Jordan Zimmerman Profile Photo

Jordan Zimmerman

Keynote Speaker

Founder and Chairman of Zimmerman Advertising, Philanthropist, Author, Mentor, Previous Professional Sports Team Owner, Land Baron

Leading fearlessly in everything. Jordan Zimmerman built the largest retail Ad Agency on the planet after going 0-10 on Madison Avenue by being fearless, working harder, digging deeper, and caring more.

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Jordan Zimmerman Profile Photo

Jordan Zimmerman is founder and chairman of Zimmerman Advertising, one of the largest advertising agencies in the world, with billings in excess of four billion dollars. His humble beginning started in a small office located in a strip mall with just a few employees to a now 135,000-square-foot landmark headquarters in South Florida and regional offices nationwide, with thousands of employees. While never fearing pushing against the grain, Zimmerman has become one of the most iconic personalities in the advertising industry.

Over the course of his career, Zimmerman has grown to be one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs of the last quarter century. His game-changing concept of “Brandtailing®” (building brand over time while driving sales overnight) transformed the marketing industry. He is the author of Leading Fearlessly, where he shares his formula for success: everything begins with insane commitment – and plenty of it.

Zimmerman is passionate about “paying it forward” and giving back to the greater community through the Jordan Zimmerman Foundation. This includes generously supporting his namesake at the University of South Florida (USF) the Zimmerman School of Advertising and Mass Communications.

Featured Videos

Jordan Zimmerman Profile Photo
Jordan Zimmerman

Jordan Zimmerman on Leading Fearlessly

Jordan Zimmerman Profile Photo
Jordan Zimmerman

Jordan Zimmerman on Fear is Fuel

Jordan Zimmerman Profile Photo
Jordan Zimmerman

Jordan Zimmerman on Dream Bigger

Jordan Zimmerman’s Speech Topics

  • Leading Fearlessly

    Based on his own road to success and best-selling book, Jordan discusses going 0-10 on Madison Ave. to building the largest retail ad agency in the world with over $4B in annual billings by living, working and leading fearlessly in everything he does. This brave speech is for anyone who has ever doubted themselves.

  • Dream Bigger

    If you can’t dream it, you can’t build it. First launched at the 10x conference in Las Vegas with over 10,000 attendees, Jordan elaborates on the importance of dreaming big and wanting it so much that it hurts. This motivating speech is for anyone who aspires to more than they think is possible. 

  • Fear is Fuel

    Fear of failing can be used as the fuel you need to succeed. This is an inside out look at the maverick of the ad business who started from nothing and built everything. This inspiring speech helps people understand who they really are and how an obsession with moving forward will be the greatest asset in never being left behind.

  • Fitness of Body, Fitness of Mind, Fitness of Life

    The best way to achieve a fit body is by having a fit mind. This energizing speech shows you why it is important to exercise both always. Zimmerman touches on the importance of eating clean, treating your body like a machine and your mind as a Zen Master.

  • Winning Without Being Rooted For

    They say that everyone loves a winner.  While it might be true in sports, it certainly has not been true in the advertising business. Jordan Zimmerman’s agency has one of the highest win rates in history, but does so without ever being anyone’s favorite. This speech about the grit of competition will show you how to use the envy of other teams to motivate your own.

  • Pushing Harder

    You will always come across people bigger, faster, and even smarter. These are the things you cannot control. What you can control is working harder than everyone else and never giving up. This true-to-life speech shows you how pushing harder and being hungrier than everyone else can help you reach far beyond your dreams.


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