Maj. Gen. Vinny Boles, USA (Ret.)
Maj. Gen. Vinny Boles, USA (Ret.)'s Speaking Fee Under $25,000

Maj. Gen. Vinny Boles, USA (Ret.)

Getting the right item to the right place at the right time. 

Former Army Chief Operating Officer, Coach, Leader, and Logistics Guru

Expertise In:

  • Corporate Culture
  • Crisis Management
  • Human Resource Effectiveness
  • Leadership
  • Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges

Audience & Industry

  • Associations
  • Board Meetings and Executive Briefings
  • Corporations
  • Senior Management Groups
  • The Professional Services Industry

The U.S. Army has historically developed leaders and teams to function at their highest performance levels under the most stressful of conditions. Maj. Gen. Vinny Boles shows your team how to do the same.

Six weeks before the attacks of September 11, 2001, Maj. Gen. Boles was a newly selected one-star general, taking charge of a contingency command that would be needed by the nation if "the worst thing happened." On September 11th, the worst did happen -- and Maj. Gen. Boles and his team went from planning to execution in an ever-fluid environment.

Across five continents and over eight years of this persistent conflict, as a combat commander, coach, trainer, leader and logistics guru, Maj. Gen. Boles has built teams that have consistently gotten the right item to the right place at the right time under the tremendous pressures of war. The author of 4-3-2-1 Leadership, Maj. Gen. Boles mixes anecdotes from the front lines of combat and the halls of the Pentagon to help audiences and organizations understand how to maximize their most precious resource -- their people. 

Today, he is the president of Vincent E. Boles Inc; a leadership and logistics consulting practice.

Why Book Maj. Gen. Vinny Boles for Your Event:

Maj. Gen. Vinny Boles has successfully developed strategies, and planned and executed upon them under the most extreme conditions. For audiences, he provides a distinct lens into leadership and logistics, emphasizing how the two areas work together to ensure organizations are maximizing their human capital. 

Maj. Gen. Vinny Boles, USA (Ret.)'s Speech Topics

What? How? Who?: The 3 Critical Questions Leaders Must Ask and Answer

The fog in leadership today is too much…too much data without information; too many choices without criteria; too many inputs masquerading as “need to know” that in realty are just noise. It all distracts leaders and teams from developing the focus and synergy that determines success. Using his 4 decades of battlefield, classroom and boardroom experience, Maj. Gen. Boles provides the tools for leaders and teams to optimize performance. Your leaders and teams will leave the event armed with the three questions they must ask AND answer before committing themselves to a task: 

1. What is the standard you are committing yourself and your team to accomplish?
2. How will the team attain that standard?
3. Who is in charge of what?

4-3-2-1 Leadership....Tools You Can Use Now!

Leaders today don’t require "help" that sounds good in a PowerPoint presentation and fades under the heat and pressure of reality. They need tools that hold up when the stakes are high so that they can be better practitioners of their leadership craft. Using his 33 years of experience in leading America’s sons and daughters and providing the right support in the toughest conditions, Major General Boles delivers to your team 10 time-and-battle-tested tools that they can begin using right now to ensure their "best gets better." 

Leveraging the Links In Your Supply Chain

Drawing on his 33 years as a career soldier and "logistician," at every level, Major General Boles will walk through the links in the world's largest and most complex supply chain and highlight 4 critical issues that will snag/kink that chain:

  • Standards
  • Systems 
  • Leadership (in charge of standards) 
  • Metrics

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