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Eddie Osterland'S SPEAKING FEE Under $25,000

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Eddie Osterland

America's First Master Sommelier and Author, Power Entertaining

Eddie Osterland, entertainer and author of 'Power Entertaining: Secrets to Building Lasting Relationships, Hosting Unforgettable Events, and Closing Big Deals,' is America’s first Master Sommelier. This is the highest international distinction anyone can receive in fine wine and beverage services.

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Eddie Osterland'S SPEAKING FEE Under $25,000

Osterland travels the world teaching audiences how to impress clients and friends through Power Entertaining. He has captured the essence of what it means to live life fully and to create indelible experiences that transcend the norm. He wants everybody to “Taste Life Now!” and believes that Power Entertaining should be seen as part of a company or an organization’s brand-development strategy. More than ever in the global marketplace, you can’t afford to be naïve about food and wine—the international currency for connection. Power Entertaining helps you make an impact, forge client relationships, grow business and rise above the competition. Osterland has worked with organizations and coached leaders from a wide range of prestigious companies, including Chase, Citibank, IBM, Procter & Gamble, Ford Motor Company, General Mills, Merrill Lynch, UBS and Morgan Stanley just to name a few. In 2014, his book was published in Chinese, and he has coached their entrepreneurs on how to attract new clients with his new operating system, Power Entertaining. A self-described “kid from New Jersey” who graduates from college with a degree in psychology, moves to Hawaii for graduate school, works as a waiter, saves his money, moves to France to study at Université de Bordeaux, and earns the prestigious D.U.A.D. degree in professional wine tasting. He then went on to study for the Master Sommelier exam, passing all three sections on his first try, earning Osterland the famous and historical distinction of becoming America’s first Master Sommelier. Today, Osterland owns a Harley, Turbo S Porsche and is an instrument-rated pilot.

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Eddie Osterland
Eddie Osterland on Power Entertaining

Eddie Osterland’s Speech Topics

  • Power Entertaining with Food and Wine

    Who better than the man who wrote the book… Power Entertaining: Secrets to Building Lasting Relationships, Hosting Unforgettable Events, and Closing Big Deals from America’s 1st Master Sommelier.

    “Eat No Mor Chikn!” All too often people seem to adhere to a strict set of rules when it comes to Dinner events. Boring Rubber chicken and Filet Mignon dinners are what we’ve all seen. Food and beverage is often the weakest component to any meeting. It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s time to do it differently.

    Your business and sales functions will transform into memorable social events unlike any your clients have ever seen, that people will want to attend again and again.

    Gone are those boring business dinners where tables of 8 or 10 sit, eat and leave, having never once looked at or conversed with the stranger sitting next to them. This is a highly entertaining event…with an explosive start-up, followed by humorous anecdotes and true stories. Osterland uses pairs of amazing wines combined with a custom designed dinner he’s created with your chef. Soon the room is filled with excitement as your guests begin to interact while he shares with them with his “Power Entertaining Tips” and guides them into their next wine and food pairing.

    Your guests learn Osterland’s new operating system:

    • How to use Power Entertaining as a powerful business development and client relations strategy. It’s not just about “boozing and schmoozing!”
    • How to Close Big Deals using Food and Wine with ease, knowledge and confidence.
    • Become a “Center of Influence.” Learn to brand yourself and your company with others by creating memorable and enjoyable social events that people will long remember and always associate with you.
    • Use Food and Wine as “The International currency for connection to attract High Net Worth Clients.”

  • Power Entertaining….a Virtual Wine-Tasting Experience Hosted by America’s 1st Master Sommelier, Eddie Osterland

    Fasten your seat belts for a one hour version of Osterland's book Power Entertaining. In the first minute you will be asked to taste 2 wines in a side-by-side format and choose which one you like best. Then, Osterland will train you why you chose the wine you did. Just like your fingerprints, your palate is equally different. You need to learn what your personal taste thresholds are and how to log your impressions in a systematic fashion. 

    You will learn to use his Wine Evaluation Form so that you develop confidence in describing a wine's quality. As you enjoy the wines (4) he will teach you how wine expresses itself in 3 waves of flavor (Attack, Evolution & Finish), how real tasters learn to breathe backwards (Retro-Nasal canal) to amplify a wine's flavor. As well, you will learn 7 Power Entertaining tips that you must learn to entertain people better than anyone else. 

    He will explain that in order to properly pair food & wine, each must amplify each other's assets ( 1 + 1 = 3). In all wine tasting events, you must strive to teach people something rather than take them up to altitude with alcohol like everybody else does. Osterland will show you what you need to teach them which will endear them to you and want to come back for more.


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