Navy SEAL Motivational Speakers

Lessons from individuals who have risen through military ranks are valuable for professionals in all industries. Navy SEALs persevere and thrive in harrowing situations despite overwhelming odds. WSB’s Navy SEALs will share stories of grit and resilience that can only be gained from intense training and on-the-ground, life-or-death decision making. They provide unique insight into what it takes to build small but highly trained teams that conduct some of the nation’s most important missions. To take your next virtual or in-person event to the next level, book one of our Navy SEAL motivational speakers today – and inspire your audience for a lifetime.

Keynote Speaker

Mike Sarraille

Former US Navy SEAL; Founder and CEO of Talent War Group & ATTA, Building Mental Strength and Wellness; Co-Author of the Best-Selling Book The Talent War, centered around attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent; Men’s Journal Lead Columnist; Podcast Host for the Self-Improvement Focused "Everyday Warrior" Series

$25K - $40K

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