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Nicholas J. Webb

World Renowned Innovation and Healthcare Futurist, Best-selling Author

Nick Webb addresses what the future looks like and what an organization can do about it, in order to grow, thrive and prosper.

Nicholas J. Webb Profile Photo

About Nick Webb – Best-selling Author, With over 40 US Patents, An Expert on Healthcare, Future Trends, Innovation and Customer Experience:

Nick Webb is a number one best-selling author and is one of the most popular Innovation, Healthcare, Future-trends, Technology, and Customer Experience speakers in the world. Unlike most innovation speakers who have never actually invented anything and have no real-world expertise in the area of enterprise innovation, Nicholas is a multi award-winning inventor of technologies ranging from one of the world’s smallest medical implants to a very successful line of educational and fitness products.

Nicholas has been selected as one of the Hottest Keynote Speakers for 2019 by the ITA Group. Nicholas earned this recognition by providing highly customized keynote presentations for some of the top organizations in the world.

As the CEO of LearnLogic, Nick works with some of the largest brands in the world through his Consulting and Training Company.. As a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), he works shoulder-to-shoulder with boards of directors of multi billion-dollar companies to assist them in building future-ready organizations. His best-selling books include: The Innovation PlaybookWhat Customers CraveWhat Customers HateThe Innovation Mandate, and his just released book, The Healthcare Mandate. Nicholas is also the Producer and Host of the Award-winning Documentary Film, The Healthcare Cure

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Nicholas J. Webb Profile Photo
Nicholas J. Webb
Nicholas J. Webb – Virtual and Live Speaking Reel 2021
Nicholas J. Webb Profile Photo
Nicholas J. Webb
Nicholas J. Webb on Healthcare – Virtual and Live Speaking Reel 2021

Nicholas J. Webb’s Speech Topics

  • Innovation

    As one of the top innovation speakers in the world, Nick Webb speaks on the future of disruption in the “C19 Economy,” technology and market trends. His latest book, The Innovation Mandate is used by some of the best organizations in the world to lead their industry in innovation. Webb has been awarded over 43 patents for breakthrough technologies including one of the first wearable technologies. As the CEO of LeaderLogic, LLC, he works with some of the top brands to help them lead their markets in disruptive innovations.

    • The impact of innovation on your industry and organization: In this custom talk, Webb conducts deep research on specific trends leveraging his proprietary research technologies. He then combines it with his deep research on overarching economic, technology and societal trends, to give your audience a roadmap for the future and the impact of innovation on your industry and organization.

    • The Innovation Mandate: From his number one best-selling book, in this talk Webb shares with your audience why innovation is now an enterprise mandate. This includes the way in which we update our leadership approaches and manage the incredible impact of disruption and hyper consumerism.
  • Future Trends

    As a futurist, Nick Webb has a deep body of research in all major businesses, technology, and societal trends. His not yet released book, Innovation Leadership outlines how the best organizations are leveraging innovation, technology, and customer experience design to lead their markets. In this customized talk, Webb can speak on the impact in the C 19 economy, suicidal trends, business trends, healthcare trends and consumer trends. The freaky future and what to do about it:
    • For many, the future is vexing or even scary. The good news is when we understand the five key trends of the future of everything, we can begin to relax. More importantly we can leverage this powerful insight to drive superstar organizations with great confidence. “The future is good for those who are good and regrettably the future is bad for those who are complacent”-Nick Webb
    Building a better future:
    • There are well known “building blocks” that will drive the future of organizations, society and technology. When we understand these building blocks, we can arrange them in a way that helps our organizations hardwire future trends into our strategic planning and ultimately the success of our enterprise.
  • The Future of Healthcare

    Nick Webb has invented medical technologies ranging from surgical scalpel’s, opthalmic implants, wearable technology and a wide range of surgical instruments. His most recent book, The Healthcare Mandate is a number one best-selling book and he is also the Executive Producer for the major documentary film, The Healthcare Cure.

    What healthcare leaders need to know about the future of healthcare:

    • This is a comprehensive talk based on over three years of deep research on what healthcare leaders and care providers need to know about the future of consumerism, enabling technologies, new economic models and the competitive landscape.

    The future of healthcare-the good news:

    • A comprehensive talk on why we should be optimistic about the future of healthcare and what great organizations are doing to leverage new organizational enablers. This is a fun and upbeat talk with rock-solid research.


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