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Ryan Estis

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Bestselling Author; Founding Partner ImpactEleven; Former Fortune 500 Chief Revenue Officer; Globally recognized Sales and Leadership expert

Recently recognized in Meetings & Conventions Magazine as "one of the best keynote speakers seen or heard", Ryan Estis blends interaction, energy, and actionable content designed to elevate business outcomes.

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Ryan Estis'S SPEAKING FEE $25K - $40K

Ryan Estis Profile Photo

Ryan Estis is a sales and leadership expert at the forefront of the human-centered growth movement transforming the way we work, lead, and live so individuals and organizations can achieve sustainable success.

He’s a bestselling author and Founding Partner of ImpactEleven, a hyper-growth enterprise that embodies the human-centered movement and delivered a 500% increase in growth and a 1300% increase in shareholder value with a 90% client retention rate over the last two years.

Ryan has spent his career in the trenches building high-performance teams and a client roster of category-leading brands. As a strategic advisor and former Fortune 500 CRO, he understands that the key to meaningful results lies in elevating people to their highest potential.                         

Ryan empowers individuals and organizations to leverage change as a catalyst for growth and maximize their impact by embracing a human-centered approach to sales, leadership, and life.                

His expertise transcends industry boundaries, making him a trusted advisor to companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 giants including Mayo Clinic, Mastercard, The NBA, Pfizer, IBM, Deloitte, McKesson, CVS, and State Farm Insurance.

His work and writing have been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Inc. and Entrepreneur magazines. Meetings & Conventions Magazine recently recognized him as “one of the best keynote speakers ever seen or heard.”

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Ryan Estis

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Ryan Estis

Ryan Estis on Human Centered Leadership and Legacy

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Ryan Estis

Ryan Estis on Unleashing Human Potential

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Ryan Estis

Ryan Estis on The Art of Standing Out

Ryan Estis’s Speech Topics

  • Human-Centered Leadership: Leading High-Performance Teams in a Forever-Changed World

    We have changed. Work has changed. And employee attitudes and expectations have changed. We are seeing the largest evolution in our relationship to work in the last century. 

    Knowledge workers now expect their managers to be part of their support system and help them improve their employee experience as well as their life experience. But in a Gartner survey assessing the evolving role of management, only 47% of managers are prepared for this role. 

    Ryan Estis teaches leaders how to leverage this defining moment of change as a catalyst to improve performance and empower our people by embracing the principles of human-centered leadership. 

    Blending surprising truths with actionable insights and inspiring stories, Ryan guides leaders through an interactive experience that prepares them to lead agile, collaborative, digitally enabled teams equipped to thrive in this rapidly changing environment while delivering impact for all stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, investors, and communities).

    Audience Outcomes:

    1. Embrace Change and Growth: Develop a heightened awareness of the evolving workplace landscape and cultivate a growth mindset to embrace change as an opportunity for personal and organizational growth.
    2. Unleash Human Potential: Learn strategies to elevate performance enablement within your team or organization, enabling individuals to tap into their full potential and drive greater results.
    3. Transition to Human-Centered Leadership: Identify the essential shifts required in your leadership approach to embrace a human-centered style that aligns with the changing expectations of employees and knowledge workers.
    4. Cultivate Organizational Culture: Explore methods for influencing and shaping organizational culture, fostering alignment, and gaining emotional commitment to a compelling vision of the future.
    5. Foster Safety, Trust, and Collaboration: Discover how to elevate safety, trust, and collaboration within your team or organization to ensure readiness and competitiveness in a dynamic environment.
    6. Empower People and Shared Purpose: Understand the significance of empowering individuals in pursuit of a shared purpose. Learn how to galvanize meaning within your team, inspiring commitment to a common mission.
    7. Personal Leadership Vision and Action Plan: Create your own Personal Leadership Vision and Action Plan, equipping you with a clear roadmap for owning the moment and leading with purpose.
    8. Drive Momentum Through Harmony: Aspire to create momentum by harmonizing the needs and expectations of people with organizational goals. Work toward making the world of work a better place for all stakeholders.
  • Adapt & Thrive: Leverage Change and Transformation as a Catalyst for Growth

    The need to lead change is growing, but our ability to do it is shrinking. 

    7 out of 10 CEO’s say their current growth strategy is obsolete and the World Economic Forum is indicating 1 in 4 jobs is going to change over the next five years as a result of trends like artificial intelligence, digitization, the green energy transition, and supply chain-reshoring creating unprecedented transformation. 

    Our job as leaders is to help our people and teams navigate the mindset shift and reskilling needed to embrace change and the new behaviors needed to thrive through it. 

    But 70% of change efforts fail and it isn’t because of the strategy…it’s people, psychology, and resistance. 

    Traditional models of change management and leadership no longer support what is needed in our forever changed world. The new model for navigating transformation and growth is Human Centered. 

    In this dynamic and interactive keynote presentation, Ryan teaches entrepreneurs and executives how to leverage this defining moment as a catalyst to improve performance and empower our people to unleash their full potential while finding meaning and fulfillment in their work. Blending surprising truths with actionable insights and inspiring stories, he empowers leadership teams to build change ready, high growth organizations. 

    Audiences Outcomes:

    1. Elevate Change Readiness: Develop heightened change readiness by embracing self-awareness and adopting a growth mindset. 
    2. Navigate Resistance and Foster Alignment: Understand the sources of resistance to change and gain strategies for creating alignment within your organization during times of transformation. Discover how to effectively lead teams through change by fostering understanding and buy-in.
    3. Conquer Limiting Beliefs and Overcome Fear: Reorient your relationship with fear and conquer limiting beliefs that may hinder personal and professional growth. Explore techniques for embracing change with confidence and resilience.
    4. Shift to Human-Centered Leadership: Identify the necessary shifts in leadership style to become more “Human-Centered.” Learn how to lead with empathy, authenticity, and a focus on the well-being and growth of your team members.
    5. Personal Leadership Vision and Action Plan: Create your own Personal Leadership Vision and Action Plan, providing you with a clear roadmap for taking ownership of moments of change and transformation in your life and career.
    6. Continuous Reinvention and Resilience: Leverage continuous reinvention and resilience as catalysts for sustained growth. Discover how adaptability and resilience are essential skills for thriving in a changing world.
    7. Momentum Through Harmony: Aspire to create momentum by recognizing the interdependence between success at work and fulfillment in life. 
  • The Art of Standing Out: Leveraging Remarkable Experiences and Experimentation to Create Brand Evangelism

    The customer experience has been radically altered—and faces further transformation—as touchpoints, on-demand services, personalization, and AI-enabled automation become more sophisticated. Today’s customers expect an effortless, personalized experience and frequent brands that can continuously adapt and consistently deliver exceptional experiences. 

    Customer experience can be a strategic differentiator and a source of competitive advantage and Ryan will help audiences understand how by leveraging the principles of Human Centered Growth. In this keynote experience he explores how category-leading companies have cracked the code to meet evolving customer expectations through people, aligning employees around a common purpose and empowering them to deliver the extraordinary. 

    Ryan will challenge conventional perspectives and inspire new ideas about the dynamics of customer and employee relationships. You’ll gain a fresh understanding of how putting your customer at the center of your growth strategy can profoundly impact your business. Audiences will leave empowered and prepared to create remarkable experiences that earn customers for life.

    Audiences Outcomes:

    1. Cultivate Customer Obsession: Develop a customer-centric mindset and set consistent standards of excellence within your organization. 
    2. Experiment To Innovate: Learn how to turn challenges and problems into opportunities that enhance customer intimacy and foster advocacy. Discover strategies for disrupting the Status Quo and delivering compelling differentiation. 
    3. Teamwork and Collaboration: Explore the essentials of teamwork and collaboration in the context of delivering exceptional customer experiences and understand how you can stand out to impact outcomes. 
    4. Trust and Total Client Experience: Move beyond mere transactions to earn trust and loyalty from your customers. Emphasize the importance of the “total client experience” and how it contributes to long-term customer relationships.
    5. Solidify Value Proposition and Engagement: Identify and solidify your value proposition, ensuring that it resonates with your customers. Learn how to engage with customers on their terms and meet them where they are in their journey.
    6. Leverage Technology for Humanization: Discover how to leverage technology not just to remove friction but also to humanize the customer experience. Understand the balance between automation and personalized interactions.
    7. Community Building and Co-Creation: Explore the power of building a community of customers and co-creating remarkable experiences with them. Learn how fostering a sense of belonging can drive growth and advocacy.
    8. Action Plan for Growth: Commit to an actionable plan for capturing opportunities and accelerating growth. Leave with a clear roadmap for implementing changes that will enhance your customer experience strategy.
  • Unleash Your Inner Superhero: Embrace Human Centered Growth

    In a world where the pace of change is relentless and skills quickly become obsolete, the true power lies within each of us, waiting to be unleashed. Ryan Estis invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, tapping into your hidden potential and igniting your personal power.

    This pivotal moment of transformation is not just an opportunity—it’s a calling. It’s a chance to unearth your unique gifts and experience the deep fulfillment that comes from making a meaningful impact on others.

    As the business landscape evolves, those who can continuously adapt, acquire new competencies, and maximize their potential will discover a wealth of opportunities. Ryan’s powerful message explores the realms of purpose, productivity, and peak performance while emphasizing the importance of staying present for the people and experiences that truly matter.

    This keynote experience is a rallying cry for those seeking to maximize their potential, derive greater fulfillment from their work, and propel themselves forward with unparalleled momentum and harmony. It’s time to unlock your inner superhero and embrace the limitless possibilities of human-centered growth.

    Audience Outcomes:

    1. Self-Discovery and Awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of your own unique strengths, talents, and potential. Learn how self-awareness is the foundation for personal growth and harnessing your inner superhero.
    2. Adaptability and Skill Development: Explore strategies for staying relevant and adaptable in a rapidly changing world. Discover how to acquire new competencies and skills to thrive in evolving industries and environments.
    3. Purpose and Meaning: Delve into the concept of purpose and how it can be a driving force in both your personal and professional life. Learn how aligning your actions with your sense of purpose can lead to greater fulfillment.
    4. Peak Performance: Uncover the principles and practices that lead to peak performance. Explore how productivity and excellence can be achieved while maintaining a focus on what truly matters.
    5. Human-Centered Growth: Understand the importance of a human-centered approach in your personal and professional journey. Explore how prioritizing the well-being and growth of yourself and others can lead to greater success and harmony.

What other organizations say about Ryan Estis

Thank you for doing a fantastic job! The keynote was worth the standing ovation. Your key takeaways will help our organization take it to the next level.

Human Resources

What other organizations say about Ryan Estis

We couldn’t have been more thrilled with both Ken Blanchard and Ryan Estis! They did their homework and it definitely showed. I had several people come up to me afterward and say how impressed they were that both speakers took the time to get to know the issues facing our profession and understand the challenges they are confronting both in their businesses and in their outreach to client families. Our surveys are not in yet, but I know both Ken and Ryan will receive rave reviews!


What other organizations say about Ryan Estis

I’ve worked in sales leadership in the sports industry for almost 15 years and Ryan Estis was the most dynamic, energetic and relevant keynote I have ever seen. His presentation resonated with sales managers at every level of our business, everyone took practical examples back to their teams to install immediately. The NBA is looking forward to working with Ryan again and again.



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