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Jessica Buchanan

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Humanitarian Aid Worker and Author

Jessica Buchanan shares with audiences her experience in learning first- hand that the human spirit is impenetrable. No matter what obstacles or challenges lie in our path if we dig deep to find the strength and fortitude, there is help for any situation no matter how impossible the odds.

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Jessica Buchanan Profile Photo

On October 25, 2011, Jessica Buchanan and a colleague were kidnapped at gunpoint by Somali land pirates and held for 93 days, enduring the most harrowing and painful experience of her life. On the day of her kidnapping, she silently said to herself, “Some do come out alive, the numbers are small but they do exist.” During her captivity, she was terrorized by her captors, held outdoors in a scrub desert and kept on a starvation diet.

With her health steadily deteriorating her husband, Erik Landemalm, was furiously working behind the scenes with the FBI, professional hostage negotiators, and the United States government to negotiate her release.

Finally after fruitless negotiations with her captors and her medical state becoming a life-or-death issue, President Barack Obama ordered Navy SEAL Team Six to attempt a rescue. On January 25, 2012 members of SEAL Team Six attacked the heavily-armed captors, and airlifted Buchanan and her colleague to safety.

Through this experience, Buchanan learned that the human spirit is indomitable and that we are more resilient than we could ever imagine. Today she shares with audiences the tools she quickly learned to find strength to face any situation no matter how large or small the challenges or obstacles. She learned first-hand how to remain hopeful, dig deep even when you feel completely empty of any resources and trust your instincts   as all can find the inner strength to face any situation. She chronicled the story in the New York Times best-seller and 2013 USA Best Book Award/Autobiography, Impossible Odds: The Kidnapping of Jessica Buchanan and Her Dramatic Rescue by SEAL Team Six (2013).

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Jessica Buchanan

Jessican Buchanan Speaking Reel 2022

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Jessica Buchanan

Jessica Buchanan on How Change is Your Proof of Life

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Jessica Buchanan

The Rescue of Jessica Buchanan

Jessica Buchanan’s Speech Topics

  • Change is Your Proof of Life

    Change is an inevitable part of life. Whether the change is something you have chosen or if the change has chosen you, the one thing you ALWAYS have is a choice. Through sharing the dramatic story of her rescue by SEAL Team Six after being held hostage by Somali Pirates, New York Times Bestselling Author, Humanitarian, and Survivor, Jessica Buchanan will show you how to become a collaborator with change and create the strategies you need to survive and thrive. Through story-telling and practical exercises, Jessica teaches you the lessons she learned during her 93-day captivity that will show you how to build a collaborative mindset that empowers you to optimize change. Jessica will walk you through activities that invite contemplation, create a new definition of change, and launch you into a space of abundant growth and success.

    Based off of Jessica’s powerful TEDx Talk, She is available for both single keynote presentations and multi-session trainings in change management that cover topics such as:

    • Being a Change Collaborator: How to work productively with change and leverage choices to your advantage
    • You Have the Final Say: Practical exercises designed to help you establish your autonomy by strategically identifying your options
    • Change Is Your Proof of Life: Finding purpose in hardship
    • Surviving Change: Defining your ‘WHY’ to empower you to move you forward into growth and the creation of a more purpose driven life!
  • Coping Through Crisis: How 93 Days with Somali Pirates Prepared Me for COVID-19

    Jessica Buchanan, co-author of the NYT Bestselling book, Impossible Odds: The Kidnapping of Jessica Buchanan and her Dramatic Rescue by SEAL Team VI, will inspire virtual audiences with her story of captivity at the hands of Somali pirates, and her eventual rescue by SEAL Team VI.

    In this talk, Jessica brings a simple shift in perspective as she outlines the similarities she faced during her kidnapping, to those we may be feeling at such a historical time as this. The commonality of uncertainty will align as Jessica recounts the helplessness she experienced during her 93 days as a hostage. She will examine the loss of control she felt, over even the most basic of needs, and discuss the hardships associated with the KNOWING things are going to end, versus the BELIEVING they will, and how that affects our coping strategies in the midst of crisis.

    Through her story telling, Jessica reminds us that we are more resilient than we think we are, and how working our way through this marathon of complication is an opportunity for us to see what we are truly capable of as a collective community.

    Jessica teaches her audiences to use humor to help shift perspective and shares the necessary skill of visualization and referring to the past, as useful tools to successfully manage trauma.

  • Impossible Odds: A Story of Strength and Survival

    Jessica Buchanan shares her story of the impossible odds facing her during her 93 days of captivity by Somali land pirates and her determination and efforts to survive the harrowing and most painful experience of her life. In sharing her story with audiences, she provides to use in everyday life to help find strength in any situation or challenge.

What other organizations say about Jessica Buchanan

Thank you for participating as a guest speaker at our Navy SEAL Tribute event. I have never seen a room filled with hundreds of people who were so simply put, spellbound. Your dedication and love for each other, your courage to survive given such impossible odds and your strength to share your story with such dignity and grace was inspirational to all who attended.


What other organizations say about Jessica Buchanan

Jessica was the very best! Her gripping story kept the ACE Summit audience hanging on every word. Beyond her story is a great person who will provide a rich experience for all who come in contact with her.

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