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David Copperfield

World's Greatest Illusionist

Copperfield has been hailed by audiences and critics alike as the greatest magician living today.

David Copperfield Profile Photo

Like Houdini before him, Copperfield is the most well-known and well-respected magician in the world.

Not one to rest on his laurels, his spontaneity and clear love of live performance are the result of his tireless commitment to his show and the field of magic.

“It takes at least two years to develop illusions and some of them even longer” says Copperfield. “I love to challenge my team and myself by pushing the envelope and working on new methods and ideas. I don’t always take the easiest route. Sometimes the ultimate solution requires months of brainstorming, miniatures and mock-ups, and testing just to make an idea reality.”

His awards are too numerous to count but some of the highlights include:

  • First living magician to be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Named magician of the Century and Magician of the Millennium
  • Over 21 awards for his groundbreaking television specials
  • 11 Guinness World Records. Copperfield sold more tickets than any solo entertainer in history with ticket sales in the billions — more than Frank Sinatra, more than Michael Jackson, and more than Elvis.

Why Book David Copperfield for Your Event

Nothing can replace the invaluable experience of performing daily in front of a live audience and having over 500 performances every year. Copperfield has forever changed the future of his art and has shown that there are no limits: His magic is as vast as the imagination.

David Copperfield’s Speech Topics

  • World’s Greatest Illusionist

    Copperfield brings to the stage the experience of performing daily in front of a live audience. With each performance, Copperfield shows audiences that there are no limits: Audiences will be in awe as they witness illusions from the greatest magician of our time.

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