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Jerry Linenger

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Astronaut and American Hero

Jerry Linenger knows how to reach deep, stay calm, and apply brainpower to solve problems. By going beyond expectations, even in the face of seemingly overwhelming adversity, he consistently inspires audiences and organizations to do likewise.

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Jerry Linenger Profile Photo

Physician, epidemiologist, U.S. Navy flight surgeon, medical researcher, and NASA astronaut, Jerry Linenger M.D., M.P.H., M.S.S.M., Ph.D. epitomizes loyalty, high performance, and dedication to duty. Living for five months aboard the famously failing Russian space station Mir, Captain Linenger thrived in the face of seemingly overwhelming, life-threatening challenges. These included repeated failures of life support systems, a near-collision with an out-of-control incoming spacecraft, and computer failures leading to a power-dead spacecraft tumbling through space.

On top of these challenges, Astronaut Linenger survived what was reported to be the “worst fire ever aboard an orbiting spacecraft” that threatened to pierce the hull, create a rapid decompression, and suffocate all aboard.  

Captain Linenger knows how to accomplish mission goals despite unforeseen challenges. He makes no excuses, gets the job done, and never gives up. 

The crew accomplished all mission goals: Shuttle Atlantis docking, spacewalking, a Soyuz fly-around, and all 120 science experiments. At mission completion, Astronaut Linenger logged the equivalent distance of 110 round trips to the moon at a speed of 17,500 mph. He was the first American to conduct a spacewalk in a foreign spacesuit and held the endurance record for an American man at mission completion—a true pioneer.

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Jerry Linenger Profile Photo
Jerry Linenger

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Jerry Linenger’s Speech Topics

  • Challenges and Change: My 132 Days Off the Planet

    Jerry Linenger shares his amazing personal story based on his experiences aboard the Russian space station Mir. Painting pictures with words, Linenger puts you in the spacecraft with him. He recounts not only the events of the mission, but also candidly shares his feelings of frustration and fear along with the determination and courage he used to survive. Having overcome great odds to achieve success, he challenges the audience to embrace change, rise to the occasion, and confront challenges. He emphasizes the role of preparation to achieve mission goals. His message is genuine and spoken by someone who has put his own life on the line. Audiences will learn how to:

    • Tap into their inner strength and achieve more than they thought possible
    • Give freely: Personal sacrifice may be required for the greater good
    • Find the courage to overcome any obstacle
    • Discover greater meaning in their professional and personal lives

What other organizations say about Jerry Linenger

Jerry had the entire audience in awe. He told an incredible story, wove in relevant examples to the audience, and was clearly passionate about the subject matter. His sincerity and humility is astounding.


What other organizations say about Jerry Linenger

Jerry Linenger is an excellent speaker! There was not a person in the room who was not completely engrossed in his every word. I felt that he was speaking directly to me. I came away feeling lighter – Amazing!


What other organizations say about Jerry Linenger

Jerry Linenger was a huge success! His story resonated with everyone.


What other organizations say about Jerry Linenger

Your heroism is truly inspiring. We were spellbound as you shared your experiences. Your story brought to life the importance of courage, perseverance, and ingenuity in the face of great adversity-and it touched all of our hearts.

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What other organizations say about Jerry Linenger

Jerry was great tonight! He was so animated in telling his story and our audience loved him. We received great feedback.

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