astronaut Speakers

Humans have been obsessed with space for millennia, but it wasn’t until the first people set foot on the moon in 1969 that we ramped up our efforts to understand the universe. Hear from astronauts who have traveled beyond Earth at your next event. The extraterrestrial experiences of WSB’s astronaut speakers are perfect for motivational programming that will get your attendees’ hearts pounding with the thrill of adventure. Available for in-person or virtual events and meetings.

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Keynote Speaker

Mike Massimino

Former NASA Astronaut, NY Times Bestselling Author; Media and TV Personality; Columbia University Professor

$25K - $40K
Keynote Speaker

Garrett Reisman

NASA Astronaut, SpaceX Director of Space Operations, Professor at USC

$25K - $40K
Keynote Speaker

Charles Bolden

12th Administrator of NASA (2009 - 2017)

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Keynote Speaker

Leroy Chiao

Astronaut, Performance Specialist, and Innovation/Technology Futurist

Under $25,000

Didn’t find the astronaut speaker you were looking for? WSB works with many of the industry’s top speakers each year. Our team of experienced speaker agents is committed to helping you find the perfect speaker for your event. Please contact us for a custom proposal.