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Tom Ridge

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First Secretary of U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Former Governor of Pennsylvania; Chairman, Ridge Global

With an extraordinary record and breadth of public service, success and experience, Tom Ridge has become one of the most respected and top international security experts in the world.

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Tom Ridge Profile Photo

A much-decorated Vietnam veteran, former governor, Cabinet official and international statesman, Tom Ridge understands the growing global threats of today—including how a cyber attack could severely threaten the security and economy of the United States and its allies in the future. As the U.S.’s first homeland security chief, Ridge was tasked with leading the extraordinary effort of making America more secure in the wake of the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil—September 11, 2001. His unprecedented successes include developing a unified national response and recovery plan, instituting sweeping air, land and seaport security strategies and improving information sharing worldwide, while simultaneously driving the largest change management initiative of all time—quickly integrating 180,000 people from nearly two dozen agencies and creating a culture of change within the new department. With today’s climate of cyber threats posing an increased vulnerability risk to individuals, businesses and national security—and rampant identity theft, computer crime and cyber espionage on the rise—Ridge offers audiences key strategies for businesses and governments to create awareness, assess threats, mitigate risk and improve information sharing between public and private sectors to ensure success in an uncertain world. The author of The Test of Our Times: America Under Siege…And How We Can Be Safe Again, Ridge serves as Chairman of the National Organization on Disability, as Co-Chairman of the Blue Ribbon Study Panel on Biodefense, and is Chairman of Ridge Global.

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Tom Ridge’s Speech Topics

  • America the Product and Its Brand: U.S. Global Engagement in the 21st Century

    Governor Ridge has grown from a young sergeant in the battlefields of Vietnam to one of the world’s pre-eminent statesman. As a leading participant on the world stage, Ridge’s foreign policy credentials yield a unique insight into the role that all democracies bring to the international table and the increasing importance of the American brand to our engagement with the rest of the world. How do we uphold our Constitution, our values, our credibility in an ever-changing threat environment? In this presentation, Ridge opens the door to a commanding discussion of America’s strengths and challenges in security, diplomacy and economic viability as the United States and the Western world continue to confront formidable foreign policy issues in the 21st Century.

  • Energy at the Intersection: Meeting the National Goals of Security and Prosperity

    With a career defined by three decades of goal-setting successes, Ridge addresses the battlefield of ideas on the energy debate and plants a flag of urgency. America’s energy futures lays squarely at a crossroads, awaiting resolution of a national energy plan that protects the environment, spurs the economy and offers a final good riddance to dependence on foreign oil. Though the crossroads is abundant with challenge, the 43rd governor of Pennsylvania and first secretary of Homeland Security provides a seasoned view of what an all-in national energy plan can do to improve national security and advance America’s competiveness in the global economy.

  • Leadership in Times of Crisis

    One of the world’s most visible leaders, Tom Ridge understands the kind of leadership that is required to drive people and organizations closer toward their goals. Drawing from a remarkable career, Ridge shares lessons from his varied experiences in Vietnam, the U.S. Congress, the Pennsylvania statehouse, the U.S. Cabinet and as CEO of his own international company. He shares insights from his tenure managing the nation’s response and recovery following the worst attack on American soil. In a substantive discussion, this consummate leader describes how to create teams that communicate clearly and quickly, and appropriately serve missions that will undoubtedly confront change, crisis and growth. He presents an inspiring perspective that can benefit individuals and organizations and propel both toward a more accomplished, strategic and focused future.

  • And More . . .

    On special request, Secretary Tom Ridge is available to speak on other issues pertinent to his experience, including: intergovernmental relationships, innovation in education, the value of public service, restoring civil discourse to the political arena, cyber security and the safeguarding of civil liberties and Constitutional principles in a new security environment.

  • From Risk to Resilience: The Global Mission to Secure Cyberspace

    Organizations of all types today face a daily and growing assault from nation states, lone actors and organized crime. The assailants target everything from trade secrets to proprietary information to reputation damage to critical infrastructure and financial systems. The effects are as far-reaching, disruptive and consequential as physical attacks, and can make or break organizations that are not sufficiently prepared. How can an organization embed cyber security into its suite of core business functions? How can we better protect our globally interdependent systems? What are the rules of engagement for world leaders, and what are the consequences for their foes? In this presentation, one of the world’s most notable security experts, Tom Ridge, the first secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, brings the priorities of cyber security into perspective as only an internationally respected leader can. The evolution of cyber security strategy and diplomacy, what to expect from the next generation of cyber attacks and how to navigate it all mark this compelling, insightful presentation of a growing and global 21st century threat.

  • The Dilemma: Privacy or Security in the 21st Century

    The digital sun never sets. It will only get hotter. Every day, through the internet of everything, we generate more data and share more information about ourselves with other individuals, corporations and government. How much access should government have to this information to protect you from criminals, predators and terrorists? Are rights to privacy and security exclusive to one another? Join Tom Ridge, America’s first Secretary of Homeland Security, for this timely discussion about the critical choices we face when technology, civil liberties and security collide.

  • Fortune Favors the Brave: Managing the Risk Before It Manages You

    The inextricable link between security and prosperity in a progressively interdependent world has generated enormous business, political and economic benefits but also consequent challenges. As the interdependence grows, so grows the vulnerability. Terrorism, natural disasters, criminal acts, vendor issues, accidents and geopolitical influences can have debilitating effects on economies and thus have put issues such as supply chain security, cross-border collaborations and security investment at the forefront of every proactive business and government agenda. Secretary Ridge will share his views of today’s risk-centric environment and how to minimize those risks in favor of greater resiliency and security across the globe.

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Governor Ridge was an excellent speaker who really engaged the audience. I’ve never seen any speaker handle a ‘meet and greet’ so graciously.



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