Zakary Dychtwald
Zakary Dychtwald's Speaking Fee Under $25,000

Zakary Dychtwald

Building understanding between American and Chinese cultures through in-depth research of Millennial behaviors and powerful storytelling.

Founder and CEO, Young China Group

Expertise In:

  • China
  • Consumer Trends
  • Emerging Markets
  • Global Markets
  • Innovation

Audience & Industry

  • Associations
  • Corporations
  • Global Audiences
  • Non-Profits
  • Senior Management Groups

A rising expert in his field, Zak Dychtwald explores the lifestyles and habits of Chinese Millennials through extensive dedication and research, to better understand the world's consumers of today and tomorrow.

Zak Dychtwald is the founder and CEO of Young China Group, a think tank and consultancy focusing on China’s emerging identity on the world stage and the evolving East and West millennial mindset. He is the author of Young China: How the Restless Generation Will Change Their Country and the World, which explores how the country’s young generation, born after 1990, feels about everything. A 29-year old Columbia University graduate, he has spoken at forums and summits across four continents as a rising authority in his field.

Dychtwald speaks about the attitudes and consumer drivers of China’s 417 million millennials—who they are, how they stack up against global millennials, their impact on global innovation, what they want, and why they want it. This generation redefines every market they touch, and Dychtwald gives you an insider’s guide into understanding how this generation is changing the world.

Zakary Dychtwald's Speech Topics

How China’s “Millennial Mindset” Will Redefine Global Innovation and Your Business

Despite the stereotypes of “copycat China,” Chinese millennials were bred for highspeed disruption. For rising Young China, how does a lifetime of rapid growth lead to a hyper adaptive innovation ecosystem? How do China’s generation gulfs impact the way the world sees China? In what ways does an ecosystem of rapid change make for a culture of adaptation and early adoption?

In this session, based on research for Dychtwald’s upcoming feature in Harvard Business Review, we will rethink the role China will play in the future of innovation and your organization through the lens of its millennials—as a collaborator, competitor, and engine of global disruption.

Young China: How China’s Millennial Mindset Will Change Their Country, the World, and Your Industry

We often obsess over American Millennials. What are they loyal to? What are their values? Who will they vote for? Will they even vote? What do they want to buy? And yet, when we think China, we often just think of the “China Market”—no nuance necessary.

Chinese millennials are already becoming the most powerful consumer class in the world, redefining every industry they touch. China’s 420 million millennials outnumber American millennials by five times. It’s time to understand the world’s consumers of today and tomorrow.

This session will answer, why does China have generation gulfs compared to our generation gaps? How is “Old China” different than “Young China”? How do American millennials stack up against Chinese millennials? What do they want that is different in their products? In the workplace? For themselves, their families, and their countries? How does a generation of single children understand community, family, technology, and leisure?

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