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Martin Lindstrom

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International Speaker, Advisor, Master Brand Builder and New York Times Best-Selling Author of 8 Titles, Translated Into 50 Languages Including Small Data, Buyology, Brandwashed and BrandSense; Voted by TIME Magazine as "One of the World's Most Influential People".

Martin Lindstrom reveals the science behind why we buy, having peered inside the brains of 2,000 consumers. His findings shatter conventional wisdom.

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Martin Lindstrom Profile Photo

Martin Lindstrom is one of the world’s foremost branding experts and author of Small Data: The Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends. His previous books have been translated into 47 languages and sold well over one million copies. He was selected as one of the world’s 100 most influential people by TIME. In 2016, Thinkers50 named him one of the top 20 business thinkers in the world — for three consecutive years. Since 2013, he has been ranked as the world’s #1 branding expert. His articles appear in The New York Times, Harvard Business Review and Fast Company. He advises startups and the who’s who of Fortune 100 companies on branding, communication, consumer psychology, retail, innovation, and transformation. Lindstrom currently hosts Main Street Makeover, a series on NBC’s TODAY show that takes business problems and creates solutions in less than just 24 hours.

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Martin Lindstrom

Martin Lindstrom (Branding Guru), Postdigital Marketing | European Trend Day

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Martin Lindstrom

Martin Lindstrom and Small Data on #NasdaqReads

Martin Lindstrom Profile Photo
Martin Lindstrom

Martin Lindstrom’s keynote at the Thinkers50 European Business Forum 2018

Martin Lindstrom’s Speech Topics

  • Forget BIG Data – Small Data Defines the Future

    Like it or not, businesses are slowly drifting away from the consumer. Only 1 in 3,000 executives have spent time in the homes of their consumers the last year. Instead of being in touch with the consumer, we’ve become reliant on BIG data — reports, databases, and statistics — in order to understand the emotions of our most important asset.

    A cluster of technological forces has changed marketing and branding more in the last 5 years than it changed in the previous 50! Any tools we’ve previously used in order to understand and communicate with consumers is now a relic of the past. But as we’ve come to rely on BIG data, a major vacuum has emerged, blinding businesses, but allowing the opportunity of Small Data to help those who seek it out.

    Emerging in its place is a new approach: Small Data. Small Data is what Lindstrom defines as seemingly insignificant consumer observations which completely transform the way businesses are built and run. As he did in his New York Times best seller Buyology, Lindstrom lays out the science for his counterintuitive insights, offering vivid hands-on tools to make brands more effective.

    You will learn:

    • Why Big Data no longer stands alone and how your organization should prepare for the next step in data revolution
    • How to read and understand the consumer in a completely different and overlooked manner will lead to a complete turnaround of your company
    • How to balance Big and Small Data in the future, by adding a new dimension to the way you capture, mine, and assess your data
    • Which concrete steps your company should take in order to address this new data evolution
  • You Can Laugh at Your Brand Challenges, If You Follow This Simple Plan

    We’ve all been there. Your business is struggling, great initiatives are constantly killed, and there’s no sign of hope on the horizon. It’s like every attempt to turn things around fails in bureaucracy, visions killed by fear and budgets so restrictive, there’s no oxygen left in the company for anything.

    The siren call of big, dramatic change is seductive—a major advertising campaign, brand makeover or product release. But the reality of how organizations really transform is more complicated, says one of the foremost branding experts in the world, New York Times best-selling author Martin Lindstrom.

    In his provocative and entertaining presentation, Lindstrom draws on his experience revitalizing businesses from LEGO to Pepsi, Lowes and Disney, a wealth of social science evidence, and vivid examples from his ground-breaking methodologies. Lindstrom shows that the most effective path to change is through small experiments that reveal larger truths and small wins that cascade to broader transformation.

    You will learn:

    • Why conventional ways of building brands are obsolete and are being replaced by transformation and contextual branding
    • How advanced neuroscience can help disrupt people’s “default behaviors” through novelty and surprise
    • How to appeal not just to the consumer’s intellects, but also to their senses
    • How just 2 consumer visits can teach you more about your customers than your past 100 research reports
    • Which steps your company should take in order to get out of a crisis quickly — no matter how big the organization


  • A Look into the Future: The Death of Old School Social Media

    In a blink of an eye, new technologies come to the force and become the bright, shiny object of the moment. But how can you identify which to pay attention to, and which you can safely can ignore? If you knew everything about tomorrow, what would you do differently today? Few people are as well-equipped to answer this question as Martin Lindstrom.

    Lindstrom — who predicted the arrival of Facebook two years ahead of time, described Google’s revenue model 2 years before the search engine revealed it, and pioneered the role of brands on the Internet months after the world wide web went live in 1994 — takes the audience through a fast-paced look into the future before pulling the hand brake and asking the toughest questions of them all.

    What should your company do in order to create a future-proof brand and social strategy reflecting the fast changing needs as generation Z and Y push social media to completely new boundaries?

    This speech is designed to educate and prepare you for the necessary transformative action. Lindstrom explores underlying technologies that drive trends and create a solid framework arming your organization with a social roadmap for the future.

    You will learn:

    • The five surprising steps brands needs to take in order to stay relevant as Old School Social Media transforms
    • Why an average teen takes 17 selfies every morning before they head to school and what this means for your brand
    • How social media has become the new bedroom wall and what it takes for your brand to secure a role on the new digital wall
    • Why the Screenagers have destroyed their bedroom desk and what this fundamental lifestyle change means for every consumer business
    • Why a smart social media strategy is all about establishing transition points in consumer’s lives
  • I Lived with 2,109 Consumers Over the Past 3,650 Days and Discovered the Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends

    A murder scene would be worth little if the ability to analyze DNA didn’t exist. A hair, a finger print, or a piece of fingernail reveals a lot about your identity. But did you know that all of us also leave behind tiny emotional DNA? The way we place our shoes, stock our fridge, hang our paintings or even use our toilet paper is all emotional DNA. All this Small Data, seemingly insignificant observations, reveal an astounding glimpse into who we really are, our true personalities exposed. Small Data reveals if you are an extrovert, self-confident, shy about your lack of education, or have conflicts with your partner. Small Data can even determine the future of an entire company.

    As the business world becomes paralyzed with the gravity of Big Data, a new mining method identifies correlations in masses of data. Lindstrom introduces what he defines as a long-needed counter balance. Since 2005, Lindstrom has lived in more than 2,000 homes across some 77 countries. His mission? To identify and pick up Small Data — to understand the causation — the true reason why we do what we do.

    Astonishing sometimes, provocative always, Lindstrom reveals the seismic shifts transforming our culture as social media and connectivity penetrates our lives every minute we’re awake. He backs up his insight with astounding observations made from consumer homes across the world — including thought provoking pictures and powerful videos. Besides discovering surprising dimensions about themselves, spell-bound audiences go away with more than powerful insight into the consumer of tomorrow. Most importantly, they acquire the tools to decipher and decode what’s coming their way.

    You will learn:

    • One single observation made across thousands of homes that still hasn’t been discovered by brands — and the consequences once it’s discovered
    • Why brands are about to witness their biggest mistake for decades — and what they must do to avoid it
    • How seemingly insignificant consumer observations can make or break the future of a brand
    • Why Social Media has taken a completely new role behind closed doors in the homes of consumers
    • Surprising insights into your own life and why what you do in private is pretty common across the world — what does this tell about you?
    • 5 ways to frame your brand messages for maximum influence
  • Our Unconscious World and Why We Press Harder on the Remote Control When the Batteries Are Dead

    Martin Lindstrom pioneered neuromarketing, revealed the astounding impact the senses have on brands and our subconscious, theories which today impact hundreds of thousands of brands worldwide. Now Lindstrom takes his ground breaking research to another level by observing people from inside their homes, all in order to understand our subconscious mindset.

    85% of everything we’re influenced by when making brand choices is controlled by our subconscious mind and thus by subconscious stimuli. As surprising as it sounds, your favorite color is most likely decided by the color you were exposed to as a child. The magnets on your fridge reflect your emotional hotspot and your future desire. If you have large shelves packed with books in the room where your coffee table book is displayed you’re likely to compensate for lack of education. Brands are no exception. If your site is slow when downloading, consumers subconsciously believe your service is equally slow. When people are interrupted while shopping online, they’re 35% more likely to buy more at a higher price.

    If the music in your store is slower than your heartbeat rate, people will buy or shop 29% more.

    You’re set for a ride into our subconscious mind as few would have experienced before. Understand how the lack of transitions from the moment we wake up to when we go to bed opens up a completely new consumer desire. How the next thing we experience after speedy shopping, fast eating, and quick surfing is slowness.

    This presentation explores what’s really going on around you and why many of the signals your brand currently sends — online, in stores, on the phone — have scared potential customers away forever.

    You will learn:

    • Surprising facts about people — like how displaying large colorful paintings in the home indicates a person’s self-esteem or how the position of the toilet paper role indicates who’s in control of the home
    • What signals your company really sends to the world and what these signals subconsciously tell your customers
    • How asking questions has been replaced by the art of observation
    • How, with simple methodologies, to arm yourself all with tools seeing the world through our subconscious mind
    • Why and how the most powerful brands in the world are completely reevaluating everything they’ve learned about consumer research — and why you should too
    • A step by step methodology for your company to get way ahead of the competition when it comes to understanding our subconscious minds, while decoding and optimizing the signals your brand sends to the world.
  • A Little Mistake that Jeopardizes the Future of Your Business

    In 2015 Martin Lindstrom was hired by NBC’s Today Show to turn around mom-and-pop stores in just 24 hours. Operating under NBC’s News section everything has to be real, no cheating, cutting, or acting. Only one year later, every single business Martin touched has turned into a success story. A near bankrupt food truck turned into a national restaurant chain. A corner store became a national sensation. All based on simple, yet immensely powerful, advice from the world’s #1 branding expert.

    The questions Lindstrom always asks — if you only had a marketing budget of $1000 what would you do — are mind-blowing. As are his answers. He takes the audience through a raft of industries, sharing one nugget after another on what to do when a crisis is looming.

    Lindstrom’s speech is 100% customized to the client. And so is every case. The advice and example Lindstrom shares with his audiences can turn a brand around. A simple turn of the window mannequin’s heads equals to a 4% sales increase. A bump in the floor wakes up shoppers and makes them spend 7% more. A simple headline change can increase online traffic 9%. A simple technique on Instagram can turn your brand into a ‘power brand’ overnight.

    Lindstrom’s advice is surprisingly hands on and applicable to every business.

    You will learn:

    • The five simple steps capable of getting your brand out of a crisis
    • Highly unusual techniques to build a power brand from scratch — with almost no budget
    • How to use dimensions of social media few knew was possible
    • How things you’d never think of can jeopardize your business…
    • … or if used to your benefit create a national sensation
    • Why a fresh look at your business is worth more than what a dozen consultants will tell you

What other organizations say about Martin Lindstrom

Martin Lindstrom is INCREDIBLE! I could listen to him for hours and enjoy every electrifying, mind blowing minute.

Health Care

What other organizations say about Martin Lindstrom

Eye-opening. Martin Lindstrom had one of the best presentations, with the most original content, I have seen in years.


What other organizations say about Martin Lindstrom

Martin did a great job, very entertaining, provocative and flexible to our needs. The audience loved him. He really made us think.

Consumer Products

What other organizations say about Martin Lindstrom

Really inspired and impressed by Martin’s presentation. The best branding workshop I have attended. Dynamic and enriching all the way through.

Travel & Tourism


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