Stephanie Chung
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Stephanie Chung

This trailblazing aviation executive is empowering corporate leaders to reach new heights and inspiring women in business to soar through an innovative combination of personal stories, proven strategies, and recent advances in the neuroscience of conversation.

Chief Growth Officer, Wheels Up

Expertise In:

  • Women in Leadership
  • Branding
  • Business Growth and Trends
  • Communication
  • Consumer Trends

Audience & Industry

  • Board Meetings and Executive Briefings
  • Corporations
  • Sales Professionals
  • The Service Industry
  • Women's Events

Stephanie Chung is a trailblazing aviation executive. Through an innovative combination of personal stories, proven strategies, and recent advances in the neuroscience of conversation, she empowers corporate leaders to reach new heights and inspires women in business to soar.

With over 30 years of experience catalyzing transformative growth in the aviation sector, Stephanie Chung has widely been recognized as a trailblazer and the first African-American president of a major private aviation company when she took the helm as President of JetSuite. In 2020, Chung joined Wheels Up, the leading brand in private aviation, as the company’s first Chief Growth Officer, focusing on generating revenue through new client acquisition, and growing a diverse membership base by targeting corporations, associations, executives, entrepreneurs, and sports and entertainment personalities as the next generation of private flyers building loyalty and preference among diverse customer segments – women, LGBTQ+ and people of color.

At JetSuite, Chung repositioned the brand from a commodity service to a luxury customer experience, upgrading the fleet, and elevating the client experience. Chung also served as VP of Sales for Flexjet where she oversaw a sales organization and strategic deal team that together generated over $835 million in revenue. Prior, she held influential roles at US Airways (now operating as American Airlines), Delta Air Lines and Bombardier. Chung currently serves as a member of c200, a community of the most successful women in business, as well as serving on the Advisory Council of the National Business Aviation Association and the Advisory Board of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. Her personal achievements have been recognized in D CEO Magazine's Top 500 and inclusion in the Ebony Power 100.

Stephanie Chung's Speech Topics

Neuroscience Selling

Using Conversational Intelligence® as a jumping-off point, Chung’s trademark sales keynote uses innovations in brain science to help sales professionals achieve more. Through this keynote, sales pros become adept at building rapport and trust, asking targeted questions, selling through storytelling, and most importantly, closing the sale.

Empowering Women in Power

Pulling from her own story and experiences as a woman of color shattering the glass ceiling of aviation leadership, Chung is passionate about empowering other women to achieve what they’ve been told they couldn’t – and then some. Covering topics like embracing your flaws and making yourself heard, women at all stages of their careers will leave these events ready to lead.

Neuroscience Leadership

Combining cutting-edge neuroscience insights with her experience as an aviation business leader, this keynote provides executives with the tools they need to communicate effectively, rediscover their drive to lead, and help their business reach new heights. From new leaders to veterans of the C-Suite, there is something valuable here for all executives.

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