bayer Corporation
The feedback we received from Tom's presentation to our client conference was tremendous. He opened the eyes of our clients to the importance a company's corporate spirit plays in its success.
First Data Corporation

Tom Morris

Author, True Success: A New Philosophy of Excellence

Times change—timeless wisdom endures. Charismatic Tom Morris delivers an inspiring message based on what the great philosophers had to say about the timeless challenges organizations face today, from building a winning culture to the tools needed to unleash innovation.

Lemons to Lemonade: Stirring Challenge into Something Great

There's more uncertainty in American politics and in our international economic system than perhaps ever before. No one knows what the coming months might hold. And many people are worried.

We clearly live in challenging times. But most human beings have, the top national business speaker and philosopher Tom Morris says. And the wisest people have always found the insight to chart their path forward and succeed in creative ways despite the obstacles they've faced. We can use their methods now.

Many of us grew up hearing the old adage, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." But typically no one says how we were supposed to do this. Tom Morris has consulted all the great practical thinkers of history for their wisdom on precisely this challenge. In his groundbreaking talk "Lemons to Lemonade," he lays out the clear steps each of us can take to calm down, get creative, and make good things happen within the circle of influence and control we have even in times where so much seems beyond our control. Tom shows how, by the right actions, we can expand our circle of influence and control and produce great results from even very difficult circumstances.

"Lemons to Lemonade" is full of great stories, good fun, and real wisdom. You'll laugh a lot, take copious notes, and come back to the ideas of this talk for years to come. Tom also gives each audience member a beautiful laminated wallet card with the main ideas of the talk. And one of his newest books, The Oasis Within, is being used by most audiences as the perfect follow up to this presentation, or to his other wildly popular talk, "True Success: The Art of Achievement in Times of Change." Audiences have described the little book as life changing. Tom can provide your group with deeply discounted copies of either the hardcover or the beautiful paperback edition, and he's always happy to sign books.

True Success: The Art of Achievement in Times of Change

We all need ideas we can trust—ideas that have stood the test of time and can help us achieve success in even the most demanding situations. Tom Morris has an unprecedented ability to bring together the wisdom of the ages in a form that people can use right now. This talk presents a simple, powerful and complete framework of seven universal conditions for deeply satisfying, sustainable excellence in all that we do. His now-famous “7 Cs of Success” have fueled extraordinary results in pockets of excellence around the world, and have never been more important than they are today. In a high-energy and very entertaining session, Tom will reveal the most fundamental tools for personal and institutional greatness and provide a practical guide for their use every day. This talk leaves people with a new, well-grounded enthusiasm and a determination to use the wisdom they’ve been given. Once they’ve heard it, they will never be the same.

The Essential Jobs at Your Office: The Success and Leadership Secrets of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was the quintessential California Hippie, with bare feet, long hair, hallucinogenic drugs, and a fascination for all things Zen, who believed that the right sort of diet would grant him an exemption from the bathing habits of normal people. And yet, as we know, against all odds, and despite a great many personal flaws, idiosyncrasies, and imperfections, Jobs became a pioneering business visionary and hugely accomplished leader, who ended up practically in a class by himself. The real story of how he did it can now spark people and companies across all industries to new levels of world-class achievement.

Philosopher Tom Morris has a new take on the amazing success of this modern business icon, and how it can give fresh guidance to leaders at all levels in organizations. Drawing on the principles that catapulted Jobs to the top of the tech world and helped him build Apple into the world's most valuable company, Morris lays out strategies, tactics and actionable takeaways that imbue leaders with the skills necessary to inspire innovation and success. Tom explains how these principles work in a way that no one else can -- with high energy, good humor, and a level of insight that will leave people immensely excited about trying some of these powerful new ideas right away.

Since the untimely death of Steve Jobs, you've heard all the stories. But now you can bring into your group the empowering perspectives, attitudes, and actions that he lived every day and that can now take you to a new level of leadership excellence and success.

The Four Foundations of Sustainable Greatness: How to Create a Winning Culture

When you take good care of your people, your people take good care of your customers, and your customers take good care of you. The key to it all is a winning culture. So: What creates a great organizational culture? What guides and motivates us to bring our best to every challenge and work powerfully with others every day? Tom Morris shows that the answers to these questions are simple, profound, and transformational. At a time when pressures are high and companies are focusing on the discipline of execution, the main challenge is getting everyone to believe deeply in what they’re doing and to do it with excellence and care every day. Aristotle and a few other profound thinkers have revealed four foundations for reaching and maintaining the highest levels of commitment and greatness in our work with other people. In this session, Tom presents those four foundations for a winning culture and offers practical guidelines for putting into practice the greatest wisdom for sustainable greatness. This talk will give you a profound diagnostic tool whose use empowers individuals and organizations in a new way, while strengthening all your most vital relationships beyond what you could have imagined. This is a must-have framework of ideas for leaders at any level, as well as for front line people who need to form strong and resilient client relations.

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Meet Tom Morris

Times change—timeless wisdom endures. Charismatic Tom Morris delivers an inspiring message based on what the great philosophers had to say about the timeless challenges organizations face today, from building a winning culture to the tools needed to unleash innovation.

Tom Morris electrifies every audience with the world's greatest wisdom about excellence and success, leadership and inspiring innovation, navigating challenging times, mastering change and the pursuit of greater corporate and personal responsibility. His talks bring practical forms of world-class wisdom—and tangible takeaways—into the mix of any organization. People leave with new energy and insights to take them to higher levels of performance and creativity in their work. Organizations report that their executives and associates are using his ideas to great effect months and even years after a presentation. It's no wonder that his talks are most often called the highlight of any convention or company meeting. With high energy, great humor, deep insight and real joy, he demonstrates in each presentation why he was a top professor of philosophy for many years at the University of Notre Dame. Every talk is adapted to the needs of each audience—Tom makes every minute of his presentation time count. A double Ph.D. from Yale and holder of honorary doctorates in recognition of his groundbreaking thought-leadership, Morris has written 20 books that are studied by leaders and high achievers around the world. In his latest book, Socrates in Silicon Valley (2017), Tom digs deep into one of the most unlikely and expansive success stories and provides a revolutionary, practical look at what we can adapt from the strange, charismatic and compelling character that is Steve Jobs, offering fresh guidance to leaders at all levels in organizations.

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