JJ DiGeronimo
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JJ DiGeronimo

JJ DiGeronimo provides action-based strategies to empower and advance women at work and in life. Her popular books, videos, retreats, and advice reach women of all ages as they are working to make their impact.

Author and Founder, Tech Savvy Women

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  • Diversity and Inclusion in Business
  • Women in Business Leadership
  • Women in Leadership
  • STEM
  • Personal Growth and Achievement

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  • Corporations
  • Non-Profits
  • The Technology Industry
  • Women's Events

JJ DiGeronimo provides action-based strategies to empower and advance women at work and in life. Her popular books, videos, retreats, and advice reach women of all ages as they are working to make their impact.

JJ DiGeronimo, president of Tech Savvy Women, is an executive strategist and author that shares action-based strategies with leaders and organizations to attract, retain and advance professional women in the workplace. As a technologist, she began her career in datacenter infrastructures for Fortune 500 companies after graduating with a degree in computer information systems. She continued her high-tech career, positioning new technology solutions to CIOs where she advanced into leadership positions within Silicon Valley-based technology companies including VMware.

Now recognized as a thought-leader for Women in Tech and Girls in STEM, DiGeronimo includes these experiences and more in her engaging presentations for audiences, including key insights about how women maximize their impact at companies and position themselves for success.

She is also the author of the award-winning books Accelerate Your Impact and The Working Woman’s GPS. Her work is featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.

Why Book JJ DiGeronimo for Your Event

As a technologist, strategist, and entrepreneur, DiGeronimo will help provides the kind of practical advice women need to become their own champions in the workforce. Audiences will be entertained by her stories and career, while walking away with strategies to boost their impact at the office.

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JJ DiGeronimo's Speech Topics

Women in Business: Career Strategies to Increase Your Impact

Do you have your sights set on your next level of impact but struggle to gain momentum or alignment? Are you networking, sharing, helping, and promoting others, but, realize your professional goals are not getting realized at the pace you desire?

Most professionals are capable in their current role. However, to achieve next-level success, they need to effectively expand their scope of expertise so that they can reach their career goals.

Join JJ DiGeronimo, President of Tech Savvy Women, for an action-oriented discussion where she will share specific strategies to increase your relevance and impact using best-practice techniques from her research and experience.

Professionals who attend this discussion will walk away with:
• Strategies to increase your relevance inside and outside your network
• Applicable techniques to structure your time and commitments
• Insights on how to align with impactful work to increase your brand
• Approaches that identify and tap into your career sponsors

How Leaders Can Align for the Next Level of Impact

Given the rapid pace of technological change, leaders may find it challenging to align their organization’s actions to meet the needs of your customers, partners, and teams.  As new technology emerges, customers, partners employees may struggle to align with new content, solutions, and offerings. In effort to support your teams, collaborate with your partners, and meet customers’ timelines, your alignment becomes an instrumental part of your success.

JJ DiGeronimo shares an action-based keynote to expand your impact with tools that can help evolve your commitments, mindset, and offerings. With more than 20 years of experience in high tech, DiGeronimo is no stranger to navigating emerging technologies and partnerships while supporting legacy systems and demanding timelines.

Professionals who attend this keynote will walk away with:

  • Strategies to create room for relevance and additional impact
  • Awareness of common barriers and self-imposed boundaries
  • Allocation tool to cultivate talent for future opportunities
  • Techniques to effectively be a career catalyst

Accelerate Your Impact

Many professional women desire more influence and impact but often struggle to find the time and alignment necessary to make their desires a reality.  Through years of experience and research, JJ DiGeronimo authored a professional playbook as she has learned that securing that next position, a board seat, or even starting a new initiative often requires professionals to enhance their relevance, align to specific projects, and strategically expand their network.  This interactive work session with roundtable discussions will highlight strategies from her research, and award-winning book Accelerate your impact: Action-Based Strategies to Pave Your Professional Path.

Professionals that attend this session will walk away with:

  • Celebrating your accomplishments
  • Tools to increase your relevance based on your desired areas of impact
  • Strategies to bundle your professional impact
  • Criteria to identify mentors and sponsors

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