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Nicholas Webb

Keynote Speaker

World Renowned Innovation and Healthcare Futurist, Best-selling Author

Nick Webb addresses what the future looks like and what an organization can do about it, in order to grow, thrive and prosper.

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Nicholas Webb'S SPEAKING FEE $25K - $40K

Nicholas Webb Profile Photo

Nick Webb is a number one bestselling author and one of the most popular keynote speakers in the world. Nick specializes in speaking about the future of innovation, healthcare, future trends, workplace dynamics, leadership, and technology. Additionally, Nick serves as the CEO of LeaderLogic, LLC, a Management Consulting Firm that offers consulting services to top brands. He collaborates closely with Boards of Directors of multibillion-dollar companies, aiding them in constructing future-ready organizations.

Nick’s career began as a successful technologist, where he created award-winning innovations in healthcare, consumer goods, and industrial technologies. He has earned over 40 Patents from the U.S. Patent Office for various groundbreaking technologies. Moreover, he operates an AI Lab and has recently filed additional U.S. Patents in the areas of Continuous Patient Monitoring and Neuropathic Analysis of Mood States using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Nick is also a prolific bestselling author, having been published by the most prestigious publishers. Nick’s bestselling books include What Customers Crave, The Innovation Mandate, What Customers Hate, Happy Work, The Healthcare Mandate, and Lucid Leadership. Beyond his writing, Nick has held roles as a Chief Innovation Officer and an Adjunct Professor at a top medical school. Nick was honored with a Doctorate of Humane Letters (hon.) for his contributions to healthcare.

Nick is also an accomplished and award-winning documentary filmmaker. His film, “The Healthcare Cure,” was released in 2021 and won the prestigious “Audience Choice Award” at the Sedona International Film Festival, making it one of the most impactful films of its kind.

Audiences enthusiastically embrace Nick’s lively, high-energy, and meticulously tailored presentations.

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Nicholas Webb Profile Photo
Nicholas Webb

Nick Webb Speaking Reel

Nicholas Webb Profile Photo
Nicholas Webb

Nicholas J. Webb on Healthcare – Virtual and Live Speaking Reel 2021

Nicholas Webb’s Speech Topics

  • Innovation

    Innovation has transitioned through three distinct phases including Incremental Innovation, Disruptive Innovation, to our current state of Chaotic Innovation. As an award-winning inventor, Nick will share his deep expertise on how the best organizations are leveraging the superpower of Chaotic Innovation to thrive in 2024 and beyond.

    Talk Themes: Innovation Trends, Technology, AI, Organizational Innovation and Creativity, Disruption and Chaotic Innovation, How to Innovate, The Power of Creativity, Workforce Innovation, Marketplace and Customer Innovation, The Three Big Innovation Trends.

  • Healthcare

    Nick provides a playbook for the future on how the best healthcare organizations are addressing Emerging Technologies, Staffing, AI, Patient Consumerism, Inflation, and rapidly Changing Economy, Value Models, and Marketplace Challenges. As one of the Top Keynote Speakers on Healthcare in the world, Nick’s talk springs with energy, fun, and, most importantly, actionable insights that yield incredibly positive outcomes for his audiences.

    Talk Themes: The Future of Healthcare, Technology, AI and Innovation Trends, Staffing, Patient Consumerism, New Economic and Value Models, Wearable Technologies, Home Healthcare, Aging Population, New Care and Retail Models, Clinical and Diagnostic Trends, Top Three Trends in Healthcare.

  • Future Trends

    Organizations that ignore the massive impact of Future Trends in 2024 and beyond will fail. The good news is that organizations that leverage emerging technologies, including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, and Integrated Strategies, will thrive in 2024 and beyond. In this powerful keynote, Nick will provide real-world actionable insights on what organizations can do to leverage the Superpower of The Three Big Future Trends.

    Talk Themes: Demystifying Technology and AI, The Impact of Future Trends on the Workforce, Enterprise Efficiency, and Organizational Growth. The Transition to Automation, how to new Enterprise Best Practices will be used to Reduce Cost, Drive Growth, and Automate Unnecessary Human Tasks to Create an Anticipatory Enterprise that’s Future Ready.

  • Workforce

    The future workforce is the subject of massive disruption. This requires that organizations develop a culture of Enterprise Happiness. The best organizations in the world are leveraging Human Experience Innovation to Attract, Retain, and Motivate Leaders and Mission-critical Employees. This powerful presentation is based on the fresh research from Nick’s Bestselling books, “Lucid Leadership” and “Happy Work.”

    Talk Themes: The Future of Work, Staffing, Workplace Culture, The Impact of Technology, and AI on Work, Managing Hybrid Teams, The New Lucid Leadership Model, Human Experience (HX) Innovation, Happiness as an Enterprise Strategy, Attracting, Retaining and Inspiring Mission Critical Talent.

  • Marketplace

    The marketplace is rapidly transitioning into a State of Hyper-consumerism. This means that the best organizations in the world are building out Formal Human Experience (HX) Innovation Strategies to significantly improve the experience for both Employees and Customers. Additionally, they are reducing friction while improving value, transparency, and human connection. Nick shares fun and powerful examples of what the best organizations are doing to thrive in the new marketplace.

    Talk Themes: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Other Enabling Technologies on Marketing and Customer Experience. The Impact of “Hyper-competition” through Emerging Marketplace and Technology Trends. Organizational Growth, Human Experience (HX), and Competitiveness. How to Build a Future Ready Growth Strategy.


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